Poverty is NOT the will of God, nor mandated by the laws of nature

TOPICS: A new dispensation from the Great Central sun - A cosmic perspective on the earth - The problem of poverty - The ascended masters are NOT elitists - Poverty is a form of energy - Poverty and the first ray of God’s Will - Religion’s role in upholding poverty - Science’s role in upholding poverty - The illusion of inequality is the basis for poverty - The judgment of those who uphold the consciousness of inequality - The will of God always overcomes the anti-will -

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 14, 2007 through Kim Michaels.


Saint Germain I AM, and I am grateful to be given a platform on this continent of South America, to bring forth a teaching that will be essential and instrumental for bringing about the Golden Age—both here in South America and elsewhere. You might recall that some time ago the Great Divine Director, my own guru, gave a dictation through this messenger at Machu Picchu where he talked about the potential for bringing about a Golden Age in South America. And he gave a somewhat sober and somber assessment of that potential. 

This, my beloved, was partly because we wanted an expression of the difficulty that we face in bringing about a Golden Age on a continent like South America, and other continents in the world. Because we want the people to understand, that bringing about a Golden Age is not an easy thing, nor is it a sure thing. There can be no absolute guarantee that a Golden Age will come about for everything is up to the free will of the inhabitants of this planet. 


A new dispensation from the Great Central sun
Yet, my beloved, we of the ascended masters – of course – have the Victory consciousness and never, ever accept defeat or that anything is impossible. So what has happened in the meantime is that so many people in South America, especially here in Colombia, and in many other parts of the world have been more willing to come up higher in consciousness—partly through the teachings given, partly through the rosaries and partly simply because they are flowing with the River of Life. Even though many have never heard of the ascended masters, they realize that the winds of change, the winds of the Holy Spirit, have started blowing on a planetary scale. And they have stood up more straight and looked up higher to their own higher being – however they conceive of it – for new ideas and new ways of thinking of how to solve society's problems.

Because of this response from the people – both in and out of the teachings of the ascended masters – I have decided to travel from the earth to the Great Central sun and plead before Alpha and Omega for a new dispensation, a very important release of light, that can bring about one of the changes that are necessary for the Golden Age to be manifest. This is a specific dispensation of light, that has the effect of illuminating one of the major problems that blocks the Golden Age.

My Beloved, going before the throne of Alpha and Omega and asking for a dispensation for planet earth is no straight-forward matter. This planet is a very, very small planet in a very, very large physical universe. So you understand, that Alpha and Omega are the highest manifestations of God known in this material universe, and they hold the vision and the spiritual balance for the immensity of the entire material universe with all of the many lifestreams, and lifewaves that are evolving in this platform. So their role is to always hold the vision of the whole. And therefore, they cannot ever allow the needs of one particular part of that whole to jeopardize or hold back the forward movement of the whole itself.

That is why the ascended masters, who work with planet earth specifically, sometimes – in our eagerness to help humankind, in our eagerness to see this planet have a breakthrough to a higher level – we can become a little bit focused on this planet, thinking that if only we could help this planet grow, we could surely help the entire universe. Not that this is necessarily wrong. But I can tell you – as one who has traveled to the Great Central sun on several occasions on behalf of planet earth – I can tell you that being in the Presence of Alpha and Omega – and suddenly seeing that overall perspective – it can be very sobering, even for an ascended master.

When you stand that in that Court of the Sacred Fire and see the immensity of the flames of Alpha and Omega, the figure-8 flow between them and the white cube between their thrones, suddenly you are jolted out of any lesser manifestation. And now you see that before a dispensation can be granted to planet earth, one must first look at the whole and carefully weigh the balances of the whole versus the needs of one little planet.

A cosmic perspective on the earth
I am not trying to make you think that earth is insignificant. I am simply trying to give you a realistic perspective of what it feels like even for an ascended master to stand before the throne of Alpha and Omega, and ask for a dispensation for this planet. For I want you to realize, that such a dispensation is not given lightly and is not something that is granted automatically because some ascended master – whom you might think is very important – suddenly shows up at Alpha and Omega's doorstep and asks for it.

