Overcoming poverty through the second ray of God Wisdom

TOPICS: Beings who must steal life energy to survive - Ignorance of the cosmic mirror  - Inconsistencies in the theory of evolution - The war between religion and science - Looking for an external savior - Why capitalism does not work - The value of your labor - The Alpha and the Omega of ignorance - Hold the vision for people awakening - Hold the vision for a breakthrough in science - What really enslaves the people - Creating a positive spiral -

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 15, 2007 through Kim Michaels.


Saint Germain I AM, and I come to discourse with you on the consciousness of poverty, especially as it relates to the second ray of God's Wisdom. For, my beloved, as the first step is to take away the will of the people, the will to change, well then the second step – building upon it – is to take away their knowledge of how to change by keeping them in ignorance.

The flow of God, the flow of the River of Life, starts with the will to Be MORE, the will to create. And as for you – who are co-creators with God – it starts with the will to co-create. And then, building upon that, is the vision of what to co-create and of how to co-create within the framework of God's law. Thus, it is of course the desire of God, it is the desire of the ascended masters, that all people on earth should have the correct knowledge to know who they are, as co-creators with God, and how to use their own, built-in creative abilities to work within the framework of God's law, the laws of nature, in order to bring forth the abundant life on planet earth.

So the forces of anti-christ have taken it upon themselves to use every effort, every lie, every illusion that springs from the consciousness of separation in order to destroy the people's ability to co-create the abundant life. It is important for you to understand, that most of the people who are aligned with the consciousness of anti-christ, the consciousness of duality, are completely blinded by that consciousness. And thus, as Jesus said, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." They are so blinded by duality, that they believe they are doing the right thing, and that what they are doing will actually bring about the abundant life, and even the Kingdom of God or some other Edenic state on planet earth.

Beings who must steal life energy to survive
Yet, it is also important for you to realize, that beyond people in embodiment, there are disembodied beings who have a greater awareness than most people, in fact than all people in embodiment. They know to some degree what they do, they know at least that they are exploiting people on earth, even those who are working for the forces of anti-christ while thinking they are working for a good cause. There are beings, especially in the emotional realm, but also in the mental realm, who are deliberately using people in embodiment in order to simply extract light from the population of earth.

They do this for one purpose only, as we have already explained, especially in Maitreya's book, namely to extract the life energy from the people on earth that allows them to continue some form of existence separated from the River of Life. For as we have explained, a lifestream has the right – according to the Law of Free Will – to set itself outside the River of Life, but it cannot do so indefinitely. There must come a time, when that lifestream has used up its opportunity, and thus it will actually be cut off from the stream of energy, spiritual energy, from its own higher being, its own I AM Presence. And after that cut-off point, such a lifestream can maintain an existence that is separate from the River of Life only by stealing life energy from those lifestreams who are still receiving it from the spiritual source.

And thus, you must understand – as the spiritually aware people – that there are many activities on this earth, that are designed for one purpose only. And that is to keep the people on earth engaging in the dualistic struggle, so that they continue to misqualify their spiritual light with a lower vibration, such as fear, anger or hatred, or envy, jealousy or other spiritual poisons. Which then qualifies the light of God with a lower vibration, that allows those beings who exist in the mental and emotional realms to absorb that energy and use it to sustain themselves. This is precisely what the vast majority of the population on earth are ignorant of. And thus, they really have no defense against being used, literally as a form of cows that are milked for their spiritual light, even though they believe that they are engaged in a positive cause that will improve society in some way.

My Beloved, some of the most obvious examples of this is, of course, the people who are engaged in violent conflicts. This can be seen most clearly in the Middle East, where you have people, groups of people, who for thousands of years have been engaged in fighting against each other. And the outer reason why they are fighting at this particular time truly is insignificant. For it is just an excuse that allows these groups of people to continue in this dualistic struggle against the other group, that they have elevated to the status of being the scapegoats. So that one group believes that if only they can eradicate the other group, they will solve all of their own problems, because they have allowed themselves to believe in the illusion that all of the problems they encounter are caused by these other people. So if those people were destroyed, their problems would disappear.

