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Why become a subscriber?

You gain two advantages by becoming a subscriber:

  • You gain access to the sound files for most of the dictations on the website. This includes dictations that have not yet been transcribed, such as dictations from the latest conference. It also includes dictations that will not be transcribed (such as the ones for the seven ray decree toolkits) or dictations that will only be published in books (such as the dictations in “Master Keys to Personal Wholeness"). You can download the mp3 files to your computer or iPod.

  • You help support our ongoing work for the ascended masters, which ensures there will be a continuos stream of teachings coming your way.


How to become a subscriber

In order to become a subscriber, you purchase a subscription from our STORE (More to Life Publishing). Click on this LINK to purchase a subscription. 

Please take note that in order to purchase a subscription, you have to create an account (register) in the store. If you already have an account, you can obviously use that to purchase the subscription.



How to access the sound files:

You have two options for accessing the sound files:

  • Access the files directly from the More to Life store. This is helpful for downloading a larger number of files, such as dictations for a whole year.
  • Access files from the dictation page here on This is helpful for accessing the sound files for a specific dictation.


For specific instructions, see below:


Accessing files from the More to Life store:

  1. Log in to the STORE by entering your user name and password in the appropriate fields at the top of the page. After you log in, the page will change, and you will see the following items: Account Maintenance - Download Area - Members. Click on Members. The following screen appears:



  1. Click on a year and you will get a list of all sound files for that year. The list items will contain the name of the master and the date (month/date/year). For example, an item named MotherMary_041709.mp3 is obviously a dictation by Mother Mary, given on April 17, 2009.
  2. Click on the sound file you want to download. The file will automatically download to your computer, and when downloaded, it will start playing in your preferred mp3 player (For example ITunes).


Accessing files from

  1. Bring up the page with the dictation you want to hear. For information on navigating the website, click here.
  2. Click on the text: Listen to the recording of this dictation (Subscribers only).
  3. One of the following will happen:
  •  If you have already logged in at the More to Life Store, the dictation will automatically download to your computer, and when downloaded, it will start playing in your preferred mp3 player (For example ITunes).
  • If you have not logged in, or if you have not yet bought a subscription, the following screen will appear:


  • Do the following:

    If you have bought a subscription, enter the username and password for your More to Life account and click Login. The dictation will automatically download to your computer, and when downloaded, it will start playing in your preferred mp3 player (For example ITunes). 

    If you have not bought a subscription, do so and then follow the procedure again. Click on this LINK to purchase a subscription.


A note to subscribers

You might notice that for many dictations there will be differences between the spoken dictation and the typed dictation. The reason is that the typed dictations have been edited based on several considerations. One is that we are now in the Aquarian age, where the masters will no longer talk about previous ascended master organizations or teachings. Thus, all such references have been removed from the text but not from the recorded dictations. Also, other types of outdated material has been removed, for example instructions for a specific rosary vigil in 2005. Finally, the dictations have been edited as they should be for publication in a book.



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