Remember why you chose to embody in a difficult situation

TOPICS: Choosing your next embodiment - The innocent often volunteer to embody in difficult situation - Taking the light by force - The deficit consciousness in Russia - The abuse of women - The angels can answer all calls -

Ascended Master Mother Mary, June 15, 2013, through Helen Michaels. Given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.


Mother Mary is my name and the Divine Mother is my Office.

I wish I could give you the vision of how beautiful it is to see the light descending from the heart of the Divine Mother into the matter sphere as I, as the Archaei of the Fifth Ray, am descending now today to give another portion of my life to this conference with my angels. I have bands of Fifth Ray angels accompanying me, billions of Fifth Ray angels, and each one of them is carrying a portion of light, the light that represents the unconditional love of the Divine Mother. The light that is meant to come, descend, and be planted in Mother Russia's soil, so to speak, but of course I don't mean physically because our soil for any kind of instalments is you, my beloved! You who are my children. I know you in my heart, each one, and I have met all of you in my retreat before you took embodiment and also sometimes during the night. 


Choosing your next embodiment

The most important of all my tasks as the Divine Mother is that I keep the flame and balance for all lifestreams on planet earth as the Divine Mother, as a representative of the True Mother. The True Mother is a concept that many lifestreams don't even know. It is often the case that the True Mother is not the mother that embodied with you in your family; that is not your True Mother. In most cases, the mother whom you have in your family is very far from being your true spiritual Mother. 


It is often the case, my beloved, that I see lifestreams and meet lifestreams who are planning their next embodiment. These lifestreams get instructions in many retreats, and in my retreat as one of them, those lifestreams often look at the potential embodiments that they can choose. If the lifestream has made karmic conditions for itself, then there are often several scenarios, not only one, for the next embodiment. In my retreat we carefully go through all these scenarios and we look, and we see, and we discuss what the best potential is for the particular task that the lifestream has for this embodiment.


There are many among you, my beloved, who have volunteered to embody in Russia, not because you were meant to embody here – for that wasn’t the only scenario – but you volunteered out of the greatest love, out of the innocent love that you have for God, this innocent love and this pure sacred love that you carry in your heart. When I, as a Mother go, through the lifetime scenarios with you, then I have often questioned: “Are you sure that you want to take this embodiment right now? Are you sure that you want to take all the tasks that are coming to you when you go to take this embodiment? Could it be possible for you, that you will mature spiritually and grow stronger in a different embodiment than if you take the embodiment in Russia, for instance?” 


There are so many times, my beloved, when the lifestreams look me straight in the eye with the most pure heart, and they say to me: “Beloved Mother, I know that you will be there with me always and everywhere. I want to go. I want to experience this life.” In many cases, these are the lifestreams most dear to my heart. They volunteer to embody in families with parents that have strong momentums or scars in their hearts, that possibly have turned into the hardness of heart. In many cases, they have such strong momentums of being embodied in Atlantis and they carry this momentum, the rebellious momentum, and the momentum of warring and strife. 


There are many cases where the sincere and innocent souls volunteer to embody in families where the parents have a most difficult time to actually even understand what love is and what is the pure unconditional love of God. The lifestreams volunteer to go to these families. They volunteer to be the teachers for their parents, they volunteer to do it because they know that if no one goes, these lifestreams would lose their opportunity for the possibility of a next embodiment.


The innocent often volunteer to embody in difficult situation

My beloved hearts, there are often times when I look upon the earth as the Divine Mother and I see, in areas with such large density, like for instance the Western part of Russia, that it is burdened by heavy records of war and strife. Then from the spiritual perspective these areas look somewhat similar to lava fields you have seen in areas after volcanic eruptions where the lava covers the land with a hard crust so that everything dies. All the signs of life have died, at least for the time being until some of the life seeds gather enough strength and energy and light to start breaking through this hard crust. This process continues until, finally, those plants have created soil from the heavy lava, becoming soil that is most nutritious.