Ignorance of the cosmic mirror
This, of course, is a complete denial of responsibility. And it is something that can spring only from a complete ignorance of the most fundamental reality of the material universe, namely that the four levels of the material universe form the cosmic mirror. And whatever you project into that cosmic mirror, will be reflected back to you in the form of physical circumstances. Therefore, you co-create – through your own consciousness – your own physical circumstances. And thus, even though it may seem as if other people are the cause of your problems, the reality is that the real cause of your problems is your own state of consciousness, your own physical, emotional, mental and identity minds that you project into the cosmic mirror, thus receiving the return current in the form of physical circumstances, that outpicture the images you hold in your four lower bodies, the four levels of your mind.

When you are ignorant of these basic facts, then you have no defense against being pulled into this ongoing dualistic struggle against other people. And you have no defense that allows you to step back and say, "The cause for which I am fighting truly cannot be the highest cause. For when I look at the scriptures of my religion – regardless of which religion that might be – then I see that this dualistic struggle of fighting against other people out of pure hatred and anger, truly cannot be the cause of my God, as prescribed in my religion." For no matter which religion people might follow, all major religions on earth state the same basic facts, namely that God has said once and for all, "Thou shalt not kill."

The basic ignorance that you see on this planet is, that people have been seduced into overriding the basic command of God not to kill their fellow human beings. And even if you happen to believe in scientific materialism, then once again you must say that it cannot be according to the survival of the fittest that you kill the members of your own species. For that cannot in the long run ensure the survival of the species as a whole. So, even the theory of evolution actually states that killing other human beings jeopardizes the survival of the entire race. And therefore, those who are the most fit cannot be the ones who are most aggressive and most willing to kill their fellow human beings. Those who are the most fit – in terms of long-term survival – must be those who are not willing to kill, but who are willing to work for the survival of the entire species.


Inconsistencies in the theory of evolution
The problem in the theory of evolution is that it, of course, cannot explain how there can be such an overall consciousness, that is able to consider what is best for the entire species, and therefore enable human beings who have self-awareness to consciously and willingly override their own narrow, short-term self-interest in order to work for the survival of the race as a whole. And thus, those scientists who promote the theory of evolution have an inconsistency in their own logic.

For the very fact that they are seeking to promote the theory of evolution as a way to create peace on earth and overcome the fighting caused by religion, demonstrates that they have a greater awareness, an awareness that cannot be explained simply through the survival of the fittest, as the theory of evolution currently explains this mechanism. Even in the materialistic paradigm there is a logical flaw, and the scientists themselves demonstrate that flaw by arguing that materialism would create peace where religion has created war. For the very fact that they argue this cause shows that there must be some state of consciousness, that can allow human beings to look beyond their own narrow self-interest, to tune in to what is best for the race as a whole.

And where in the current materialistic paradigm is there room for such an overall state of consciousness, that goes beyond the individual and the individual genes? Well, it simply is not there. And it is not there because scientists themselves, the scientists in the field of biology, have not been willing to look at the philosophical consequences of the science of quantum physics, which has proven that the consciousness of the scientist has a fundamental influence on the experiment itself. There must be a deeper reality, namely that consciousness is part of everything that happens on planet earth. And thus, it is not logical that the evolutionary process is guided only by chance, and the adaptation to the environment. For there must be a greater consciousness behind the evolutionary process.

This demonstrates to you, that scientific materialism is not – as it claims – a philosophy designed to set people free, by giving them a greater understanding of the reality of life than what was found in medieval Catholic doctrine. Nay, my beloved, scientific materialism is not aimed at setting people free from the illusions that keep them trapped in a lesser state of abundance, that keep them trapped in poverty. It is simply – as I explained yesterday – a philosophy created by the aspiring power elite, who want to take over the position of the established power elite based on the medieval church.


The war between religion and science
Dogmatic religion in any form and scientific materialism are simply the outplaying of the age-old power struggle between two dualistic opposites. This is what you see very obviously in the Middle East—where you have groups of people that fight against each other and have been doing so for generations, but for outsiders it is very easy to see that they are fighting over nothing, for there is no real reason for them to be fighting other than the fact that they hate each other.