It is important for you, as the spiritual people, to realize, that while planet earth is important in the cosmic perspective, it is still only one part of a very large whole. As I have said before, we have yet other worlds to conquer. In fact we have many other worlds to conquer. And I can assure you, that it is very healthy for the spiritual people on earth to once in a while be jolted out of the mental box that is of necessity focused on this planet, and realize that there is a very vast universe and that this entire universe is connected as one whole. And therefore, the needs of one planet, such as earth, must be seen in connection with the whole, and with all aspects of that whole who are evolving and who are tied to earth—and therefore everything must evolve harmoniously and together. If you have the Body of God and suddenly one foot starts lagging behind, or one hand starts moving beyond the rest of the body, well then what have you? You do not have harmony. You do not have coherence.

So, having given you this realistic assessment, I can with great joy tell you, that I have been granted this dispensation of an extraordinary release of light to planet earth. And this release of light will do one very specific thing. It will focus attention on the one problem that right now is a major block to the manifestation of the Golden Age. And it will literally illumine that problem to the point, where it will become more and more difficult for humankind to ignore that problem.

They will, so to speak, be forced by the light to look at that problem, to examine its cause and to make the choice, of whether they will choose to move out the consciousness that has caused the problem, or whether they will choose to stay in that consciousness and thereby be judged by the light, so that they will eventually be removed from this planet and go to some other system, where this particular manifestation can still be tolerated. Within a very short time span, this manifestation will no longer be tolerated on earth. For the light will simply make it impossible that this manifestation can continue. That is, if the light is accepted and multiplied by those in embodiment, such as yourselves, but also many other people who are in position in society worldwide to do something about this particular problem.

The problem of poverty
What is the problem that I am talking about? What is the one problem that right now is the greatest block to the manifestation of a Golden Age? Well, my beloved, it is the problem of poverty. And that is precisely why I am giving this dictation and the following dictations on this continent of South America, where there is indeed great poverty.

Obviously this is not the only continent that has this manifestation. But it is indeed a continent, where there is a potential that the people can be awakened and can move away from poverty without falling into the trap of materialism, of what you see going on right now in certain nations in South East Asia and in China herself, where the people are awakened to the potential to overcome poverty. But they are becoming sucked into the vortex, the beast, of materialism, that has taken over the West and has reigned the West and the thinking of the West for a long time now, far longer than it was necessary.

I will in this and the following discourses give you some teachings on poverty and the cause of poverty and the consciousness behind it. So, let me make one thing perfectly clear: We of the ascended masters are committed to completely and utterly eradicating poverty on planet earth!

For you do not seriously believe, that you can have a Golden Age and still have a majority of the world's population living below the poverty level, not knowing where their next meal will come from, not knowing where they are going to find safe drinking water that will not make them sick, not knowing how to have a way to provide an income for themselves or their family, not knowing how to have a sustainable growth in their material wealth, in their spiritual wealth, in their free time? Seriously, you cannot believe that it would be possible to have a Golden Age and still have these manifestations of poverty that you see, not only on this continent, but several other places, even in some of the so-called rich nations, where you see a small percentage of the population living in abject poverty with absolutely no hope, and no viable physical path for overcoming that condition.


The ascended masters are NOT elitists
Let it be made absolutely clear, that we of the ascended masters are not elitists! I am making this statement specifically because those of you who know of our history on this planet will know, that in the past we have worked with those who were in power, those who formed the elite. However this was done out of a realistic assessment of who had the potential to bring about positive changes in society. And it was also done because in the Piscean age one of the challenges facing humankind was precisely the concept of elitism, of whether a small elite should rule the people, or whether the people would free themselves from elitism and the consciousness of elitism and acknowledge the power of God within them—as Jesus demonstrated to humankind 2,000 years ago by acknowledging the power of God within himself.

We have in the past – when necessity called for it – worked with certain people who belonged to an elite. But what has shifted in the meantime is two things. Number one: we are moving rapidly into the Aquarian age and the Aquarian age consciousness. We have moved into the Aquarian age, but we have not yet made the shift, the shift in the collective consciousness, where most people on this planet can tune in to the Aquarian age consciousness and leave behind the Piscean consciousness. And that is why I say we are moving into the Aquarian age.

