Solving the enigmas of the path to Buddhahood

TOPICS: Seeing contradictions or seeing beyond them - Misunderstanding non-attachment - Seeing the limits of the linear mind - When enlightenment blocks enlightenment - The limitations of understanding - Enlightenment is not a concept - Mind over matter - Attaining mental freedom from the past - Everything is appearances - Taking the teachings too seriously - The trap on each stage of the path - Enlightenment is not a goal - 



Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, May 6th, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.


The Buddha I AM, Gautama is my name. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about some topics that may not seem to be saying anything about Korea. But perhaps in not saying anything about Korea, I shall nevertheless be saying something about Korea for those who are able to grasp it. 

If you study the magnificent discourse given by Jesus on the Path to Christhood, you will see, my beloved, that there are certain stages of this path. Especially, when you approach and go beyond the 96th level, then there will be some challenges that you will be facing, that you will have to deal with, in order to climb higher towards the 144th level. We can consider these challenges as certain paradoxes, as certain enigmas, that you will need to resolve before you can rise to a higher level of the path. There are a number of these enigmas, and I will not go into all of them but I will comment on some of them. 


Seeing contradictions or seeing beyond them

Now, you see, my beloved, when we of the ascended masters approach unascended humankind and attempt to give you a teaching, then we face a very specific challenge that few people in embodiment have understood. The fact of the matter is that when you are an ascended master, you have transcended the linear, dualistic, analytical mind. Therefore, you have a more spherical awareness; you do not see everything through this filter of polarities, of extremes, of value judgments and a value scale. You do not have a linear mind that compares one statement to another and perhaps sees a contradiction because the two do not seem to be saying the same. 

We know, of course, that people who are unascended are indeed in this state of mind of very easily seeing contradictions because they interpret everything with the linear mind. They think they have to take this statement literally, they think they have to take that statement literally; and when you take two statements literally, they seem to be in contradiction. Now my beloved, there are many spiritual students who have begun to study spiritual, or for that matter religious, teachings and then they have seen what they perceived to be contradictions. Many in the western world have used the seeming contradictions of religious scriptures to reason with science or materialism that all religion is made up and that none of it really makes sense.

This of course is the extreme outcome of using this linear mind. Even many religious or spiritual people do find contradictions, often between two different spiritual teachings. This makes them think they have to choose that one of them is right and the other one is wrong. There are even those who begin to see contradictions within one spiritual teaching and it confuses them, it even causes some to give up on the path. My purpose here is to give you some remarks that can help you get beyond this stage, for it is indeed a stage on the path where, in a certain sense, you have risen above the linear mind but you have not consciously broken through and freed your conscious mind from the linear way of thinking. You are not consciously seeing the limitations of the linear way of thinking and therefore you can still be disturbed by these seeming contradictions.  

At a very general level, my beloved, I can tell you that, of course, there can be certain instances where there may be statements that are contradictory. We cannot, when we bring forth a teaching through an unascended messenger, guarantee that there could not be certain errors that creep in and there might be a few contradictions here and there. But when you come to a more mature level of the path, you will not let one error or one contradiction cause you to reject the part of the teaching that is still valid. That having been said, in the vast majority of cases, what seems like a contradiction only seems like a contradiction because it is viewed through the filter of the linear mind. 

The constructive response when you see a contradiction is to say: "I need to raise my consciousness so I can gain a higher perspective on the issue. There must be something I have not seen, something I have not understood and when I see it, it will resolve what right now seems like a contradiction." Then, you open yourself up to direct, intuitive guidance from the ascended masters, from your I AM Presence, from your Christ Self to resolve the enigma. Or you study further teachings because you realize there may be other teachings that could help you resolve the enigma.


Misunderstanding non-attachment

As one example of what many people have seen as contradictory, you can take the mission of the Buddha itself. I taught, even 2500 years ago, that the goal of my teaching was to give you a path that could help you rise above the normal state of consciousness by attaining complete non-attachment. Yet my beloved, if I personally had achieved complete non-attachment, why would I bother to teach? 

