The release of Freedom's Flame for the Year of the Mother

TOPICS: Part of Freedom's Flame is the honesty to acknowledge the true images behind matter - The deceitful and false foundations will be challenged - Those hiding behind the old concepts and structures will be challenged - The Golden Age starts when society and businesses take responsibility for their actions - True freedom is the freedom to express your Christhood - Unmanageable conglomerates start living their own lives - The Freedom Flame penetrates and shatters old monolithic structures - The changes will be brought to the tables of the managers - Instead of preserving the system, it becomes more important to serve society, to serve people -

Ascended Master Saint Germain, January 4, 2011, through Helen Michaels


I, Saint Germain,  am ready to release the flow of freedom in the beginning of the Year of the Mother. Are you ready to receive this flow of freedom that I am ready to release? I, Saint Germain, have, definitely, my vision of freedom for the Year of the Mother that I want to see happen. What does freedom actually mean for the Mother, as Jesus and Mother Mary have talked about already? The Year of the Mother will be the year which will bring forth the changes, first of all, in the consciousness of everyone who is willing to change, to transcend and to give rebirth for a new era that the Mother wants to be to give birth to. And I, Saint Germain, represent, definitely, one Spirit that wants to flow into the Mother's womb and be born into matter.

Part of Freedom's Flame is the honesty to acknowledge the true images behind matter
The freedom of the Mother represents very much the freedom that can happen only when the true situation – the real truth – can be recognized in matter. When the veils of Maya have been eliminated, the reality without illusions can be seen on the arena of matter, and people have the opportunity to see what is actually behind the veils. As the Buddha gave the thoughtform, it is like opening the cover of a tin can, and then you can see what is inside this tin can and decide what you want to do with the content of this tin can.  

The freedom of the Mother, my beloved, brings forth the opportunity for Christ truth in situations in matter, as the Buddha was indicating, as Mother Mary was indicating and Jesus was talking about. The situations in  society, foremost in governments, in big corporations, in small-businesses will be questioned and the activities of those people who are in charge of enterprises, big conglomerates and corporations, will be questioned. My beloved, the freedom of the Mother is to give birth to the true Christ Spirit that wants to flow into the new conditions, that wants to create new conditions—the ever-transcending conditions that are constantly being reborn in matter. My beloved, how can this happen? The Year of the Mother exposes the reality that is behind the veils.

And what it is behind the veils, my beloved? What is the society that you have become so used to watching on TV, on the news channel or reading about in the newspaper? My beloved, this society that you are used to seeing – and that you are constantly projecting through the mental images in your mind – it is the same old society, the same mental images, that you are constantly re-creating. The era of the society that you are used to seeing and projecting, will definitely be challenged during the Year of the Mother. What does the Spirit do, my beloved? And what does the Freedom Flame inside Spirit do?

The Freedom Flame is free. Is the mother plane free? This is the question that the Freedom Flame will ask during the Year of the Mother. And the Year of the Mother will bring forth all those situations, where people really need to ponder this question in society. Society and the opinions in society have been created mostly by the opinion leaders of the power elite, who are all those people who have had enough money to buy certain newspapers or media and give through this media the colored message which represents mainly and foremost their interests.

You all have seen during this era that the media has been creating the images that are most useful, most profitable and most favorable to a certain group of people. What does it actually take to create a society, where one group of people want to create the conditions that are only favorable to them? It, of course, takes a deceitful action by the group of people who want to create the illusion that they are so much better than anyone else. And thus, they deserve distinctly better living conditions than the majority of the population. In order to create this illusion, they have to deceive this other group who is not part of their "team."

The deceitful and false foundations will be challenged
Those conglomerates, corporations, governments and other institutions – foremost the financial institutions – will be challenged a lot during this Year of the Mother. Because the deceitful and forceful separation between groups of people – that the power elite in its anti-christ mindset has been so willingly projecting upon the matter plane – is a complete fallacy.