It should be possible for people in the West, who see this nonsense going on in the Middle East, to step back and look at their own society and see that the mechanism, the dualistic struggle that they see in the Middle East, is also present in their own western societies, only in a more subtle form that is not expressed in physical violence but is expressed in a form of mental and spiritual violence. Where they have two forces that are fighting, both claiming to be fighting to liberate the people in some ultimate way, whether it be through the Catholic doctrine of salvation or through the scientific doctrine of freeing people minds from the illusions of religion.

But in reality neither of those two systems will free the people's minds to know the reality of what is going on on this planet. And therefore, none of the two systems, neither dogmatic religion nor scientific materialism, will educate people to the basic reality that I started this discourse explaining—namely that they are being used by forces beyond this planet, who are seeking to steal their light and energy by causing them to engage in the dualistic struggle.

And how do they do this? By causing them to engage in the dualistic consciousness, whereby they project a dualistic image into the cosmic mirror and therefore inevitably receive back from the cosmic mirror physical circumstances, where it seems as if there is another group of people or another belief system that is opposing their progress. And thus it seems as if – if they only fight those people or fight that belief system – then, that will solve all their problems and bring forth some greater state of abundance on this planet.

The people in the Middle East or in other areas of the world, really do believe that if they kill all of the members of the opposing group, paradise will come to earth. Well, there are people in the West who believe, that if only they can make their religion the only established religion, or if they can just eradicate all religion and make scientific materialism the only established belief system, well then they will solve all of humankind's problems and bring paradise to earth.

What you have in the western societies is that you have many people who are truly very intelligent people, and very well-meaning people. And they truly believe that they are fighting for a good cause by fighting for this or that belief system, even political belief systems or economic philosophies. Yet they do not see, that they have simply been seduced into engaging in the dualistic struggle, and all of their well-meant efforts do nothing to actually free humankind to step up to a higher level. It only keeps humankind engaged in the dualistic struggle.

And thus, their efforts are simply reinforcing and continuing that struggle, serving to keep the people trapped in a state of poverty, that begins as a state of spiritual poverty. Because as long as people do not know who they are – as spiritual beings who are designed to be co-creators with God – well then, how can those people use their co-creative abilities to actively and personally co-create the abundant life on earth?

Looking for an external savior
When the people are ignorant of who they are as co-creators with God, they cannot use their own built-in abilities to co-create the abundant life. Which means that they go into a passive state of mind, where they look for some force outside of themselves to give them that abundance. And in past ages, such as the dark ages, many people believed that God was the only force that could give them the abundant life. And if they did not have the abundant life, it must be God's will that they do not have the abundant life, at least at the present moment. Which caused them, as I said, to look beyond this world for some state of abundance in the next life, in the life after this world.

Yet, even today many people throughout the world have been lured into the modern non-religious version of this pacifying paradigm. Where they believe that they have no ability to create wealth and abundance beyond what is already manifest in this world. And therefore, they have come to believe in the philosophy of lack, which says that this earth is a limited place with limited resources, and therefore there is only a certain amount of abundance that can be brought forth.

Many people passively wait for some external force, such as the government, to bring forth some kind of law or program, that will magically transform their society and bring about the abundant life for the common people. Do you not see, that for decades the people in Russia and Eastern Europe and elsewhere believed that through the philosophy of socialism, Marxism and communism, one day they would magically have a society that gave the abundant life to all people.

But my beloved, did that society ever come to pass? No it did not; and why not? Because it is a philosophy that is based on the consciousness of lack, that is based on the denial of the Christ in every human being, thus denying that the people have the ability to co-create the abundant life, thus making them passive and looking for the state to do everything for them, thereby cutting off the creativity of the people and systematically and gradually lowering the abundance that can be brought forth in such a society.

Today, you have people all over the world in many nations who have let go of the communist dream, and who are now instead looking to capitalism as the way to bring forth material abundance. You see this in South-East Asia especially, you see it even in China where they are trying to blend communism with capitalism—unrestrained capitalism, meaning unrestrained exploitation in the name of profit. So, they now look to some big business conglomerate, some multi-national corporation or financial institutions, to come in and bring some transformation that will bring a more abundant life.