In other words, many people interpret the concept of non-attachment to mean that you do not care what happens on earth. They reason that if the Buddha truly had non-attachment he should not care what happened to other people so why bother to go out and give them a teaching that might help them escape the wheel of suffering? Why would the Buddha not simply be non-attached and move on, leaving people to make the same discovery he had made and thereby free themselves if they could. If they could not, he would leave them to continue on the wheel of rebirth, suffering until they had finally had enough and awakened themselves.

You see my beloved, non-attachment is not the same as not caring. It is, however, not a caring that is a human caring. It is not based on fear. It is not based on wanting to force other people or wanting to force a change in the world. The fact that you are non-attached does not mean that you will choose to do nothing. It means that you might choose to do something to help others, or you can choose to move on. If you choose to help others, you are not coming from the human level of wanting to see a specific result. You are actually not teaching for a specific purpose, you are not seeking to achieve a specific result from your teaching. You are teaching because you want to share what you have discovered, you want to share who you are. You are therefore not seeking to force others; you are offering them an alternative to the prevalent state of consciousness on earth.

There are those for whom this will seem like a subtle, perhaps even nonsensical distinction. This, I recognize, is the case. I cannot help you resolve these paradoxes if you are not at the level where you are willing to do what I just described and raise your consciousness. If you are always projecting out that the problem is out there, that the problem is with the teaching or the teacher, then you cannot resolve these paradoxes. You will then have to enter the School of Hard Knocks and receive a sufficient number of knocks until you become willing to say: “Perhaps it is me that needs to change, perhaps the block is in my consciousness rather than being a fault with the teacher or the teaching or other people or the world?” 


Seeing the limits of the linear mind

Some of you might know the story told about my life that after I had qualified for Buddhahood, after I had entered nirvana and considered going out of nirvana in order to teach, I was confronted with the entire force of this world, saying that there was no point in me going out and teaching. The state of consciousness I had reached was so fundamentally different from the state of consciousness that all people are in, that there was no way they could understand or grasp my teaching. In other words, it could not make a difference. 

My response to this was: "Some will understand.” During the past 2,500 years, some have understood but only a few. We are, however, now at a point in time where many more are ready to understand and that is, of course, why I now present myself as an ascended master, as one among many ascended masters and attempt to give you a teaching that is adapted to the modern age. 

Again, before I decided to do this, I had to face this force that is not a conscious being. It is simply that when you as an ascended master consider what you can do for unascended mankind, you need to tune in to where mankind is at in consciousness. Then, you are confronted with the difference between the collective consciousness and your own state of consciousness and there is a certain moment where you feel the impossibility of bridging the gap. Therefore, you have to deal with that, you have to in your mind find a way around it so that you look at where people are at in consciousness and you consider ways of helping them rise above that and tune in to some aspect of your Presence, your Being. 

This dictation is one expression of this, as all of my other dictations have been and as all dictations from ascended masters are. What I am seeking here is to help you see the limitations of the linear mind because the linear, rational, analytical mind is indeed much more dominant in today's world than it was 2,500 years ago.


When enlightenment blocks enlightenment

I would like to give you another example. One of the concepts I gave to the world back then was the concept that when you walk the eight-fold path, you can attain a higher state of consciousness that I called enlightenment. Now I attempted back then to tell people how to attain enlightenment and how to avoid having the concept of enlightenment block their enlightenment. But very few people have understood this and especially in the modern age very few people have grasped it precisely because of the influence of the linear mind.

You see, my beloved, we have given you the concept of a spiritual path. We have talked about the 144 levels of consciousness, of how you can consciously begin the path at the 48th level and you can plot your course as you rise up towards the 96th level. You can follow a series of logical steps that take you in a linear process of gradually raising your consciousness. We have also told you that you can go beyond the 96th level and you again go up through a series of steps until you reach the 144th level. This is, of course, a linear process, but the spiritual path or the process of attaining enlightenment does not have to be described in a linear fashion. It could also be described in a spherical fashion. It is simply that what we give you in this age is adapted to the fact that you have a linear way of thinking. We, of course, also adapt our teachings in such a way, design them in such a way, that you will gradually escape the blindness of the linear mind and come to see beyond it by daring to follow your intuition, which is not linear.