In the eyes of the Creator, true freedom, my beloved, is honesty, the freedom to see situations as they really are. Part of true freedom is to acknowledge the mental images behind matter and bring forth the honest questions about the basis, the foundations, for the kind of corporations and conglomerates that have been created by using deceitful methods. Those methods that have enabled people to create enterprises and corporations on a false foundation – of not wanting to raise up the all, but of maximizing profit and the interests of the few – they will be questioned in the coming era. All the foundations that seek to deceive this world, that seek to deceive the people, where one group is taking all the profit and the other group is left behind in poverty, these kind of deceptions will not last anymore.

Because I, Saint Germain, bring forth my greatest love, and my greatest love, of course, is the love of the Freedom Flame. I am free and I am sending that Freedom Flame around this earth, covering this planet with the Freedom Flame, with the power of Saint Germain and the Golden Age that I am representing together with other masters. I am bringing forth this flame that shatters all those false foundations, all the deceitful foundations that have been sitting here in society like black boxes, which very few people have ever dared to question. Which the majority of the people do not even know how to question.

Those hiding behind the old concepts and structures will be challenged
Because, my beloved, look at these conglomerates, the financial institutions, the governments and all other big enterprises! Look what has happened with them in society! They are living in their self-created world, where they think they can create an illusion that all the rest of the world is believing. Namely the illusion that they can do whatever they want without taking and bearing any responsibility for their actions. The mindset that they present to their employees, to their clients or to people who are consumers of the news is an illusionary image, created by the deception that if the standardized reports about the corporate activity look good, then nobody should question their motives or actions.

Do you see, my beloved, how many concepts – the standardized, force-based concepts – have been created in the economy, that all enable big corporations to keep up a deceitful image of themselves? Look at all the accounting standards, audit standards and others that all have a standardized approach for how they measure the financial results of a corporation. For a time, those standardized ways work, but the bigger the corporation grows, the more it can hide behind all kinds of standards and reports. The activity reports can show all kind of numbers, and these numbers will never be questioned because they have been compiled according to this or that or the third standard. And therefore, they should be perceived as truth. Many things can be hidden behind the numbers, behind the auditors' reports, because if the auditors say that the numbers are correct, then obviously in the corporate world it is assumed that there is no need to question them.

Yet I, Saint Germain, will tell you with absolute certainty that this year will bring forth the changes that will lead also to the questioning of the accounting standards and other standards that humankind has created to measure big corporations and institutions. All the standards that humankind has brought forth and created to measure society by small convenient boxes or by all kind of reports, are based on humankind's unwillingness to transcend matter and let the Spirit of the Father give birth to new forms. People have so willingly forced the Living Spirit into the balance sheets, profit and loss statements and into all other kinds of reports, thinking that the numbers can hide the truth. And thereby, the real truth about a certain enterprise or institution can be hidden behind the accounting structure or any other man-made structure.

Well, my beloved, you know that for the transcending Spirit no form is permanent, and especially the Year of the Mother does not allow anyone to remain in this illusion that form can hide the truth. Societies and big corporations cannot just walk away from their actions without taking the consequences. This definitely cannot last any longer, and all those kind of actions are beginning to be exposed as the veils of the Maya will break down.  

Everything that is behind the veil will be brought forth into the media, directly in front of people's eyes. In this era there are many means of  communication through which the people have an opportunity to ask questions from the governments and institutions or start discussions about the activities of those institutions and financial enterprises.

The Golden Age starts when society and businesses take responsibility for their actions
Take for example the last year, what happened in the Gulf of Mexico, when British Petroleum wanted to hide the consequences of its actions and decisions. All they tried to hide came forth and was brought into public view. Nothing that they wanted to be hidden could be hidden, because the energies of the Year of the Son and the Year of the Mother do not allow lies to be hidden. They do not allow actions on such a vast scale to remain unquestioned or with no one taking responsibility for these actions.

The real circumstances cannot be hidden behind those force-based artificial mental boxes, that have been created in society by scientists and theorists. Even if theories about capitalism and its economy take circumstances from life itself and treat them like a never-changing reality, it does not mean that the Spirit of God will treat them as a reality. Even if it is still taught in universities by the professors who present those decades or sometimes centuries old concepts to the students as an absolute truth, this does mean that those labels and concepts become true. As said by Mother Mary and the Buddha, matter enables, in its love, people to maintain the illusion that their man-made creation is a reality only for a certain time.