My beloved, when you look spiritually at the situations with very, very dense energy on planet earth, the picture is very similar. The souls and lifestreams who have contact with their inner sense, with their innocence, they are the only lifestreams that are able to penetrate this dense environment. They are practically the only ones who can give a positive impetus, who can have a positive effect, because they are carrying the light that is able to penetrate this environment and the density of the records of heavy bloodshed, fighting, and hardness of heart.


My beloved you were given the teaching about what happens with the chakras when lifestreams go through heavy torture, killing, and other forms of abuse and misuse of God’s light. In many cases, after parts of their energy fields have been ripped off, they become so hard because the wound in their hearts literally becomes hardness of heart that grows into insensitivity to all life. There are lifetimes they can go through without ever feeling anything towards God or other people. My beloved, these are the many wounded lifestreams that you see present in Russian society. These are the lifestreams who are able to abuse others emotionally, mentally, and physically. 


These are often the lifestreams who are most open to addictions, such as alcohol and others. I, Mary, can assure you that from the ascended master view there is not much that we can do for these lifestreams. We can’t jump in, and if even if we could, we cannot jump in and release them from this heavy yoke and burden they are under. We could, but we cannot come and show and demonstrate the unconditional love to them so that they would experience it because lifestreams – once they have gone lower than the 48th level in consciousness – they are not capable of receiving any teaching from the ascended masters. 


It is often the case that the enlightened souls, who still have innocence, they volunteer to embody with these lifestreams that are the most hard to reach for the ascended masters. My beloved, you see these situations around you so many times in Russia. How many times can you see that these innocent souls who embody here sometimes get crushed by their parents, get crushed by society, school and education systems, that are so used to taking everything with force. Those lifestreams that are below the 48th level in consciousness, they are not able to actually receive enough light from God. They are receiving some, but they feel with their inner sense that they would like to receive more. Of course, when they feel they are not receiving God’s light abundantly, like they would like to have, the only option in their own minds is to take the light with force. 


Taking the light by force

You see, this was often the case when the Bolshevik revolution started and the Red Army was created after that, as literally a band of murders and burglars, who in many cases did not execute even the will of their own leaders. They executed their own lowest desires, taking with force from those lifestreams that had more light then they had, all the while feeling that since they had the guns and the larger numbers, they could overpower the other lifestreams and that this was their right and it was justified. 


There is a Russian poet who said about this time that the heart was crying blood. The heart was so wounded that it was crying blood in Russia. My beloved, how accurately this describes everything that happened because if you would have seen what happened from the spiritual level, that was precisely how the picture looked. In many cases, the vortex that was reinforced during the revolution and after it, with more wars under the Soviet system, that vortex became so strong that more and more people, sometimes even those who had descended as the innocent, actually fell below the 48th level of consciousness. 


Obviously, you see when there is a veil of duality that says: “You cannot receive Gods light abundantly, therefore your only option is to take it from those who have more than you do, such that you kill and go after those who have the light more than you do,” then what is next? There will be even more bloodshed and light becomes even more of a scarcely available resource. Even light became a deficit in Russia at that time, as it was the case with many other goods. People said that if something wasn’t abundantly available, then this was a deficit, a deficit of products. That was a concept that was widely used in Russia.


The deficit consciousness in Russia

My beloved, do you see now the consciousness of the Divine Mother that wants to give its light and to give the light of the Father abundantly to planet earth? All of a sudden, it becomes limited by a hardened heart so much so that the light simply cannot flow through. The light has become a deficit and therefore everything else becomes a deficit. 


This consciousness is still here, very much in the present, where people feel they don't have enough of this or that or the third thing and where they feel that even in the eateries and canteens they have to count each portion of cheese and butter and bread, because what if somebody else gets more or what if somebody steals it? Even the knives and forks are counted because of the consciousness that wants to take things, not only to take light from other lifestreams, but also taking things from others with force, this is still here.


My beloved, Archangel Uriel was saying that peace cannot be present where force prevails.Therefore, my beloved, I have for you a task that I am sure many will respond to because I know that many of you are ready at inner levels. I am the Divine Mother, I have the light abundantly! Light is infinite! Light is never a deficit in the ascended sphere. There is no need to compete or struggle for a portion of light in the ascended spheres. There is no need to even feel or see that you lack anything because God has abundance built into its Spirit. The Spirit is filled with everything one might possibly need for living on planet earth. Therefore, it is only a matter of time until enough lifestreams penetrate this hard crust in the collective consciousness, the hardness of heart, and they are able to receive this light abundantly for themselves.


