The light of God always makes a difference on earth

TOPICS: Why Sanat Kumara came to earth - Become one with Sanat Kumara’s vision - The golden age is not set in stone - The light of God always makes a difference - Learn to see the Presence in you -

Ascended Master Sanat Kumara, June 21, 2013, through Helen Michaels. Given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Sanat Kumara is my name and “The Regent Lord of the World” is my title. Today, it is my honor and great joy to come and greet you in this place that is so close to my beloved retreat, Shamballa. My beloved hearts, I was the one, with Lady Master Venus, who asked to have the honor to open the conference in this place. 


I tell you, my beloved hearts, there are not many occasions on planet earth in the matter sphere where humankind and the few disciples who are in embodiment and who have such great love toward Sanat Kumara and towards the teachings of the ascended masters, is such that you have earned my Presence. You have earned our Presence!


Why Sanat Kumara came to earth

Therefore, I greet you with the fiery flame of Sanat Kumara, with the Love Flame that has a ruby heart as you all know. I welcome you in the light of this flame, the flame of my heart! The flame of my heart that is so strong that each of my disciples can feel it through the threads that are spreading from my heart to your heart. Each one of you can feel a strong connection with me, each one of you who are working under the guidance of the masters in Shamballa. 


My beloved, it was a long time ago when I, Sanat Kumara, was in embodiment on planet earth, and you remember the stories and legends that talk about my life. Many of you have a rather glorified view of me. What does it mean to be the only enlightened guru on a dark planet? Therefore, I have gotten a lot of admiration from the lifestreams on earth.


Sure enough, there is a time on the path where it is necessary to be completely focused on the guru and to touch the hem of the guru's garment, touch the vibration that the guru is carrying, and touch everything that the guru has to offer you. That is your only ability to quickly get back in touch with your flame, your original inner calling that is calling you also to raise yourself up so much that one day your consciousness is ready to be the guru to somebody else. Therefore, my beloved, there is a time for that; there is a time for this approach, there is a time for learning, there is a time for taking in the teachings.


But there also is a cycle—as everything in matter evolves in beautiful cycles, my beloved, and the Love Flame as you know is not standing still. Love also flows in the cycles, my beloved, and there comes a time when every disciple who has gathered in enough of the Presence and the ability to carry the guru's light, the original Love Flame that was put into your hearts, there comes a time where you are meant to not receive so much but to give, my beloved. 


As you study my life you remember the stories about when I volunteered to embody on planet earth, when I was the one who had hope that darkness is not permanent. Darkness, no matter how deep it seems in the realm of duality, no matter how hopeless it feels when you look at this darkness with the eyes of duality, that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that the light of God is everything! The light of God as the love of God has the power to turn any kind of cycle manifested on planet earth. 


The love of God is so great that nothing, my beloved, really nothing, can stand this light, and sure enough no darkness created by the fallen ones can stand this light. That is why the cosmic council approved my mission on planet earth, because they knew this is successful. Why do I say it “is” successful instead of that they knew this will be successful? Because, my beloved, the darkness is just an illusion. Anything that is an illusion does not have permanence anywhere else than in your imagination. 


Therefore, the darkness is not reality. And my beloved, everyone knew that this was not reality and that there would be a time on planet earth when I, Sanat Kumara, can look to planet earth and see with such great joy in my heart how many of my children, how many are already in touch with this beautiful gift that was given to them from planet Venus.


Become one with Sanat Kumara’s vision

Oh my beloved, what a joy it is to see this from the ascended realm where the beauty is so great that nothing, really nothing, can take away the sense of oneness. Imagine, my beloved, the space on planet earth in the matter realm, imagine this and use your vision to come into oneness with my vision that I have for planet earth. I above, you below, and in this oneness we are able to keep the vision for planet earth that is higher than anything, that is higher than your imagination, higher than any imagination on planet earth or in the matter realm. 


My beloved, that is my dispensation, my light for this conference that I wish to share with you, that I wish to give to you. I have the vision of how the golden age, the Golden Age of Saint Germain can be manifested through all those people who are open to ascended master teachings. Also, my beloved – listen carefully – through those lifestreams who are not yet consciously open to ascended master teachings. Nevertheless they are working in our inner retreats and we sure are working with them. 