Yet I still want to express some idea here about this concept of enlightenment. In order to fully understand this, we need to step back a little bit. I attempted to give this teaching 2,500 years ago, but it was actually more difficult to give it back then. Ironically, you might say, it was more difficult because people did not think in such a linear way back then as they do now. 

It is not so, my beloved, that it was better or that people were more open to a spiritual teaching back then than they are today. It is not that I am trying to say here that the development of the linear mind has been a backwards step. It is only a backwards step when it is taken to the extreme. The development of the linear mind in its higher form is indeed designed by the ascended masters. It is a logical step up from the kind of more mythological, magical thinking that people were in before the modern age. Precisely because you have a more linear mind, it is actually possible to give you a new perspective on what enlightenment is and how your concept of enlightenment can block the enlightenment.


The limitations of understanding

You have in the modern mindset this concept of understanding something. You have the idea that there is a lower level of understanding where you do not have enough knowledge and insight. Then you can follow a process of gaining greater and greater understanding and insight until you see something that you cannot see when you do not have the more advanced knowledge. This has actually made it easier for us to present a logical path where we can make people lock in to the desire they have to progress. We can give them a very gradual, step-by-step process for progressing in their knowledge and understanding of the spiritual side to life. Yet what you also can understand here, even with the linear mind, is that there are levels of understanding. This is easy to see. As I said, a few hundred years ago, even scientists had a far more simple and primitive understanding of the material universe than they have today. Today, they have a more sophisticated, more detailed, more in-depth understanding. There is a progression here, but what you can switch to understand with the linear mind is that it is not so that advancing your knowledge can be done in only one way or within one system. 

As a simple example of this, my beloved, you can take the concept of atoms. All matter is made of atoms and even atoms are made of smaller parts called elementary particles. I have just described this knowledge to you in very simple terms but it took scientists centuries to develop this knowledge. Now, I have just described this knowledge to you in a language called English, but you could also describe this same knowledge in a language called Korean or Chinese or French or any other language. It is the same knowledge but it is expressed with different words. 

You can also see with the linear mind that science in general is attempting to describe how the material universe works but there is not just one branch of science. You have, for example, physics and you have chemistry. When you take a physical perspective on how matter works, you describe the workings of matter in one way. When you take a chemical perspective, you describe it in another way.

It is not that these two are mutually exclusive or incompatible. They are different ways to describe essentially the same phenomena. Then you can look a little broader and see that what you call life on earth is more than just physical matter. There is also what you call biological life and this is described by the science of biology. It is not that biology is incompatible with physics or chemistry. It is perhaps looking at slightly different phenomena but it is mainly describing life in a different way. Then you can go even beyond this and see that many of the physical sciences are attempting to express their findings in the language of mathematics. Now you see that there is an everyday language, that human beings use to communicate in their everyday lives, and there is a mathematical language that scientists use to describe certain phenomena that are beyond what you deal with in your normal life.

You cannot really say that the language of mathematics is incompatible with everyday language. They are two different ways to describe, in many cases, the same phenomena. Of course, mathematics can describe certain phenomena or describe them with greater precision than everyday language. On the other hand, my beloved, everyday language is very useful for many practical applications. As a silly example, try to go into McDonalds and order a hamburger by using a mathematical formula and who knows what you will get. So you see here that with the linear mind that people have today, it is actually possible to see that the different branches of science are parallel ways to describe the same phenomena. 

You even have the concept developed by some people based on the findings of science that there are parallel realities, parallel universes, parallel dimensions that might exist inside each other. You have now the most advanced branch of physics, called string theory, which talks about these tiny vibrating strings that exist in eleven dimensions. You are beginning to see that even the linear mind can be used to expand people's understanding of spiritual concepts when you realize that a spiritual teaching (not necessarily a doctrinal religion but a more universal spiritual teaching) is simply a language. It is not just a language of words but a language of concepts. 

When science describes a certain phenomenon as a vibrating string and a spiritual teaching describes it as an elemental being, these are not incompatible descriptions but parallel descriptions of the same phenomena. This may not be acceptable to science but those who are open to a spiritual teaching can see here that there can be different ways of describing the same phenomena. Some ways cause you to focus on certain aspects of the phenomena and others cause you to focus on other aspects.