The golden age and the Aquarian age economy brings forth through the Spirit of God those new ideas that Keynes or other famous macroeconomic scientists could not even imagine. The golden age concepts, of course, are not those that are kept alive in big corporations or are part of the perfect excuse for corporations to hide their actions behind those concepts. The Golden Age does not enable people to hide anything, such as situations you see today, where  people think they can pile together facts from life and create some nice media event, which then enables them to get away with not taking the consequences of their actions. Those who have taken actions that have harmed society, or the enterprise or people in this enterprise will need to take responsibility.

The kind of society which has enabled the big corporations and financial institutions to present their activities in the media in a wishful way – and then walk away from the consequences of their actions because the laws and other structures are made so that they can just walk away without taking responsibility – this cannot stand. My beloved, the new era, and the Year of the Mother especially, brings forth the situations where nobody can really walk away from their actions, without at least experiencing some result or some consequence during the same Year of the Mother.

True freedom is the freedom to express your Christhood
I, Saint Germain, am here to bring forth the new era, the new era of complete freedom. What does freedom actually mean, my beloved? Very often during the last century, people have interpreted the word "freedom" in a sense that if there are no outer physical or other circumstances that limit their self-expression, then they consider themselves to be free. Yes, it has been the case this century, that freedom was considered as any situation where you were not physically or in other ways forced into certain actions.

The true inner freedom is the freedom to express the Christ in matter. The freedom to express Christhood is the freedom of the Aquarian age, and all situations which don't really carry this inner freedom, will be challenged tremendously this year. Look at the Wikileaks situation. What has happened in this world is that the governments realized that there is nothing they can really hide in the era of electronic communication. This came to the governments' awareness as clearly as I am giving this speech through this messenger right now. All of a sudden, all the governments who have been affected by Wikileaks realized, that their whole worldview is shattered! They need to think and start thinking in different ways and that precisely, my beloved, needs to happen during the Year of the Mother.

You need to start thinking in a different way in order to be truly free to express your Christhood. You need to question: are you really free? Can you talk and can you walk the Christ that you are? Can you express the true Spirit of your I AM Presence, that you really are? Can you really express the individualization of your God flame, my beloved—that is the question to ponder. If there is an answer which is different from "Yes," then, my beloved, you have work to do. And I am the master who would gladly help you achieve your inner freedom.

As Jesus said yesterday,  a special dispensation has been given to complete the release and initiations for the Year of the Son. Thus, I, Saint Germain, will confirm that I too have a dispensation open for you. I am waiting for you to give your call in my name and say, "My beloved Saint Germain, help me see all the conditions in myself, that are limiting my inner freedom!" And I give the vow that I am the torch of light, bringing this light into your life. If you are willing to really question all your limitations, then I am the master who is very willing to give you the lessons and help you in any way you need, that you could take the next step on your path. Ask me: "Where is the limitation for my freedom, so that you could see it, transcend it and be reborn into a new sense of identity during the Year of the Mother?"

I, Saint Germain, can give you this dispensation during the whole year, because I know that this year is not necessarily an easy one for those who still seek to hide something. Therefore, this year will create a lot of clashes, a lot of conflicts, especially in society, inside governments, inside corporations, inside financial institutions. And I can tell you with absolute surety that the more conflicts and clashes are ahead, the more there is the need to take down the veils of Maya in society and inside institutions.

Unmanageable conglomerates start living their own lives
My beloved, look what has happened in society over the past century and decades. The enterprises started out as smaller businesses, where there was normally one manager and a few people who did the work. This manager really couldn't hide what he had decided or done from his employees. Over time, enterprises have grown so big that there have been created different layers of management, different layers of computer systems that should take care of all activities. Still, adding more controlling layers or systems, did not, unfortunately, add transparency.

On the contrary. What did actually happen, my beloved, is that all of those institutions grew into conglomerates—like monsters. They became unmanageable in the sense that there is nobody in those conglomerates, in those huge corporations or institutions, who can see through the different layers and actually take decisive action when something is going wrong.