Tthe other major thing that has happened is that – due in no small part to my own dispensations of working with science and bringing forth communications technology – we now have the communications technology, that makes it possible to spread knowledge very quickly to the people independently of the elite. Whereby people all over this planet – the little people, so to speak, those who are not members of the elite – can communicate with each other in a way that is unprecedented and has not been seen before on this planet, unless you go very far back to past Golden Ages.

This then is a major opportunity for the creating of a dramatic shift in the collective consciousness by people who are connected all over the world, suddenly becoming aware of new ideas and gaining a new understanding of an old problem, a new way to look at that problem and its potential solutions. Do you see what an incredible opportunity it is, through the internet and other ways of communication? Yes I know, that you can look at the internet and see how it is certainly also being misused, as new technology has always been misused. You can look at it being used to spread pornography. You can look at how many people are into social networking that really has no direct effect on raising people's consciousness.

But you might look deeper and see, that just by the mere fact that people all over the world are beginning to communicate – even if they do so in seemingly mundane ways – it is still providing the potential for a shift in the collective consciousness that is unprecedented in known history—and thus has the potential to actually be reborn into a higher awareness. Where what is now social networking and seemingly superficial, can quickly become a way to really spread new ideas and new understandings that transcend all national borders, transcend race, religion, ethnicity, transcends continents. And suddenly, this shifts the collective consciousness to a new awareness, that a certain particular problem is no longer acceptable and that it has an actual viable solution, so that people no longer need to accept it as something that cannot be solved.


Poverty is a form of energy
This is precisely the major problem with poverty. Poverty is, as everything else in the material universe, a very specific form of energy, a very specific vibration. Poverty has been around now for quite some time. But actually, you can go back in history, and you will see that there have been many societies, even in known history, where there was not the extreme form of poverty that you see in today's world. Because there have been many societies where – even though people were by no means rich according to today's standards – there were very few people who did not have food on the table and a viable way to provide that food through farming or through working for society.

The modern world has actually in many ways made poverty worse—and of course has also made it possible that some people, and some people in some nations, have become very rich, much richer than you have seen in known history. And this has created the greater contrast between those who are rich and those who are poor. This has created a vortex of the energy of poverty, that has actually increased on a planetary level over the last several hundred years, going back to the beginning of what is called the Dark Ages in Europe. Where you saw for the first time – with the advent of the feudal societies – some people who were living at extreme levels of poverty that were rarely seen, even in previous societies, where they also had something rather similar to the feudal system that you saw in Europe. Nevertheless, you have seen in medieval Europe greater poverty, greater misery than you have seen in many past societies.

From the Middle Ages forward, the planetary vortex of poverty, of the energy of poverty, has actually increased in strength. Now it has also been balanced by a positive – at least partially positive – building of a momentum of a vortex of victory, of abundance consciousness. Yet what has happened is, as so often happens when things are polarized, you have certain areas of the planet where the vortex, the spiral, of abundance is quite strong. And then you have others where the vortex of poverty has grown very strong and very powerful, to the point where it overpowers most of the people who live in those areas. It overpowers them to the point, where they simply cannot see and cannot believe how they could possibly escape the extreme poverty in which they were born, in which they have grown up, in which they have grown old, and in which they think they are destined to die.

This, my beloved, is clearly what you see in South America. Even here in Colombia you see a percentage of the population who live in this consciousness—that they can never even conceive of overcoming their current level of abundance, or rather lack of it. But you see other nations, such as Peru, where it is even more pronounced and where the vortex of poverty is even stronger.

Poverty and the first ray of God’s Will
What is the effect of this vortex, other than overpowering and pacifying the people who are affected by it? How exactly does it overpower them? How does it affect them? Well, why not begin at the very beginning, with the first ray of the seven rays, which is the ray of the Will of God. The first ray is the Will of God because the first act of creation was God's will to create, God's will to be MORE. And that, my beloved, is why the Chohan of the first ray is the master El Morya, who is now the Master MORE, to fully embody even in his name that quality of becoming MORE.