The abuse of women

My beloved hearts I will release after this dictation, an invocation that you might give for the protection of those lifestreams who embody on planet earth, often in the most harsh of conditions. This invocation is not only designed for those lifestreams who take embodiment here but it is also designed to address the other perversions related to the matter sphere, especially the perversion that wants to put down women and that wants to put down the Divine Feminine. 


The Divine Feminine is a part of each lifestream that is able to tune in to the Divine Father and receive the light abundantly, thereby never having the need to feel that life is lacking any kind of resource whatsoever that they need in the matter sphere. But you see my beloved, those whose hearts are hardened, these are the souls that cannot even stand the lifestreams who are demonstrating their oneness and unity with the Divine Mother. All they want to do is take the light away from them, or if they cannot possibly do that, then they want to create some sort of scheme or manipulation that would at least stop the flow or trap it in some sort of perversion. 


You see my beloved, in societies where poverty and lack of abundance is clearly visible at the physical level, you also see the outplaying of all kinds of perversions, which always include women, such as using women as sex slaves. Or those societies have an increased level of prostitution, be it openly visible or not visible. All these societies have many kinds of perversions and also misuse children who usually have the most light available that one can possibly have because they are the ones who are still in the consciousness of innocence.


You see, my beloved, that for the Divine Mother it is a delicate task to instruct her disciples who are available to carry the light of the Mother and who are available to increase the light in their own chakras to such a degree that the light is constantly in their chakras and not only available in them when they decree or do spiritual practices. My disciples who are able, and there are many already here among you who are able to carry the light in their chakras, they are the lifestreams that are the Seeds of God which can penetrate the hardness of hearts in the mass consciousness. 


The angels can answer all calls

My beloved, I have come here to give you my part of this entire dispensation, and all of my angels are carrying a portion of light that you will receive after this release. You are free to make calls towards all kinds of perversions in Russia, especially the perversions towards women, children and the innocent lifestreams who have volunteered to embody here to give an opportunity to those who otherwise might not have any opportunity at all. 


After this release, you just make the calls, all calls you possibly know towards all kinds of perversions that you see around you, either inside your own family, either in society or something you see happening with your friends or acquaintances.I guarantee to you that my release is infinite, and if you have a thousand calls or more, my angels are able to execute all these calls to carry out your free will and multiply the call with the impetus of light of the Divine Mother.


My beloved, this is part of what you can do for Russia, as you often say: for Mother Russia. But is Russia at this point really a Mother? I, as I am the Divine Mother, I would say Russia has a great potential to become Mother Russia, the Mother who nurtures all her children abundantly and cares for the children, embodying the love and the light of God. Yes, this potential is here, the potential and hope is always here my beloved. But what actually might happen to Russia is up to the courageous lifestreams that you are. It is up to your free will and your ability to carry the light in your heart and your chakras such that you would become the frame of reference of the Divine Mother for those lifestreams that are still beyond our reach, that are beyond our reach and still below the 48th level of consciousness.


You are the extensions, literally, of the Divine Mother in embodiment so remember this. Remember, my beloved, what we agreed to before you came to this embodiment, what we agreed to when you were in my retreat: That I, Mary, with all my love and with the fullness of my heart, I am always around you, protecting you, nurturing you, giving you strength in the moments when you most need it. And remember, my beloved, I, Mary, am the representative of the True Mother. 


I know that you are able to carry this vision into matter and that you are able to carry my light into matter as long as it is needed. I know your hearts, I know how much love you feel towards this country and the lifestreams you came here to help. You might not be aware of this love because you are clouded in your outer mind that has all kinds of thoughts ongoing, but I know your hearts, my beloved. Therefore, I extend to you my heart with both my hands. And my billions of angels, we are at your service. Use us. I am most joyful for this release and that the group in Novosibirsk was tuned in and wanted to be the chalice. The infinite gratitude of the Divine Mother is yours.




Copyright © 2013 by Helen Michaels



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