In those monsters there has been created one layer after another, and once the profit is big enough, then non-transparent reports can be used to hide those actions that are not the wisest or do not serve the interests of all. And who can tell what is the wisest action, if none of the board members can actually see through what happens in the institution? If no one sees through those layers that have been created – because there is no person on the planet who has the capacity to process all of the information – then, my beloved, you can see that the monster institutions start living their own lives. And for a certain time limit, the layers – the veils of Maya – enable the managers and VIPs to maintain the illusion that they are in control—while in many cases internally they understand that actually they are not.  

The Freedom Flame penetrates and shatters old monolithic structures
Well, my beloved, that is the beauty of the Spirit: that it is not bound by any form created in matter. The beauty of the world as I see it, is the beauty of the Freedom Flame. What does the Freedom Flame do, when it penetrates those situations that seem to have lost their transparency? The Freedom Flame brings to the surface all those energies that want to hide behind the monolithic structures. And that, of course, can create conflicts and situations which force people to recognize the problems. The Freedom Flame brings forth the opportunity, my beloved, for those who are willing to ask open questions, the opportunity to really ask those questions during the Year of the Mother.

The Freedom Flame will penetrate this earth and all the structures that humankind has created so far. The Freedom Flame that shines through the structures brings forth an acceleration that is so strong that all man-made creations, structures and organizations, will start shaking, as they are flooded with the power of the Freedom Flame. The Freedom Flame will shake those old monolithic structures for so long that they break apart into small pieces—that people can see with full realism, as the veils of Maya have fallen down. And then they can ask the question: "Did we really want this kind of enterprise?" Did we really want to create these kind of superstructures that nobody could manage, that nobody could supervise, so that nobody could honestly give a transparent report about the situation that is taking place inside?

Well, my beloved, that is the beauty of the Freedom Flame—that the Freedom Flame brings forth the transparency, the honesty that you cannot deny any more. The Freedom Flame creates tremendous opportunity for those people who are open to a new era of Golden Age governments, management systems, educational systems. Those people will experience a tremendous flow of creativity during the Year of the Mother, because they feel that they are grasping the ideas that they have never grasped before, the ideas that I have released to this universe and to the planet.

These ideas are the ideas that people who are open will tune in to. They will take those ideas, multiply the talents and they will create a new reality – a new world – based on those ideas. Of course, my beloved, this doesn't happen overnight. Neither does it happen during the Year of the Mother only, because my vision is much longer than one year in a human sense.

The changes will be brought to the tables of the managers
I, Saint Germain, only wanted to give you a thoughtform that you can be mindful of during this Year of the Mother. The changes you see around you, are the changes you see happening in society. These changes have started already, are very subtle and first of all those changes will be put on the tables of the management board members. Especially to the members of those groups who have considered themselves to be the power elite, and who now get the opportunity to reconsider their old world view.

During the Year of the Mother it will become increasingly difficult to maintain the illusion that one group of people can feel superior to another, while the other group is still part of their enterprise or their institution and actually doing the work—in other words, creating the value of the enterprise. If the owners and managers want to maintain – or rather give rebirth to – their enterprise, then they have to be willing to look at themselves and their creation honestly. They must find new ways to accept the needed changes that the Freedom Flame brings to the surface, and they must be creative in solving the old problems in transparent ways.

So you see, my beloved, the changes that I have ready for the Year of the Mother – and for the new era of the Golden Age and the Aquarian age – many of those changes will start during the Year of the Mother. All old momentums, that have not been questioned, will break down until they lie in front of your eyes in such small pieces that you can really see each of the pieces. And you can ask: "Does it really make sense to keep this system up in the old way, or could we change it?" Does it make sense to keep this layer of control in the enterprise? Does it make sense to present our results in certain ways? Does it make sense to do our business in a certain way?

My beloved, people are so used to look at and label different kinds of societies—that a certain system is a democracy and the other system is socialism or the third system is something else. Well, my beloved, what is the oneness behind all forms created in matter?