For you cannot separate the will of God from the will to be MORE. They are one and the same. And this is one of the fundamental shifts that needs to happen, especially among the top 10 percent of the most spiritual people. We have talked before of the need to overcome your sense that there is a remote God up in heaven, who has a will for you that he is trying to force upon you. We have given the magnificent rosary of the Will of God specifically to help you with this. But I am asking you to even make a higher shift in consciousness, where you realize that will is not something static, will is not something that says, "This is the way things should be, now and forever."

If everything on this planet in an instant was brought into alignment with the will of God, do you think growth would stop on this planet? Nay! For what is the will of God? It is that everything becomes MORE by transcending itself, until everything becomes the fullness of what God is. Of course, as those who are extensions of God's Being become MORE, well then God's Being becomes MORE. So therefore, the fullness of what God is, is becoming MORE all the time. And this is a wondrous, never-ending process of alchemy, where the baser – that which is here now – can always be transcended into the gold of that which is MORE.

Yu need to make that shift in consciousness, because only by doing that will you overcome the programming – the subtle lies that have been programmed into the collective consciousness on this planet for centuries and beyond – about the will of God and poverty. Those who are the brothers of darkness, those who are the forces of anti-christ, have spread their lies into the collective consciousness, that poverty is somehow inevitable because it is either the will of God or an expression of the laws of nature.


Religion’s role in upholding poverty
Many religions on this earth have been elitist in nature and in practice. They have brought forth an elitist doctrine, that has maintained a status quo that allowed a small elite to have an ungodly control over the majority of the population, thereby being able to have privileges for themselves – such as great wealth – because they took the wealth and the abundance from the people, keeping the people at an artificial level of poverty.

This is no more clearly demonstrated in recent history than by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages, where I must tell you – as we already said in England – that without the Catholic Church and its doctrines, the feudal system would not have spread in Europe, would not have been able to survive for as long as it did. It was the Catholic doctrines which were a total perversion of Jesus' true teachings, where he said "Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these, my little ones, you have done it unto me." And had the Catholic Church been faithful to that teaching, it would not have supported the elitist system. But because it perverted the teachings of Christ in many ways, it did indeed support an elitist system, that allowed the feudal lords and the kings to remain in control of the population, keeping the population as virtual slaves for centuries.

What was the core of the Catholic doctrines that supported poverty? It was that certain conditions on earth were the result of the will of God, including the condition that a small elite would rule, even that a small elite of clergy and the Pope were controlling whether the people could have their sins remitted and enter the Kingdom of heaven. Again, a total perversion of the teachings of Christ who said, "The Kingdom of God is within you," meaning that you do not need an institution and its clergy in order to enter that inner kingdom.

How could the Pope take you by the hand and lead you to the kingdom that is within YOU? This, of course, is ridiculous. But it was not ridiculous to the people of the Middle Ages who had grown up being indoctrinated and programmed, that this was the absolute truth and that they would go to hell if they dared question the authority of the Pope and the Catholic Church and its doctrines. What was it that set the condition for the physical manifestation of poverty? Well it was the spiritual poverty, that was brought on by the Catholic Church perverting the teachings of Christ!

You might look to South America, where the Catholic Church is still strong in many nations, and realize that for poverty to be overcome in South America, well then the people must dare to question the Catholic Church and its doctrines, especially those which are out of alignment with the true teachings of Christ. And why do you think it is important for us to get the translation of The Christ is Born in You out to the people? Well, this is precisely why. For otherwise how shall they learn that there is a difference between the true teachings of Christ and the outer doctrines of the Catholic Church?

Throughout the Dark Ages, going into the modern age, there has been this subtle programming by the forces of anti-christ – even using the religion that claims to represent Christ on earth – to hammer into the collective consciousness that poverty is the will of God, that it is the will of God that some people are more powerful and more rich than others, and that the majority of the population should simply accept their lot and not try to rock the boat, and not try to demand something.