Enlightenment is not a concept

Now, I set out this long discourse saying I would explain how giving you the concept of enlightenment can block your enlightenment. We now need to take my remarks to the point where we realize that, as physics describes matter in one way and chemistry in another and a spiritual teaching can describe it in a third way, what all of these teachings have in common is, my beloved, that they give you a concept that your mind can use to create an internal image of the phenomena. You cannot, with your physical eyes, see an atom so when you read the description of atoms given by physics, that description does not give you a direct experience of the atom. It enables you to create a mental image of the atom. Now, this mental image can be useful because it can give you the sense that you understand the phenomena. It can also be useful in practical terms in the sense that it can allow you to do something in your everyday life. 

Why is it, for example, that the modern world has created a much more comfortable material lifestyle where people are, on a routine basis, doing things that people could not even dream of doing a thousand years ago? It is because, as the linear mind has developed and as the scientific mindset has given you a certain understanding of the world, you have become able to solve problems that could not be solved with the understanding people had five hundred or a thousand years ago. This has been useful because you can do something in the practical world and therefore you can create a better standard of living for yourself and for most people. 

It is for this reason that Saint Germain has sponsored so much technology that is based on the knowledge of science. It has enabled people to create a more comfortable form of living where they actually can have their minds freed to pursue the spiritual side of life instead of having all their energy consumed by making a living. My beloved, this is a positive development, clearly, but everything in the material universe (at least as long as so many people are trapped in the sense of separation, the consciousness of duality) has a price. There is always a downside, as they say. 

The downside is that people can become so attached to these scientific concepts that they cannot see that the concept that is describing the phenomenon is not the same as the phenomenon. This has one very important limitation. Many people in the modern world have lost the idea (that at least some people had, but only a few people had in previous times) that the mind has abilities that are beyond the linear, analytical aspect of the mind. What we have told you in our teachings is that consciousness always comes before the physical manifestation. For every physical phenomenon that exists in the material world, there is a certain matrix of consciousness that exists in the identity, mental, and emotional realms. Your outer mind, your physical senses, the part of the mind that is so tied to the physical senses can only experience the material phenomenon, not the consciousness behind it.

There are other aspects of your mind that have the potential to experience the consciousness behind any physical phenomena. When you experience that consciousness, you gain a more direct experience of the totality of the phenomena. Now, this does not mean, my beloved, that you still do not need the linear understanding. In order to live your lives in practical everyday situations, you need to have that linear understanding. But it is important for you to realize, as spiritual students, that when we even as ascended masters give you a concept about some spiritual phenomenon, your linear mind will immediately create an internal image of the phenomenon. 

This is what Jesus described in a different way in his dictation about Christhood where he said that when you are at the 48th level of consciousness, you form a certain concept of what Christhood is but it cannot be the fullness of Christhood. Therefore, you cannot rise to the higher levels of Christhood unless you are willing to look beyond your present concept of Christhood and experience a higher reality. He also said that when you go beyond the 96th level, you are no longer so concerned about understanding with the linear mind but more concerned about experiencing. It is exactly the same with enlightenment.

When I gave the concept of enlightenment, I attempted to express this and I knew that few people would understand it. You see my beloved, the concept of enlightenment is just that: a concept. For all people who are at a lower state of consciousness, it can only be a concept. They form a mental image of what it means to be enlightened, they want to set up some external criteria. They want to set up an automatic, mechanical path that says: "If I follow these steps and do everything that has been described exactly as it was described, then I should automatically end up being enlightened. When I am enlightened, when a person is enlightened, that person has this characteristic and that characteristic and the person behaves like this, does not behave like that, it speaks like this, it does not speak like that." So forth and so on. This is what the linear mind wants to do.

My beloved, does this mean the linear mind is not useful on the spiritual path? Of course not. As Jesus also described, there is a certain point where you need to follow a very linear, logical path. It can be very, very useful for people who become aware that life has a spiritual side to be presented with a linear path where they go through certain stages, certain progressive initiations that gradually raise their consciousness. The linear path does raise your consciousness, but a linear path where you keep taking one step at a time can only take you to a certain level. It can take you beyond the 96th level but, my beloved, listen carefully. 

