The Golden Age requires an all-encompassing shift in consciousness

TOPICS: Every aspect of life is influenced by the consciousness of duality - Why is there such cruelty in nature? - The truth about the balance of nature - Did God create the imbalance in nature? - A very profound shift in consciousness is needed - Holding the spiritual balance for others - The elite as the "saviors" of the people - Saint Germain’s strategy for the Golden Age - Let go of the dream of one true religion - Learn from every situation - Tune in to the etheric blueprint for the Golden Age - No limits to growth -

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Ascended Master Saint Germain (1), July 13, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM, and I come to give you a discourse to prepare your consciousness for the shift that must take place, if we are to bring in the Golden Age and shift the consciousness of the people of the world, the people of this nation of America, the people of this state of California from the Piscean age consciousness to the Aquarian age consciousness.

As Mother Mary did indeed speak about yesterday, it is true that there is an immense potential for this shift to begin here in the state of California and to spread throughout America, and from here beyond. Certainly, as we have said recently, LINK there is an equally great potential for a shift to begin in Europe and spread from there as well and there is a potential for a shift to begin in South America and spread from there. So you see, we of the ascended masters do not put all of our eggs in one basket. But right now I am given a platform here in California, so I am talking about the specific egg that I have laid here in the nest of this beautiful state.


Every aspect of life is influenced by the consciousness of duality
My Beloved, it says in Genesis that God created man in his own image and after his likeness. And while this is true, it must be recognized by all sincere spiritual seekers, that we are not in the original state of innocence at which man and the earth were created. The earth right now has fallen very far below that state of innocence. In fact, I will prepare your consciousness to begin to accept just how far this planet has fallen below.

But first you need to recognize that as a result of the planet falling below its original state of innocence, human beings have departed from their original matrix, the original image of God in which they were created. And thus, they have violated the first two commandments, the commandment to not have any other gods before me, and to not take unto thyself any graven image.

So they have created images based on the duality consciousness. And they have then used those images to create false gods after the image and likeness of the dualistic consciousness—in many cases even after the image and likeness of those fallen beings that Maitreya has exposed in his book, who want to set themselves up as gods on earth and be worshiped as gods on earth, because they are not willing to come into oneness with the God in heaven, whereby they could be Gods in the spiritual realm.

They have been given the earth as a temporary playground, where they could outplay that consciousness until they either have had enough of it or have spent their opportunity and thus face the second death. Thus, I need you to understand that almost everything on this planet is influenced by the consciousness of duality, the consciousness of the fallen beings that is anti-God, that is based on a denial of God—a denial that God is here on this planet, even a denial that God created this planet, even a denial that God exists.

Why is there such cruelty in nature?
I want you to think back to the movie you watched before the invocation was given. You see the beautiful images of nature, you see the cute polar bear cubs that climb out of their nest for the first time, and certainly you feel love and compassion for these beautiful animals. But do you realize, that the mother of those cute bear cubs – in order to feed and raise those cubs – has to go out and kill a seal, who also has young that will then starve to death if they are not eaten by the bear? You see the wonderful caribou that migrate over the Alaskan tundra, and then you see the wolves stalking them. You feel compassion for the young caribou and wish it could escape the wolf, and you feel a sense of terror and regret over seeing it be eaten.

But you see, this is how nature currently functions on this planet. And what has been done on this planet is that humankind has been sold a pack of lies—worse than a pack of wolves. One of these lies is that nature is something that is inevitable, that is beyond human comprehension, beyond human power to change. And thus, the way things are, are simply the way things are and there ain't nothing you can do about it. Well, this is a lie, perpetrated by those forces and beings in other realms, in the mental and emotional realms who have sought to control humankind.

Yes, there are certain groups of people on this planet who are spreading these lies and serving as instruments. But as I recently said in Ireland, I want you to think beyond, because if you only focus on physical conspiracies, you will not grasp the full picture, and thus you will not be able to make and facilitate the shift in consciousness that needs to occur.