Because after all, what is the will of God—according to the Catholic Church? Well, it is that all people ascend to heaven after this lifetime, and so people have been programmed to not look at the now, and not look at the situation on earth and say, "This is not right! This is not acceptable. We want change!" No, they have been programmed to be passive about conditions on earth and say, "Oh we will just be good Christians, and not rock the boat so that we can be resurrected and be raised to heaven after we leave this physical octave."

Can you see, that this is a very subtle and very effective way to pacify the people, so that they will not work for changes in the physical octave? Because they believe that they just need to be good Christians and wait for the changes in the next world. And thereby, they leave this world to the forces of anti-christ who have set themselves up to be the undisputed rulers of this world. And can you see, that as long as that programming is allowed to continue unquestioned, well, then there cannot be a dramatic shift in the collective consciousness?

It has been the goal of the forces of anti-christ to use a perversion of the teachings of Christ to deprive the people of their will, their willpower to stand up and say, "Enough is enough! We demand that this planet earth should be an outpicturing of the truth of God, so that the Kingdom of God can be manifest here below as it is already manifest above. And we demand that this society of ours be an outpicturing of the true teachings of Christ, who said 'I am come that all might have life and that they may have it more abundantly.'" So, you see that religion is the one factor, the perversion of the Father aspect, that has programmed the people to sap their will, to take away their willpower, so they will not stand up to the elite and demand that poverty be eradicated.


Science’s role in upholding poverty
Now then, as there is always two sides to the coin, there is of course the other side—the perversion of the Mother aspect. And that perversion has come through science and the philosophy of natural selection, and the philosophy that everything in life is an outpicturing of the struggle for limited resources, thereby causing some to be more fit than others. And again, this has been used by those among the power elite, those among the forces of anti-christ who would not accept and would not submit to the authority of the Catholic Church. For they were the aspiring power elite who wanted to take power away from the established power elite, who had been in an alliance, an unholy alliance, with the Catholic Church for centuries.

The aspiring power elite saw that the emerging philosophy of materialism, especially boosted by the theory of evolution, was their vehicle for setting themselves up as the unquestioned rulers of this world, through their philosophy that there is nothing beyond this world. And that, again, elitism and the fact that some people are rich and that many people are poor is simply an outpicturing of the laws of nature, where those who are more fit have a right to rule, have a right to take unto themselves privileges, such as abundance, and keep the majority of the population in poverty.

Not only is this a complete fabrication, it is actually a perversion of the reality and the laws of nature. For if you were to carefully analyze history on this planet, even by using the knowledge that has already been brought forth through science itself – including the science of physics and the science of biology – if you were to perform such an analysis and read between the lines – look beyond the official doctrines of science, and refuse to listen to the priesthood of science – well, then you would find that the theory of evolution is based on an utterly and completely false premise.

First of all, it is based on the consciousness of lack, the concept that this is a planet with limited resources. This is, as I have spoken about before, a complete lie. For the only real resource is the knowledge of people in embodiment, combined with the will to let God's light flow through them, thereby bringing forth more abundance than is in existence today. The will to become MORE.

It is not true that this planet has limited resources. For as Jesus said, with men this is impossible—meaning that when you are in the human consciousness and you deny the power of God within you, well, then this planet does have limited resources. For it is not possible to bring forth greater resources through the power and the wisdom of man. And thus, those who have become completely identified with the consciousness of anti-christ and their identity of separation, well, they are indeed cut off from that power. So to them it seems as if this planet has limited resources.

But, of course, the reality is that when you exercise the potential, that all people have, to find the kingdom of God within you, well, then it is possible to increase the amount of abundance on this planet. And in fact this is, despite what science says currently, precisely the force that is driving evolution on a planetary historical scale. As Maitreya explains in his book, the drive to be more, the drive to grow that is built into life—this is what causes species and the entire planet to transcend itself and come to higher and higher levels, greater and greater levels of complexity. And more complex life forms, of course, being an expression of abundance.