We have said there are 144 levels of consciousness so logically when you come to the 139th level of consciousness, you need to take one step up and you are at the 140th level. Then you take another step and you are the 141st level and so on. You see my beloved, the strict linearity that you saw between the 48th and the 96th level becomes less and less important as you go beyond the 96th level.

It is as if the concept of a path becomes less important to you. You are not so focused on evaluating: “What level am I at? What initiation do I need to pass in order to take the next level up, what are the characteristics of a person at that level?” You simply are not so concerned about where you are at because now, instead of being focused on the single steps, you are focused on the process. It is, as we might say, instead of being focused on still images of the river, you are focused on the movement of the river, the process itself. 

My point is that as long as you, in your mind, have the concept of a path that will lead you step-by-step to nirvana or to enlightenment, then you will never reach the goal. It may seem contradictory that I am telling you, that in order to reach enlightenment you have to follow a gradual path but that as long as you have the concept of this path you cannot reach enlightenment. The reason for this, my beloved, is that enlightenment is not a linear phenomenon, it is not a physical phenomenon, it is not even a state of consciousness. It is not so that you can say that at the 143rd level you are not enlightened but at the 144th level you are. 

There is actually a lower stage where, at some point above the 98th level, you reach a state that you can call enlightenment because now you understand that the only thing that really matters is that you free your mind from all of the concepts it has that are based on the conditions in this world. That is when you also realize that your concept of enlightenment is just that: a concept not an experience. Therefore, you can switch your mind so that instead of striving to fulfil the criteria defined by your concept of enlightenment, you are free of the image, free of the concept. Therefore, you experience what I called enlightenment, a different perspective where your mind is not identified with its own concepts of material phenomena. 

There are certain phenomena in the material world that were not exclusively created by your mind. As we have said before, all material phenomena are created by a mind, originally created by the minds of the Elohim but then, since humankind started embodying on the planet, humankind has co-created certain phenomena that exists yet today. While you are still at the lower levels of consciousness, you are not experiencing the material world as it is, you are experiencing it through the concepts of the mind, the concepts you have created in your mind. While your mind, your individual mind, has not created the material phenomena, it has created your images, your concepts of those phenomena; what they are, how they work what you can do with them, what you can't do with them. 

In other words, your mind is defining how you see the material world's ability to limit your mind. You understand my beloved? There are certain material phenomena, but what limits you is not so much the material phenomena as the images, the concepts in your mind. The path of attaining what we have called mastery of mind over matter is freeing your mind from the concepts created by the mind that limit your direct experience of matter. 

The enlightened state is not a state of perfection. It is not even a final state. It is possible to receive what I as the Buddha termed enlightenment and still not be at the 144th level, still have levels of enlightenment to go through before you ascend. The, so to speak, lowest level of enlightenment is where you stop identifying yourself with the images and concepts that your own mind has created. You become aware that everything you have in your mind that relates to the material world (and for that matter most of what you have in your mind that relates to the spiritual world) is just concepts created by the mind. By becoming non-attached to these concepts, non-attached to these images, by not identifying yourself with the images, you can free your mind from the limitations defined by those images. 


Mind over matter

Many of you have accepted these very subtle images that your mind cannot change matter. As long as you believe in, identify with, as long as you are attached to these images, then your mind cannot change matter. When you free your mind from these images, then your mind can begin to change matter because then your mind begins to see that the physical phenomenon is an expression of the matrices of consciousness in the three higher levels. Your mind does have the ability to influence these consciousness matrices. 

Therefore, your mind is not trapped by the phenomena and it is not trapped by your images of these phenomena. This ties in with what I started out saying because you could look at a contradiction or a seeming contradiction in even the teachings we have given you at these two conferences. For example, you have all of these dictations by the masters who pointed out to you that here is a particular issue in your society that you need to make the calls on in your invocations so that you invoke light from the ascended masters and so that the masters can step in and bring about change in your society. On the other hand you have a dictation from me at the last conference where I told you to focus on being in the now and appreciating the now, not always being so concerned about the past and the future. You could say: “Well, is there not a contradiction here?” But you see, my beloved, the resolution to this seeming paradox is to realize here that there is a difference between the fear-based, dualistic perspective of human beings and the love-based non-dualistic perspective of the ascended masters. 