Therefore, my beloved, see that it is not always a requirement to bring the golden age in the matter realm only by the lifestreams who are the forerunners for the golden age. They do not all need to be aware of these teachings that you know. Do you realize that the light of God does not have any limitations? We are not limited to working only with those people who read the dictations, who give the decrees. We have the ability to work with everyone whose consciousness is high enough to stand our vibration and to receive the inspiration from the higher realm and who have the vision of how to implement this higher vision in matter.


Therefore, you realize that the light of God really is the doer, it is the doer through all openings as we have said now so many times. Sure enough, there are people in embodiment, especially in this area so close to Shamballa, who are very open to my flame, the flame that both Lady Master Venus and I carry. My beloved Lady Master Venus was the one who opened the Russian conference, LINK bringing the Love Flame from the higher realm into Matter, working more towards the Mother Ray and implementing Her Presence to support the Mother Flame and raising up the Mother Flame in Russia. 


Therefore, I am the one who is coming here on this day to give you a portion of my Presence so that you, my beloved, could grasp this flame in your heart and multiply what is my talent and what has become your talent also, multiplying it mainly from the Father aspect to grasp the vision, the higher vision that we have in the ascended realm for a golden age. 


The golden age is not set in stone

My beloved, the golden age is not in the higher realm so ready as some of you might envision; as if we have written scripts entirely worked out, like a manuscript entirely worked out for how certain people, certain lifestreams should help to manifest and bring down the golden age. No, my beloved, because you are after all on the planet where free will reigns supreme. You have the choice and the ability to choose whatever you want. You may choose when you come into embodiment, or you may not choose to be the open door for the ascended masters, or you may choose to be the open door for the ascended masters more than you had planned before. 


Therefore, my beloved, you see that the golden age is coming and is descending through your vision and through the opening that you are giving to this flame that we in the ascended realms carry. Many of you are grasping my Presence, but it is also important that you keep in mind that I – as an ascended master, or any other ascended master to whom you are close – we are not giving you ready-made solutions for each of your life decisions.  You will not grow when you do not make your own solutions, your own decisions, your own mistakes and you won't grow if you don’t actually see the results of your own decisions and your own successes. 


My beloved hearts, Sanat Kumara is my name and Love is my flame! As Lady Master Venus said in Russia, love is the seed of God. The seed that only you can water and grow and nurture. Your Love Flame, though it has a strong connection to my flame, it is still unique because you have a unique flame blended together with my flame and therefore you have the ability to bring into manifestation your uniqueness, your talent that only you carry.


The light of God always makes a difference

How many times we see in Shamballa students who come and sit around the Flame of Love, around the three-fold flame of focus that we are holding, and they come there with great burdens in their hearts, thinking: “Where are the outer results? What use does it have for me being in embodiment if I don’t see any outer results, if I do not see any change in consciousness, not even among my family members or friends and so on and so forth…?” Ah my beloved, how wonderful it is to see that the students still are open to the teachings and then we give the teaching in Shamballa where we carefully study world history, the history of ascended masters who have been in embodiment and we carefully see and learn that the Flame of Love, that God Presence which each one of us carries, makes a difference, it always does!


The difference is not meant to be so visible even for yourself, so that you could grasp it with your outer mind, with your outer eyes, or that you can even grasp it during the extremely short period in time that you call an embodiment. Sure my beloved, you have studied history and you know how long it took for me to journey on planet earth, in the beginning being here only as a Presence holding the focus and the immaculate concept for the lifestreams on planet earth, sharing my light that could invoke the life flame and the three-fold flame again in the hearts of those who were blinded by darkness.


You know there were times when even I was journeying in physical embodiment on planet earth and there were times where it was not easy for me to see how slow the progress is, how slow the results are of our efforts to become physical in planet earth, in the Matter sphere. But my beloved, one of the greatest lessons and initiations on your path of Christhood is to become so non-attached to your outer results that you are completely able to step back, detach yourself from all the spirits and from all the roles that you have ever taken on so that you could carefully listen to the call that is calling in your heart the Holy Name of Sanat Kumara – the Holy Name of the Nameless Lord – the highest God.