So you see, historically, that if it had only been the consciousness of lack and the competition for limited resources, well, then this planet would not have been in an upward evolutionary spiral. It would have been in a downward evolutionary spiral and would long ago have disintegrated under the weight of that spiral. The reality is, that it is indeed possible to bring forth greater and greater resources, thereby overcoming poverty and giving the abundant life to all people. This is perfectly possible within the laws of nature. Yet, what has been programmed into the collective consciousness through the philosophy of science and materialism is precisely that this is not possible, causing millions if not billions of people around the world to accept that this is simply their lot in life, and there is nothing they can do about it. For after all, resources are limited, so how could all people be rich? How could all people have a certain standard of living?


The illusion of inequality is the basis for poverty
This is a very subtle and very insidious state of consciousness. But what is the real purpose for it? What is the real mechanism behind it? Well it is, that there are those lifestreams on this planet – as Maitreya again explains in greater detail – who have cut themselves off from God and therefore cannot use God's power to bring forth greater abundance. And why did they cut themselves off from God? It was precisely because they could not accept the reality that because all self-conscious beings are expressions of God's Being, then all have the same value. In fact, it is meaningless to attach value and to perform a value judgment and a comparison between individualizations of God, for each individualization of God is unique, and how can there be comparisons in uniqueness?

What these lifestreams wanted was a world, where there was not uniqueness, not true equality of uniqueness, where they could set themselves up as being better and more important than other people. For do you see, that for some to be better than others, there must be distance, inequality? It is now possible for some people to take resources away from others, so that they have more and the others have less. And what is it that makes such a world possible? It is that that world is at least to some degree cut off from the abundance, the power, the love of God, that forms the River of Life, where everything is constantly becoming More. For do you see, that when everything is becoming more, it is not possible to have a situation where some have more and others have less, for all are constantly becoming More?

Those who left off from oneness with God used their free will to demand, based on the Law of Free Will, to be given a world in which they could experience that inequality, being cut of from the abundance of God, so that they could set themselves up as being the haves and thereby condemn other people to being the have-nots. And because of the Law of Free Will, they were granted such a world – planet earth among others – where they could exercise that desire for the purpose that eventually they would tire of it and its limitations by realizing, that what you have done to others, you have already done to yourself. And thus, by putting other people in the box of being the have-nots, they have actually put themselves in a box that is just as limited, although they have more in the physical. For they are just as limited spiritually and thus have as great, if not greater, poverty than those who are the have-nots materially.

It was the hope, that these lifestreams would eventually tire of playing this dualistic game, and therefore desire to once again get back into the River of Life and take the entire planet back into it. Many have indeed transcended that need to feel better than others, have simply left it behind. And some of them are still in embodiment, and you see them now as people who are honestly working to raise up the all. Some of them have even become social reformers, who have worked to raise up the conditions of the people. Yet there is still a core of these lifestreams who have remained on the planet and who have not budged, who have not changed their consciousness.

The judgment of those who uphold the consciousness of inequality
But as the Law of Free Will gives people the right to separate themselves from the River of Life, it does not give them the right to do so forever, as Maitreya explains in great depth. And we have now come to the point, where it has reached a critical mass, where those lifestreams who will not let go of this consciousness of the haves and the have-nots must face the final initiation, that either they change their consciousness or they are judged and thereby sent to a lower level than planet earth.

And the dispensation I have been granted by the Great Central sun will – by the release of light – accelerate that process of the judgment of those who will not let go of the dualistic consciousness, that keeps the majority of the population on this planet in poverty, and prevents them from having the abundant life that it is indeed God's will that they have, and that it is indeed the purpose of the laws of nature to give them. For those laws of nature were not designed by materialistic scientists. They were designed by the Creator and those who are working in oneness with the Creator to define the parameters for life on planet earth. And they have defined those laws of nature so that this planet naturally is designed to bring forth greater and greater states of abundance for all inhabitants on it.

It is both the will of God and the laws of nature, that there should be greater abundance, so that all people are raised above poverty. And they all have the abundant life, both materially and spiritually. When you come to this realization, you see that there is much work to be done, in terms of changing the collective consciousness. But what I am telling you is that those of you who are willing to tune in to the dispensation and the light released from Alpha and Omega themselves – flowing through the heart of myself as the God of Freedom for the earth – you can become the forerunners, you can feel that energy flowing through you. And you can be the open doors for it to flow into the physical octave.