It is perfectly true, my beloved, that the ascended masters want to see a linear, progressive change that improves the living conditions for the people on earth. This however is not incompatible with the consciousness of the Buddha. I came out of nirvana in order to teach people because I also desire to see a linear, progressive improvement of the living conditions on earth. The difference is that we are not attached to seeing particular changes at a particular time. We are, as we have said earlier, not so focused on a particular change because our overall goal is to raise the consciousness of our unascended brothers and sisters so that you can begin to become more conscious of the process of co-creation. 

You see, my beloved, I am not telling you to not care about what happens in the future. I am not telling you to ignore what happened in the past because you need to be aware of what happened in the past in order to understand the mechanisms that caused certain problems that have caused certain limitations in your society. You need to see the underlying consciousness so you can free yourself from it and help other people be free of it. 

When I am telling you to focus more on being in the now, I am not saying that you should force your mind to ignore the past, force your mind to ignore the future. I am telling you to overcome the wounds you had in the past whereby you overcome your attachment to the past so that the past cannot pull you into these reactionary patterns that actually prevent you from 1) enjoying the moment and 2) being free to make a decision to change the course of your life for the future. 

I am also telling you to resolve your psychology so that you are not trapped in the pattern where you are constantly looking to get away from the present moment into some imagined future that you think will be better. In other words, I am telling you to not strive towards the future in order to escape dealing with your own psychology, which is the reason so many people get trapped in dreaming about a better future. I am telling you to actually free yourself from this escapism of dreaming about a better future and instead focus on resolving your psychology so that you can be focused in the now. It is only in the now that you can make the conscious choices that will actually enable you, empower you, to co-create a better future. 


Attaining mental freedom from the past

If you look at my last discourse you will see how I gave you the example that when you are trapped in a reactionary pattern, it seems like there is only one course your life can follow. So many people are trapped in the patterns where they feel that outer circumstances have boxed them in so that there is only one choice they can make in the present situation. The choice they make has an inevitable consequence and it brings them to another situation where it seems like there is only one choice, again, they can make. This produces another consequence and that is what you call the Sea of Samsara or the wheel of suffering because you are constantly feeling like there is only one thing you can do. You have no options, you have no freedom of choice and whatever you do creates a consequence that makes your life even more stressful, gives you even more suffering, makes you feel even more boxed in.

This is why, as some of the lady masters said, that many people in the Asian culture (because of the predefined roles of men and women) feel that once they have gotten married and once their initial euphoria is over, they feel like their lives are locked on a track and they can only follow that track and it gives them stress and it gives them suffering but they see no way out of it. What I was telling you in my last discourse is not to focus in the now as a form of escapism but to resolve the patterns of your past and to transcend the longing for a better future so that you are free in your psychology to see that there is never a situation where you have only one choice, one option. There is always the option to look at your reactionary patterns, change your reaction to the situation. Once you change your reaction, overcome that attachment, then you will be able to see that you have at least two choices. You may not have unlimited choices but you have an alternative to what you previously considered the only choice. When you choose that alternative, you may still create consequences but they will not be as severe or as limiting as previously.

This means that in your new situation, you can again look at your reactions. When you overcome a reactionary pattern, you will see three choices in your new situation. As you choose the highest of those choices, you will bring yourself in a situation where now you have more choices with less severe consequences. This is how you gradually attain the freedom where you see that, as I said in my last discourse, you are standing in the center of an open plain and you can choose any course you want. 


Everything is appearances

This, my beloved, is a degree of mental freedom that you attain above the 96th level, but this is still not the same as enlightenment although when you attain this degree of mental freedom it becomes much easier to switch to the state of enlightenment. As you attain freedom in the mind, what is it that creates this freedom? It is that you stop identifying with the mental images that your own mind had created of what the world is like and how the world limits you. That makes it much easier to then switch to the point where you see, my beloved, as I also attempted to explain those many years ago, that everything in the world is just a phenomenon, it is an appearance, it is not a reality that is set in stone or in atoms.