What they want you to believe is that you, the people, have no power to change the big things on earth including nature and what they have come to call the balance of nature, or the ecosystem. How many of you were brought up to believe that nature was beyond the influence of human beings—except through technology? But certainly, you were brought up to believe that your consciousness could not change certain basic, fundamental things in nature. You could not change the fact that there are birds or animals of prey on this planet who must kill in order to survive. This is something that either God created that way or it just evolved by chance and thus, either way, it is beyond the power of human beings.

The truth about the balance of nature
On the one hand, you have been brought up to believe in the very subtle lie that human beings have no ultimate power over nature. But at the same time you have been brought up to believe that human beings can destroy nature and can only destroy nature. Because, after all, there is nature and then there is human beings, and somehow there is a disconnect between the two. So you have been brought up with the naïve belief that the planet was once an idyllic place, where all the animals lived and there was no humans to destroy and pollute.

And therefore, you should feel bad about being a human being on this planet. You should voluntarily submit yourself to the lie that there are too many people on this planet. And you will notice even this movie; how it is part of the greater propaganda without any deliberate intent of the people who made it. Think back to the very opening words that 200 years ago there were only two billion people on this planet, today there are 6 billion people crowding the planet.

Well, does this not show you how they want you to believe that on the one hand you have no ability to influence the big picture and the balance and order of nature, but on the other hand you are an alien creature in nature who can only destroy. Do you see, that now they are trying to sell you on the next lie of global warming. Well, if humankind has the ability to influence the planetary weather through global warming, then does this not disprove the claim that humankind has no power to change the order of nature?

When you start realizing that humankind does have a destructive capability that has reached global proportions, is it that difficult to take the next step and realize that perhaps humankind has an even greater power—that is greater than the power of technology? That is the power of consciousness, whereby humankind has both the ability to destroy and the ability to uplift and to purify this planet, bringing it back to the original purity but even going beyond and co-creating the kingdom of God on earth.

Look at nature and look at the animal species. Consider why the balance of nature, as they call it, requires that an animal population must be kept at a certain level by animals of prey in order to avoid growing so large, that it depletes its own food supply? You see, my beloved, what is called the balance of nature – where certain animal species must be held in check by others – is really not a state of balance, is it? For if you think logically, you realize that if there was truly balance in nature, then there would be no risk that a population could grow too large for the food supply in the area where it lived. If there was truly balance on this planet, there would be a higher regulatory mechanism, that would keep animal populations at the ideal level, so that there was no need for disease, for famine, for starvation or for animals of prey.

What you have been brought up to see as the balance of nature is the unbalance of nature. But where did that unbalance come from? Well, it came from man. It came through the consciousness of those in the fallen consciousness. For do you not see that the state of certain animals being hunted and killed by others is a dualistic state, where some must be killed that others can survive? This is clearly duality for those who are aware of what duality means.

So you have only two options. Either this imbalance evolved spontaneously or it was created by God. And certainly, there are many religious people who are deeply confused, thinking that God must have created lions and wolves. And yet, does it really make sense that in paradise there were lions and wolves? Does it really make sense – as you have seen from early childhood the pictures of Noah's ark – that Noah brought lions and wolves onto the ark? My Beloved, just imagine for a moment being stuffed in a small boat along with wolves and lions and trying to keep order. This is simply not a realistic scenario. Even on a humorous note, if you believe the Bible literally, then Noah brought two of each animal onto the ark. Well, which species was he going to sacrifice, so the lion could get its next meal? There were only two goats, so he couldn't feed them some of the leftovers, he had to feed them the only two. And so you see, my beloved, this simply makes no sense whatsoever.

Did God create the imbalance in nature?
And thus, you need to step away from the literal interpretation and realize there is a deeper reality here. And that deeper reality is that God did not create the current animal species that are found on this planet, nor did he create the state of imbalance that you see. This was created as an outpicturing of the state of consciousness of humankind. And surely, Maitreya has explained in his book that the presence of intelligent human-like beings on this planet goes very far back, much further back than acknowledged by any mainstream religion and even by science itself.