Many of you might indeed be impelled by that light to speak out against poverty and the consciousness of poverty. But even if you do not have the opportunity to speak out physically, I can assure you, that you can hold the balance spiritually. Whereby many other people who have never heard of the ascended masters – and who do not need to hear of the ascended masters in this lifetime – will be awakened to the fact, that they came to this earth for a purpose and that purpose was to assist me, Saint Germain – even if they do not know me by name – to bring forth the Golden Age. And part of that Golden Age is to eradicate poverty and bring the abundant life to all people.

Do you see, that it starts with the will of God—the will to change, the will to question whether it is really true that God has mandated poverty, or that the laws of nature have mandated poverty. Is this reality? This is what needs to be questioned first. But for that to be questioned, there must be the will to question these very subtle beliefs, that have been programmed into the collective consciousness and the individual consciousness for so long.

The will of God always overcomes the anti-will
It takes courage, it takes will, it takes determination to stand up against the mass consciousness and the elite, who will use whatever power they have in society to ridicule and put down those who question their basic paradigms. Nevertheless, if you have the will, you will succeed. For you will stand up and the power of God working through you, will turn back the opposition from those who also have will, but it is the anti-will that can never be as strong as the will of God. And why is that, my beloved? Because the anti-will is based on the consciousness of separation and the consciousness of separation has built into it fear. When you separate yourself from oneness with the Infinite, as we say in the new book The Art of Non-War, then it is inevitable that you become vulnerable to fear. For only in oneness with God do you escape fear.

The power elite on earth might appear mighty because they have the outer weapons of power. And they seem to have great determination, even to use those weapons to destroy anyone who opposes them. But you need to look beyond it and say, "Why do they hide in their palaces? Why do they hide in their fortresses? Why do they hide behind their weapons?" It is because they have fear, and the greater the weapons, the greater the fear. For it is the only way they can keep it at bay, so they can continue to exist without disintegrating into insanity because of the fear.

Look at them, and see that their willpower is hollow. It goes only to a certain point. And when you overcome the consciousness of fear and lock in to the will of God – the will of God that is not based on fear but is based on love, the unconditional love of God – well, then you will know that their willpower and their determination and their weapons of power are simply conditions in the material universe. And they are not as powerful as the unconditional River of Life, where there are no conditions.

And thus, when you have that unconditional love, you will not accept any conditions on earth as causing you to hold back the power of God from flowing through you. And when you allow that unconditional love to flow through you, you will seek to raise up all life, even those who are trapped and who are forming a power elite. You will not seek to destroy them, as some have done in the past, where they became the aspiring power elite, seeking to destroy the established power elite because they wanted the position of the power elite. Nay, it will not be so. You will walk the Middle Way, where you will not seek the power, because you will seek to bring that power to the people by bringing the abundance to the people. First of all, by giving them spiritual abundance of ideas and awakening, and then also the material abundance.

True willpower is not based on fear, but is based on love. And that love is God's Love, which is unconditional. And thus, it is able to sweep aside and consume any conditions on this earth that would hold back the changes that are mandated by the will of God, mandated by the laws of nature—namely that this planet transcend poverty and manifest the abundant life for all of the 10 billion souls that are meant to find a home on this planet and find the abundant life on this planet. For I tell you, that this planet has the potential to sustain 10 billion people in a state of abundance, spiritually and materially. For if they have the spiritual abundance, then the planet will gratefully and lovingly outpicture the material abundance as well.

Thus, my beloved, I thank you for providing me this platform, and I shall continue in the coming days to speak about poverty on the other rays, and how each ray has a role to play in the eradication of poverty. And how the perversion of each ray has been used to create the vortex and the illusions that uphold the beast of poverty and keep it alive, and keep it eating the abundance and the lifeblood of the people themselves. Thus, I thank you and I seal you in the unconquerable and unstoppable flame of the will of God, infused with the freedom flame that I AM. And thus I say: “I release an extraordinary measure of light on this planet—the will to BE FREE!”


Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels

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