When you are in the middle of this stillness, when you are free from the outer roles that you yourself assigned to yourself, when you take your time and listen to the birdsong in your heart in the middle of this flame that is burning on your heart’s altar, only then do you see that bringing the Love Flame to planet earth and into the Matter sphere is not really a matter of anything outer. It is your inner sense that makes a difference and is the heart lesson that the students of the ascended masters must catch. 


There are students who have been on the path many lifetimes and they still don’t get it, but I, Sanat Kumara, as all my disciples and students who have ascended, we have infinite patience and we teach, always. Even when we see no outer results, we still teach. We still continue and we will not give up because we have the flame that is the frame of reference for God’s light that is always victorious! It is not even possible, my beloved, that the Presence of Light is sent to a dark planet and that this Presence of Light would not make a difference.


It still is possible that a dark planet could go to the second death if the lifestreams don’t turn around. It is a possibility, but, my beloved, the light has still made a difference because the light of God is a vibration, a beautiful sound. When you embody this light, everything around you starts singing in harmony, and all your four lower bodies are singing in tune with this inner flute inside you. Then you realize that your Presence nearly always makes a difference even when you don’t see it with your outer mind or with your outer senses. The Light always works! The Light Works! 


Learn to see the Presence in you

While I was in embodiment and walking my journey uphill and downhill, through snowy peaks of the matter realm into the greatest density of the dark valleys, there were times that were hard to bear for my heart. Then there were times when I simply was using whatever instrument I had to bring into the matter realm the vibration of God, the vibration of love. 

Therefore, my beloved, it is your task to find your inner flute and learn to play it in the way that only you can play. 


Learn to listen to your own inner vibration, learn to absorb the light of God and see how the light of God in you is manifesting and outplaying this beautiful uniqueness of your own and how this uniqueness is everywhere around you wherever you go. Learn to shift your sense of self instead of looking into the mirror and seeing there an outer body with very clearly defined shapes. Instead of that, shift your focus to your inner being and you will see how great your Presence actually is.


In many of you, your Presence, your I AM Presence, is already shadowing you so that wherever you go there is like a white shaft of light walking in front of you and after you. It is your I AM Presence that is already shining through, bringing its uniqueness into matter, but since your outer eyes are not trained to see this finer vibration, you do not see it but it is still there. Under my guidance and under the guidance of the other masters you learn the path of Christhood, you learn to shift your sense so that you learn to see that you are not this outer body who eats and drinks and sits. You are the divine presence of something that is much bigger than the outer senses. 


Learn to see yourself as a spiritual presence and then you instantly know that the Presence always brings a difference into matter. The Presence of God is the thing, the only thing that can change your outer conditions, your outer life, and your outer sense of self. Learn to get in touch with your true Presence and then all of a sudden you see that there isn’t any more of this old sense of self there. The old sense of self is dead, and now you have the vision. You have the vision that is wide as an ocean and you are in touch with the inspiration and the ideas from the higher realms. All of a sudden you see how the masters are not out there far from you but the masters are right here because you in your heart are able to touch the hem of the gurus, the true gurus, the ascended gurus, including myself. 


That is the vision, my beloved, that I, Sanat Kumara, with Lady Master Venus wish to give you for this conference, but not only for this conference but for the coming days, months and years. You are my beloved disciples. You are the ones that are capable of shifting your sense of self, your sense of consciousness. You are the ones who are able to touch the hem of the guru, the guru of Sanat Kumara. 


Sanat Kumara I AM. Holy is my name. Holy is my Presence.


My beloved, learn to listen to my vibration in you. Surely, I am not the guru who works with every student who is on the path of Christhood, but I am working with many, many among you as well. The love in your hearts, my beloved, is the key that opens the door to my retreat. Learn to use the love of your unique Presence, learn to shift your consciousness and to see how the old garments of the human self are falling off around you, layers and layers and layers so more of the Presence is shining through. Then you are more able to get in touch with this true life that we are above and you are below. 


My beloved, I thank you with this release. Sanat Kumara is my name and I receive you into my heart with Lady Master Venus. I seal you in our hearts. Our Presence is with you. Learn to make use of this Presence. Learn my vibration that sings in your heart and vibrates everywhere you go and it always makes a difference.




Copyright © 2013 by Helen Michaels


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