The fact of the matter is that almost every aspect of nature on this planet is an outpicturing of the duality, the imbalance, the inharmony in the collective consciousness of humankind. This goes for earthquakes and natural disasters as Mother Mary has explained, it goes for diseases in your physical bodies, diseases in animal populations, it goes for the entire idea of overpopulation that necessitates diseases or starvation, it goes for poisonous animals of any kind, all kinds of parasites that prey upon humans and animals. All of this is an outpicturing of the dualistic state of consciousness.

I want you to consider this from different perspectives. Consider what you saw on this clip: on the farthest-most northern tip, it is so extremely cold that an animal species has had to adapt to this by growing very long fur and by developing a life cycle where the mother hibernates for several months during the winter, then gives birth to her cubs. She brings them out in the spring, because the summer is so short that they have no opportunity to grow big before the next winter unless they start right as soon as they can leave the nest or the den. So you see the extreme that nature has gone through to adapt to these conditions. And what I want you to realize from this is the extreme conditions that are found in the collective human consciousness. And what you realize when you see how these extreme patterns are embedded even in nature herself, you realize how deeply certain thoughtforms, certain ideas, certain beliefs, certain attachments are embedded in the collective psyche.

For each animal species you see on this planet, there is a group of people – you cannot identify them by outer characteristics but only by their consciousness – there is a group of people who have in their consciousness the very thoughtforms that have precipitated that animal species in its extreme form of adaptability to some state of imbalance on the earth. And these people are very attached to these thoughtforms. And they are not about to give up those thoughtforms, at least not until we have a dramatic shift in consciousness.


A very profound shift in consciousness is needed
I am not giving you these ideas to make you feel overwhelmed or burdened. I am giving you these ideas because you who are the aware people need to recognize just how deep of a shift in consciousness I am talking about. Because when you begin to realize this, you will acknowledge a very important principle. Number one: in order to free yourself from the collective consciousness on this planet, you have to be willing to literally rethink everything you were brought up to believe. You must question even the most subtle beliefs, that are not what we might say political ideologies or religious ideologies, but are the subtle beliefs that nobody questions because they have been part of the collective consciousness for so long that everybody takes them for granted.

I want you to realize, that part of walking the path to Christhood is that you are willing to question what everybody else takes for granted, so that you can free yourself from these collective illusions. And therefore, you become a forerunner for adopting and accepting a higher state of consciousness, that is free of these age-old illusions. And when you become one of those forerunners, my beloved, you can then fill your place, holding the balance for millions of others as the shift in consciousness spreads like rings in the water.

For it is a reality, that we of the ascended masters walk a tightrope. We are inevitably releasing the energies from above that will bring forth a shift in consciousness. But we have to do this in a very delicate manner. For if we were to release these energies too quickly, then people would be awakened so quickly that they could not adapt, they could not accept the changes, and therefore they would go through a state of withdrawal, of an identity crisis, of not knowing who they are.


Holding the spiritual balance for others
And you all know this, because most if not all of you have at some point on your spiritual path, maybe several times, gone through a certain identity crisis, where you had to be willing to question everything that you believed. You had to be willing to let go of everything that you believed and give all your beliefs to God and let him give back what is real. But you must realize that not everybody on the planet is ready to do that – is willing and capable of doing that – and therefore there needs to be someone who can hold the balance as the shift in consciousness occurs.

When you are willing to question these deep beliefs, these illusions, and you overcome those illusions and you accept the truth of Christ that will make you free, well then you can hold the balance for many other people – potentially for millions of other people – so that as they accept the new consciousness, they will not be overwhelmed. They will not lose their sense of continuity and identity, but will be able to make a much quicker transition into the higher state of consciousness.