Everything is a product of a matrix in consciousness. That was what I attempted to explain those many years ago but found it difficult to explain because people didn't even have the concept of consciousness or of parallel realities or different languages that I have given you in this discourse. Once you realize that everything is a phenomenon, everything is an appearance that can be changed (when you tune in to the consciousness behind the phenomenon and work on changing the matrices in the emotional, mental and identity realm), then you gain an entirely new perspective on life. You can also gain an entirely new perspective on what we have told you. 

My beloved, what did we tell you last time? What did Saint Germain discourse on in terms of the tendency in the Asian culture to take life very seriously? He said that you will not create the Golden Age by working harder but by playing more because co-creation is an act of playfulness, not an act of taking life so seriously that you want to control every aspect of life.


Taking the teachings too seriously

We have in previous ascended master organizations seen this clear tendency that the students used our teachings to suddenly begin to take life, the spiritual path and themselves very seriously. They suddenly saw that there is a potential to create a much better age in the world. Or in some previous organizations where they were still trapped in dualistic thinking, they thought that the goal of being an ascended master student was to prevent some major calamity, such as a nuclear war. They got so focused on how serious it was that the world could face this calamity and they were the only ones who could prevent it. Therefore, they needed to take this task so seriously that they needed to decree all of the time and they needed to behave according to a very strict code. 

My beloved, it got to the point where all joy was squeezed out of their lives and you could safely say that they were much more happy and joyful before they entered an ascended master teaching than after. Many of these people had relatives who could see this and who attempted to tell them this, but the people would not even listen to it because they were so serious about saving the world for Saint Germain. 

My beloved, we, of course, do not desire to see you repeat those patterns and that is why we have attempted to give you a higher vision (perhaps even between the lines of our words, but I have attempted in this discourse to be fairly direct in my words). What I desire you to see is that it is possible to switch the mind where you realize, that naturally we of the ascended masters want you to make the calls, we want you to raise your consciousness and we do see you as very key to improving life in your society. You can make the calls that give us the authority to remove some of these dark forces and dark energies that will help other people awaken and embrace these new ideas. 

You are important to us, but my beloved, precisely because you are important to us, we do not want you to be burdened or stressed out by this. We want you to switch your minds so that you realize that this is not some duty or obligation that we are putting upon you. It is a part of your Divine plan that you chose before coming into embodiment, and we do not want you to take this so seriously that there is no room for joy. We want you to actually see this as an act of playfulness. It is not so difficult for you to switch that, although it may require a process, partly because you need to deal with the collective mindset in your part of the world that takes everything so seriously.

We want you to realize here, my beloved, that it is possible to make this shift where you are not attached to producing specific results in your society. Naturally, we have outlined some goals that we would like to see changed in Korea. Of course, we do. Who does not want to see these goals, these improvements, made? But we are not attached to seeing those improvements come about in a particular way, at a particular time through particular people. We are always mindful of free will. In other words, we do not want to force this upon the Korean people. We want to free them so that they can, as we have said now so many times, spontaneously awaken and suddenly it is obvious to them that this is the next step, this is what they actually want. 

The switch we want you to make in your minds is that your role is to make the calls that allow us to step in and do our work. When you have made the calls, you do not need to be attached to what happens in society, what other people do. You set them free because we are setting people free. We are not seeking to force anyone, and so we also set you free and we want you to set yourselves free so that you realize that the work you are doing must not become a burden that stresses you out and prevents you from fulfilling your daily obligations in your life or prevents you from enjoying your daily life.

We ask to always strive to find enjoyment in your service and in your daily life. This is truly the eightfold path that I attempted to give people 2,500 years ago but that many people could not grasp because for them enlightenment or the path became another obligation, another goal to be pursued. It became a source of stress because they either felt they were not up to the task, or they felt they were far behind, or they felt they had to work harder, or they felt that now that they had worked so hard they were clearly above other people and so they became prideful. 


The trap on each stage of the path

What I am telling you here could be expressed in a very simple way, namely that the spiritual path has stages and the dark forces do not want you to take the step from one stage to the next. For each stage of the path, they have set a trap for you. They want you to go into that trap so that you stay at that level. Therefore, we simply give you the concept that the spiritual path can be seen as a kind of game where at each stage you know that the dark forces have set a trap for you. You just need to be aware and look out for the trap by looking at your own reactions, by looking at the reactions of other spiritual people and saying: "Oh, now I see the trap and I am not going to put my foot there."