This oneness means that it becomes increasingly difficult to label one system after another, when you really have the freedom to see through all the bits and pieces that form this particular system. Do you see, my beloved, that the importance of the labels, mental boxes, and concepts that people have created and teach in the universities just fades away—when you start realizing the oneness behind all forms? Do you see that all this will be questioned during the Year of the Mother, because when you really see through the situations and the creations that form the mental boxes – the folders that people have created – then you see that, after all, some of the systems that people are used to seeing as opposing each other are not so different at all, when it comes to reality.

How socialism is functioning as a society is not so different from how democracy is functioning. And you will also notice that systems that have been labeled as democratic are not so democratic after all.

Instead of preserving the system, it becomes more important to serve society, to serve people
Well, my beloved, you see that this is the era where all those old structures and labels will be questioned. Also, the political parties, who are used to label themselves as right-wing or left-wing, will start to lose the significance of the label, because humankind is facing the era where new values will be brought into view through situations that will come up during the Year of the Mother.

Soon, people realize that the foremost task of government is not a question of maintaining a label or policy. Instead, the question will become: "Do we need to continue our old ways of governing people, or is there anything that we as a government have to change in order to give birth to a better society, where people could have better living conditions?" "How can we, as a government, give the better circumstances to our people?" Those will be the questions to ponder for the governments during the Year of the Mother.

The process that will start during the Year of the Mother will continue until, after a certain time, you would not even believe how society, how the governments have been changed. Then, people can look back at the year of 2012 and the previous years and really question what kind of society they where living in. What was in our minds to create all those labels and concepts, where we so nicely put our actions, our thinking? And once the label was there, we thought we could just walk away from the consequences.

Well, my beloved, this will be the main thoughtform for the governments—that they start to realize that everything they do brings consequences. And there will be a time, when the people who elected them are not satisfied anymore by sitting and watching the news on television about the new action or reaction made by government itself or by governmental institutions. People start asking questions in a most painful way, if the governments and the responsible parties in society are not willing to look at themselves and realize that, in this new era, their most important task will be to raise up all life, not to promote the interests of a small group of people.

My beloved, I am most happy to give this release of Freedom in the beginning of the Year of the Mother. And I am most happy to welcome the Year of the Mother through this Freedom Flame that I represent. Freedom really is the choice where you have to decide which way to go. Do you want to look honestly at circumstances around you and let your Christhood ask the necessary questions? Do you let your Christhood manifest and express honesty in all situations during the Year of the Mother? That is what I call freedom, because freedom is when you are not bound by any deceitful or forceful tie. Sometimes those ties have been existing for so long, that you don't even notice what kind of tie or limitation you have inside of you. Those ties I am most happy to help you overcome and transcend.

I, Saint Germain, welcome you—all who are open to this website and our teachings, who are open to the other teachings that are out in the world and that also generate and carry the vibration of freedom that I AM. The Year of the Mother will be an opportunity to really look straight into the eye of the mirror image and see life and circumstances around you in the most honest way. And then asking: "What kind of choice do I want to make during this year?" Do I want to hide behind the illusions, or do I want to let my I AM Presence, my God Individualization, be expressed in its full form, in the full freedom that I AM and in the full freedom of oneness with Saint Germain?

My beloved, this vibration that I carry and have been radiating during this release – and during the next release through the masculine messenger – both of these releases will carry the vibration of freedom that I AM. And this freedom only has one purpose and goal: this vibration of freedom wants to raise you all up to a new level of consciousness, so that you can look back to the Year of the Mother and think: "What was I thinking before the Year of the Mother? Why wasn't I even able to question and see the things in myself that I learned to see during the Year the Mother?"

And the gratitude is inside of you, because of the tremendous opportunity it has been for you to take the initiations of freedom during the Year of the Mother. I, Saint Germain, am with you during this year—all the time, as I have been with you before during those years. During those years, I have been there for all of my students who have been willing to contemplate, to internalize and to express the Flame of Freedom that I AM. I thank you, my beloved, who have been willing to be the open doors for Saint Germain, and I will continue through my masculine messenger.


Copyright © 2011 by Helen Michaels


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