This is crucial because, as Mother Mary has said, if we do not have a certain shift in consciousness before the year 2012, well then the physical planet will not be able to withstand the energy without massive earth changes. And if enough people can make the shift in consciousness, then the broader number of people that are necessary can awaken before the year 2012. And therefore, we can avoid the earth changes that otherwise will come to pass.

There is a high potential that the transition into the Aquarian age consciousness can happen smoothly, gradually. Or there is the low potential that humankind will continue business as usual. Until the planet simply can no longer bear the weight of their karma on the one side and the weight of the new light that is being released on the other, and is therefore torn apart by the difference between the two.

And thus, humankind will be awakened, but it will be an extremely rude awakening compared to the high potential of them gradually shifting into the higher consciousness without even fully realizing what is happening. But people simply wake up and say "Hey, I no longer believe in these old beliefs. I no longer believe this is impossible. I no longer believe that we the people have no power to govern ourselves," as Mother Mary said.


The elite as the "saviors" of the people
I ask you to consider what has happened over this last year or so. For I must tell you, as Mother Mary said, that a dramatic clearing of the collective consciousness took place at the conference last year in Chicago, that has cleared the heart chakra of America and thereby enabled the people of America to come to a higher realization. And what you have seen over this last year is a steady decline in the American people's support for the war in Iraq and support for the president.

And what that really signifies is that the people have stopped supporting the agenda behind the war in Iraq. And that agenda was not the war on terror, was not to fight the terrorists on foreign soil instead of fighting them at home, as Bush has said over and over again. The real agenda was the agenda of the power elite, which has many facets that I will not here go into. But what I want you to realize is that because of the clearing of consciousness, the clearing of the heart, the American people have begun to realize that they will not support their president when their president is not their president but is the president of the elite. The people are beginning to realize, that they can no longer allow their leaders to follow the agenda of the elite instead of following the agenda of the ascended masters—who are really behind the people. And thus, our agenda is what is best for the people of this nation.

To return to my concepts that everything in nature, even the balance of nature, is affected by the consciousness of humankind, one of the subtle beliefs behind this idea is that there are certain aspects of life on this planet that are beyond the power of the people and thus you need someone outside yourself to do something for you. This is the lie that Jesus has exposed in such detail, such richness and with such eloquence on his website. Where they elevated his example to an idol that he is the only Son of God and everybody needs him in order to be saved. But in reality his true mission was to show everyone that they can find the kingdom of God within them and thus do not need an external savior.

But what the fallen beings who came to this planet, and who as I said are attempting to set themselves up as gods on earth – getting the people to worship them as gods on earth – what they have attempted to do from the very beginning is a very simple strategy. Through their fallen consciousness, through their dualistic consciousness, they create a state of imbalance on the planet, and then they set themselves up as those who can save the people from that imbalance. You see it today—they are the ones who have misused science and technology in their greed to create multinational corporations that have no respect for the environment, no respect for the people they employ. These are the ones who have created the pollution that is threatening the ecosystem on this planet.

If anyone is responsible for global warming, they are the ones who are responsible for it. Of course, we have given teachings already on the reality of global warming, but what I want you to realize is that pollution is first and foremost created by the elite. But now that the problem is there and has been recognized by the people, well then the power elite comes in with the second part of their strategy, which is to set themselves as the saviors who can tell the people how to overcome this problem.

For nigh a century, they were trying to hide the fact that pollution could have an influence on the environment, so that they could continue to have the biggest possible short-term profits by polluting? And now that the consciousness of the people has shifted – where they could no longer get away with this – they are trying to use the new environmental awareness to their advantage by setting themselves up as the saviors of the people. This is what they have done over and over again. Every single problem on this planet is created through the consciousness of duality. And although many of the people have fallen into duality, it is first and foremost the elite – of the most rigid and closed-minded fallen beings – who are upholding that consciousness as the dominant state of consciousness on earth.