When you realize this, you realize that you do not even have to take the dark forces seriously, for whereas you can come to see through their traps, they cannot. They are trapped by their own limited imagination. You are not trapped by a limited imagination and when you have our teachings and apply them, it is not so difficult to avoid these traps. Therefore, you can come to that point where your path is not a source of stress; it is a source of joy. You walk the path in a joyful manner and if you make a mistake, so what my beloved? You have learned from that mistake, and then you just move on from there. You realize that there is really, as we have said before, no choice you could make that could cause you to be trapped forever. Any choice can be undone by making a more enlightened choice, a more aware choice.


Enlightenment is not a goal

What I would like to say as a closing remark is that enlightenment is not a stage on the path of the 144 levels of consciousness. Enlightenment is not the end goal of the eightfold path. Enlightenment is not a goal, it is not a concept, it is not a mental image. It is an experience of not being trapped in mental images. The only way to ever reach enlightenment is to switch out of the mental images and allow yourself to experience. 

Where do you experience enlightenment? Not in the past, not in the future, only in the now. You can experience enlightenment in any now that could ever appear to you. Keep these concepts in mind until there comes a now where it suddenly becomes obvious to you and you say: “Now, I am there!" You don't even say: “Now, I see it” because you are not seeing it as a concept that is removed from yourself. You are experiencing it as your new reality. 

My beloved, again a long discourse that may have stretched your body's ability to sit on a hard chair. It may have stretched your emotional body's ability to avoid going into some kind of reaction to something I said. It may have stretched your mental body's capacity to keep focusing on these very tricky concepts I have thrown at you. It may have stretched your identity body and made you wonder: “Well, based on what the Buddha said, Who am I? What kind of being am I?" Of course, my beloved, this is the ultimate challenge because any sense of identity you have in this world is just a mental image. It has no ultimate reality and you cannot take it with you into the ascended state. Of course, you do not need to let go of your sense of identity now, you let go of it in increments and you only have that final surrender of the last aspect of your worldly identity when you are ready to ascend. Otherwise, what would keep you in the body? What would keep you focused on serving life? Which is, after all, very much part of your path?

Do not believe, my beloved, that the path is only about raising your level of consciousness and getting rid of the outer self. You chose to come into this world because you wanted to have certain experiences and you wanted to co-create a better world. You wanted to make a contribution to the upward progression of this world. 

It is not so, my beloved that your service to life, your expression of life, your enjoyment of life, your experiences in life, are contrary to spiritual growth. That is why I said many years ago that enlightenment is the same as the unenlightened consciousness. Because when you free yourself from the concepts that make up the unenlightened consciousness and free yourself from the concept of enlightenment, then you realize that the world is not an enemy of your spiritual growth; it is the vehicle for your spiritual growth. Your path to Buddhahood was not actually hindered by you going into the lower state of consciousness because this was part of the experience you needed in this world. It gave you a foundation for knowing the conditions that you wanted to change as you were engaging in the process of co-creating a better world.

Therefore, you see that when you reach a certain stage, there are no regrets about anything you have ever done or gone through, there is no sensation of the division between what is spiritual and what is not spiritual or even what is anti-spiritual. You suddenly begin to see that there is no phenomenon in this world that can oppose your growth, oppose your path. There is even the dark forces. Even though they have a certain temporary existence, when you see them for what they are, they do not oppose your growth because they have no power over your mind when you are freed of these distinctions between what I 2,500 years ago called 'the pairs' but what we now call the dualistic extremes. They have no reality, they have no power and therefore you can see worldly phenomena without seeing them through the filter of these dualistic polarities and their value judgments. Therefore, you see that every aspect of your life, every aspect of the world is a vehicle for your growth, for your self-expression, for your co-creative process and ability.

My beloved, you may have heard the concept that “to the Buddha, time is not” and you may be realizing that I could go on like this indefinitely, for it gives me great enjoyment to give you these concepts. I also recognize that you are not yet at the point where time is not, and so mindful of this I will end this stream of consciousness expressed through words and once again express my gratitude and our gratitude for this wonderful gathering of us Above and you below. The Buddha I AM, Gautama is my name.




Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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