Why capitalism does not work
From a realistic perspective, you can look at the western world and see, that through capitalism there has been an increase in material wealth in many western nations. And from this one might say that capitalism must work. But the reality is that capitalism does not work, but capitalism in the West has given greater freedom to individual initiative than was given in the communist countries. And therefore, there has been more of an opening for people in the West to express their creativity—and this is what has brought forth greater abundance.

The problem with capitalism is that it has allowed a small elite to exploit the creativity of the individual people, and use it to generate profit for big multi-national corporations instead of spreading the abundance to all people in society. If you analyze the capitalist economy, you will see that it also has built-in limitations for how much abundance can be brought forth. And in fact, you will see that many of the older nations in Europe have already gone through a period where their economies started to stagnate.

The United States has started on this process but has not gone as far as the European nations had gone a decade or two ago. But you will still see a stagnation beginning. And what has kept this from being accelerated further is only that capitalism has expanded to other areas of the world—and has therefore been able to spread the exploitation of the working people to those in other countries who – because they were living at the starvation level – have now been willing to work for wages that no sane person in the western world would work for. And this has then allowed the capitalists to continue to exploit the people, whereas the people in the western world have become educated to how the economy works and how the labor situation is. And thus, they would no longer allow themselves to be exploited to the degree, that these people in other parts of the world are allowing themselves to be exploited, thereby providing cheaper goods to the western world.

What do those cheaper goods allow? Well, they allow the people in the western world to feel that they still have some sense of material abundance. For they can buy inexpensive goods imported from China and elsewhere, which gives them the illusion that they can maintain their standard of living, perhaps even expand that standard a little bit. But in reality this only serves to maintain status quo, where a small elite in the western world are becoming increasingly wealthy, whereas the people, the general population in the western world, are seeing a lowering of their actual standard of living, compared to what it was a decade or two ago.

The value of your labor
What is it that determines your actual standard of living? Well, it is the value of your labor and your ability to express your creativity in bringing forth more abundance. But the value of the labor of the people in the western world has actually deteriorated over the last few decades. And it has only been offset by the import of inexpensive goods from countries, where the value of the people's labor is even less. And thus, the people in the West have been duped into thinking that they have expanded or maintained their standard of living, whereas in reality the value of their labor and their ability to express their creativity has deteriorated.

If they were aware of this, if they knew what was happening, they would have revolted against capitalism, and they would have overthrown the capitalist system that allows a small elite of international financiers to keep the people in a state, that is in an economic sense almost the same as the feudal societies of the middle ages. Where the international power elite own the means of production and the means of exchange, just as the feudal lords in the middle ages owned the land that back then was the only source of abundance.

Today, the source of abundance is the means of production, the means of transportation, the means of exchange, including the money system. And that system is virtually owned as a monopoly by an international power elite, that manipulate corporations, that manipulate countries, that manipulate currencies and the money system to their own benefit. Including, of course, what you see right now, where they have manipulated the price of oil, using crude oil as a way to extract inordinate amounts of money from the people, almost as a form of artificial taxation. Only, that taxation does not even go to the government elected by the people, but goes to the international financial institutions and the big corporations, who answer to no government elected by any people in any nation.

There was a former American president who said that if the people understood how the money system works, there would be a revolution tomorrow. And I can assure you, that if the people in the western world understood how the money system truly works – and how it is set up in very subtle ways to allow the elite to maintain a monopoly on the means of production and on the money system – if they truly understood how they are being exploited by that system, well then they would indeed create a revolution tomorrow and demand a total reform of the money system on a planetary scale.


The Alpha and the Omega of ignorance
Do you see, how the only thing that prevents an overthrow of the status quo in any society, in any historical period, has been that the elite has managed to keep the people in ignorance? This ignorance has, as everything else, an Alpha and an Omega aspect. The Alpha aspect is that the people are kept in ignorance of their true identity as spiritual beings, as co-creators with God, who have the ability, not to simply create abundance through what is already in the material realm. But they have the ability to draw forth spiritual light from their own higher beings, and use that light to bring forth a greater amount of abundance than is currently manifest in the physical realm. Thereby increasing the amount of resources and abundance available on earth to truly create the abundant life for all people.

Yet the Omega aspect of this ignorance is that the people are kept in ignorance of how society works. And thereby, they do not clearly see how they are being exploited by the power elite. Go back to the middle ages, and see how the Catholic Church in Europe served to keep the people in ignorance in the Alpha aspect, by telling them that they were miserable sinners who did not have the ability to co-create with God—and who were not sons and daughters of God, because Jesus was the only son of God and they were created as sinners. And yet, at the same time there was the Omega ignorance, where the feudal lords would not allow the people – that they believed they owned – to be educated—even to learn how to read and write, so that they had no possibility of truly understanding how they were being exploited. Nor did they have any opportunity to organize with other people and therefore put up a united front, as I talked about yesterday.

What has changed in the modern world is, that you now have the possibility of spreading knowledge and information around the world. And thereby you have an unprecedented opportunity of awakening the people to both the Alpha and the Omega aspect of how they are being deliberately kept in ignorance—in order to prevent them from rising up and demanding a change in the status quo. What we of the ascended masters desire to see happen is that the people realize that physical poverty, poverty that is based on a lack of money, is only the effect of a deeper cause. And part of that cause is the spiritual poverty that comes from a poverty of knowledge, a lack of knowledge, a lack of understanding of who people are, a lack of understanding of how society works.


Hold the vision for people awakening
And we desire you, who are the spiritual people, to hold the vision that a critical mass of people will be awakened to this reality, so that they will escape the dualistic struggle. And so that, instead of continuing out of their best intentions to promote that struggle, they will actually be enlightened to the mechanism of the struggle itself—even the mechanism where those who are starting to become enlightened have been pulled into working for a cause, that is not truly the cause that will set people free, but only another part of the dualistic struggle. This is present in every society. Most certainly, also here in South America, where you see so many people who are somewhat enlightened to what I have talked about, namely the dangers of capitalism. Many people in South America are very well aware of the dangers of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the world financial institutions—of how – when they seek the help of those financial institutions – well, there is always a catch that puts their nations into a debt to this financial system, this money beast, as we might call it.

So, you see many people in South America, who are very well aware of the dangers of capitalism and unrestricted exploitation. But you also see that many of these people are currently trapped, because they do not see the dualistic struggle itself. And thus, many of them have been pulled into believing that the only way to create more justice and abundance for the little people, for the population, is through some version of a socialist, Marxist philosophy. And thus, they believe that socialism can bring the abundant life to the people of South America.

Or they have been trapped into another form of intellectual philosophizing, where you see many people in South America who are somewhat awakened, but they are awakened only in an intellectual sense. And therefore, they are trapped into pursuing ways to use the intellect to come up with a new philosophy that will change society. What I have just told you is, that there is no intellectual philosophy that will change society. For the philosopher's stone, that will change the lead of the human consciousness into gold, is a spiritual recognition that all people are spiritual beings who have a Christ potential. And therefore, they can co-create the abundant life—not by using the resources already available and redistributing those resources according to some man-made scheme, but by reaching beyond the physical realm, drawing forth the light of God to increase the amount of resources and wealth on this planet.

I desire you, who are the spiritual people, to hold the vision, that those people who have already started to awaken will be further awakened, to go beyond the traps created for them by the forces of anti-christ—who seek to prevent them from attaining full enlightenment, instead side-tracking them into fighting for one of these causes that will not set the people free. Thus, hold that vision and do whatever you feel moved to do from within to speak the higher truth, that you know in whatever form is suited to the people you are dealing with, that can help enlighten them to the spiritual reality beyond the intellectual man-made doctrines. And also do what you can to help them see the reality of the dualistic struggle itself.

And you will find ample teachings for how to do this in the book on The Art of Non-War, which was written specifically for this purpose—to help those who are beginning to awaken – but who have not yet risen above the intellect – connect to their own higher beings, so that they will see that there is a higher source of truth than the human intellect. Even a higher source of truth than science or scientific research based on a materialistic paradigm, which therefore cannot ever reveal the fullness of the reality of life and the reality of people's spiritual identity.

Hold the vision for a breakthrough in science
Surely, if you understand the reality described by quantum physics, you will see that if the consciousness of the scientist has a fundamental influence on the scientific observation, then a scientist cannot see – through any scientific means – what he in his consciousness believes does not exist. For you will not see reality, if you put the spyglass in front of the blind eye, as Lord Nelson did at that famous battle of Trafalgar. There are so many people in the scientific community who are very, very close to breaking through. But they are still putting their scientific spyglass in front of the blind eye, for they refuse to see that there could be some spiritual reality to life, that there could be something beyond the material universe, and that their own science has already pointed to that something—if only they would look at it through the objectivity that they claim is the very cornerstone of science.

There are already scientists who have seen the unreality and the limitations of the materialistic paradigm, and who have started to bring forth new observations and new theories. Including theories about the actual intelligence of the cell, and the fact that a human being is not exclusively the product of the DNA, but that the cell itself actually has a form of intelligence, that allows it to respond to the environment and allows it to respond to a greater state of consciousness that is beyond the DNA and what can be encoded in the DNA.

This is already there at the forefront of biology, but of course it has not been recognized by the mainstream of science. For again, you have people here who have been trapped into thinking that by promoting the materialistic paradigm, they are actually working for an ultimate cause, working for some ultimate truth. And they have refused to see, that they are simply being used in order to keep the people pacified through that materialistic paradigm—by believing that they have no in-built ability to fundamentally change their situation in life. And thus, they have become slaves of forces in the material realm.

Many of those who are the scientifically minded people, clearly see that the medieval churches kept people trapped in ignorance because they had made the people believe that they were the subjects to a human, earthly institution, namely the Catholic church and the Pope. So, what is the irony that these people believe that they are working for the cause of setting human beings free from such slavery, but they fail to see that they have simply created another earthly institution which now defines that there is not – nor can there be – any force beyond the material universe? And what is the logical conclusion of this philosophy? Well, it is that if there is nothing beyond the material universe, then human beings have no possibility whatsoever of ever becoming free of the limitations of the material realm—including those forces who form a power elite and who at any time are setting up their institutions to control the people, using whatever philosophy is prevalent in society, whether it be the medieval Catholic church or the modern scientific establishment that is based on materialism.


What really enslaves the people
What has kept the people in ignorance for thousands of years, is that a small elite have prevented the people from realizing and accepting their built-in divinity and their Christ potential to escape any limitations, to go beyond any institutions on this earth, by connecting to a reality that is beyond the material universe and therefore can never be subject to, or restricted by, any institutions in this world. The only way for the people to be truly free is to connect to something that cannot be controlled by any philosophy or institution on this earth, something that is beyond any philosophy or force that springs from the consciousness of anti-christ?

My Beloved, only by reaching beyond this world, can the people be truly free. And they can reach beyond this world only when they discover, understand and fully accept the reality that Jesus attempted to teach humankind 2,000 years ago, namely that the Kingdom of God is within you. You might look at the people – for example in South America – who have grown up in a small village, where they have lived in poverty their whole lives. And you might look at those people and see the immense distance between their current standard of living, between their current outlook on life, and the standard of living found in some of the rich nations and among some of the people who are more educated and more enlightened. And you might look at that distance and say, “How could they ever overcome that and manifest a more abundant life?”

But you see, it all starts in consciousness. And it all starts with the top 10 percent of the most spiritually aware people, many of whom are precisely the people I have talked about—who are somewhat enlightened, but who have been trapped in intellectual philosophies and therefore are not aware that they are part of the spiritual top 10 percent. Those are the people who can bring forth a change, that will start at the highest level and will spread to all levels of society, and therefore, inevitably, will pull the people up to a different outlook on life. And it will also change conditions in society, so that all people have an opportunity to create a more abundant life for themselves because they live in a society that rewards effort.

The people who have grown up under the most poor conditions, have been programmed to believe that no matter how hard they work, they cannot get ahead, for they are boxed in by limitations over which they have no control. But as I explained at the very beginning, the universe is a mirror. And if you project into the cosmic mirror that you are boxed in by physical limitations over which you have no control, well then, my beloved, the universe can do only one thing—it can reason that you want to experience physical conditions that box you in, and so it gives you what you want because it is forever responsive to the Law of Free Will.

So how can you change status quo? Well, only by helping the people overcome that sense of hopelessness, that sense that nothing matters, that they can never get ahead. Once you create a shift in society, where there is a change in the people's mindset – and there is a change in physical conditions and the laws of society, so that people can see that by working harder, by making an effort, they can actually get ahead – well then, you have the beginning of a fundamental change, that can very quickly shift a society away from being weighted down by the consciousness of lack into beginning to believe in the consciousness of abundance.

Creating a positive spiral
And this is the only thing that will help a nation, or even a continent, overcome what I talked about yesterday, the vortex of poverty, the vortex of the consciousness of lack, and reverse that downward spiral, so that it no longer is self-reinforcing, but so that you gradually get back to a zero point where people are not being pulled down. And now they can start building a positive momentum of the consciousness of abundance, that allows them to then shift their society into a state of growth that is sustainable and will accelerate gradually.

This is very significant. For I tell you, right now – speaking again of the people who see the fallacy of capitalism but who have not yet seen the restrictions of communism or another Marxist or intellectually based system – if they can be awakened to see the spiritual reality, well then they can see the middle way between the two extremes, such as capitalism or communism or any other duality on earth. And by seeing that middle way, well then they can create a society, where a country can actually build a positive momentum that gives abundance to all of its people without selling their nation, the soul of their nation, to the international financial elite—and thereby making their people slaves of that financial elite through the money system.

It is not true that a nation has to either sell its soul to capitalism and international banks, or become a communist nation. There is always a middle way, but that middle way cannot be found through the intellect—for the intellect is an analytical faculty that always looks to two extremes, two dualities. It can be found only through a recognition of the spiritual reality that goes beyond and sees that with men it is impossible to bring forth a society that is not in this or that extreme. But with God – working through men and women, through the Christ truth – this is indeed possible and is a living reality, a living potential.

Many nations have already started this transformation process, and many nations are close to breaking through. Even Colombia and other nations in South America are much closer to breaking through than you might think by looking at outer conditions. I tell you, there are wonderful enlightened people in all nations. They are enlightened at inner levels, and it only takes a very small switch of consciousness for them to be physically, consciously enlightened, so that they know with their outer minds what they already know in their higher beings.

For they are mature beings who have volunteered to come into embodiment even in some of the poorest nations of the world, because they are my own, they are devoted to Saint Germain. They see my vision and they wanted to help bring forth that vision as a physical reality, and thus they volunteered to embody at this particular time. Many of them volunteering to embody in poor nations under very difficult conditions, so that they might demonstrate how you can overcome those limitations and still rise to manifest a more abundant life spiritually and materially.

Thus, my beloved, I thank you again for providing me a platform. I thank you for your attention. And I thank you for being willing to be the open doors, whereby the words spoken by me physically can reach out through your own beings and penetrate to a much deeper level of the mass consciousness, than if you had not been here and had not been willing to come into a state of oneness with me, whereby we can be One, me Above and you below. Thus, I seal you in my gratitude and in the flame of God's Wisdom, as the Flame of Freedom expressed through Wisdom. For truly, it is only through knowing that you can be completely free.

Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels

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Three new books:   Spiritual Solutions to America's Problems - A book based on the conference in Albuquerque last year.   A Spiritual Clearance for America - A book based on a series of...


The program for Mother Mary's 500 vigil for June and July will again be focused on Korea. Appropriate since Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are meeting on the vigil day...


The sound files from the Holland conference on Fanaticism are now on the subscriber's website.   You can find them in a folder named HOLLAND 2019   {crossposting}


Just a reminder that our important Holland conference is coming up. The masters gave some tremendous dictations in Korea about the topic of dictatorships, and the topic of the Holland conference...

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