So through that consciousness, a problem is created, and then the elite comes in and says "Ah, but we have the only solution—and that is that you, the people, give us more control over you and then we will solve the problem and take you to heaven on earth." This is, of course, a complete fallacy. For obviously, you cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that has created that problem. So how can those who are the most blinded by the duality consciousness solve the problems created through the duality consciousness? And thus, obviously the elite will never save the people.

But you see, for a time a particular elite will be able to use the problem to control the people, until the people start seeing through the illusion. And then what happens? Well, what happens is what I explained in Virginia, that now an aspiring power elite begins to form. And they say, "No, the established power elite is wrong, but we are the real saviors. We have the real solution. So follow us instead of following the old elite." Is it not time for a critical mass of people to awaken to the reality that you have come into embodiment to rise above this dualistic game, to totally leave it behind, to expose it for what it is and to stand up and say, "The emperors of duality have nothing on!"


Saint Germain’s strategy for the Golden Age
If there was one concept I would like you to accept, it is the very fact that even though humankind has created a false god in their own image and likeness, the very fact that some people are stupid does not mean that God is stupid. We of the ascended masters are not stupid, we are not unintelligent. I have been an ascended being for over 400 years. I have known that I would be the hierarch for the age of Aquarius. I have known full well from my last embodiments – where I was up against these fallen beings – what they planned to do with this planet.

And thus, I have had a long time to plan a strategy. And part of that strategy is that I have gathered – over the centuries – lifestreams of light who are loyal to me, who are loyal to the Flame of Freedom – who see the Flame of Freedom – and these lifestreams have been trained over many lifetimes. And they have volunteered to come into embodiment at this specific time, because they wanted to support the cause of Saint Germain, which is to bring the Aquarian age consciousness and the Golden Age of Aquarius into physical manifestation as quickly as possible in this 21st century.

You are all among them. And if you think I am not stupid, then realize you are not stupid either. You know within what is the reality of your divine plan. And if you made a divine plan, it was because you and I both knew that you had a very realistic potential of fulfilling that plan—because you have what it takes. You have the experience from past lives, you have the knowledge and the understanding, you have the momentum.

What you need to do is let go of this entire outer consciousness that has been put upon you from day one that you crawled out of your mother's womb and gave your first cry – even while you were in the womb – that you are nothing, that you are no good, that you cannot make a difference, that the problems on this planet are too big for you to have any impact. What difference can one person make? My Beloved, look at it as the unreality it is. And realize that you are in embodiment because, in the deeper parts of your being, you know that this is all lies, you know that with men this is impossible but with God in you all things that are part of your divine plan are indeed possible.

Let go of the dream of one true religion
And therefore, I tell you: we are not here talking about everybody on this planet coming to accept even the existence of the ascended masters, coming to accept a particular teaching or a particular organization. That was the Piscean age, where one organization was supposedly the only one. This is the Aquarian age, where we are about awakening everyone to their divine plan. And there are many different people that are part of my bands. And they have many different talents – many different divine plans – for many different things must happen. Many shifts must occur for this planet to go through the transition into a higher state of consciousness.

It is not realistic to create a new Aquarian age religion and spend all of your efforts and attention on converting everybody to that religion. This is a dream of the Piscean age. And I ask all spiritual people to fully and finally let go of this dream, and realize that it had its place in the Piscean but it no longer has any place in the Aquarian age. We are talking about an age of freedom, of spiritual freedom, where every person is under his own vine and fig tree of his I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. So you do not need one centralized organization in the Aquarian age. You need a universal awakening. You need a universal awareness, that is not focused on any particular individual or institution or doctrine or philosophy, but is about people everywhere waking up and realizing that they have a mission to raise the consciousness in some way. And then they do it!

And if many people come together under a certain teaching and find inspiration in that teaching, then that is good. But do not let the outer organization or the outer guru or the outer teaching become a hindrance to the expression of your Christhood. Do not feel that you have to force the expression of your Christhood into a certain mold or a certain matrix. For my beloved, this is not Being.

Learn from every situation
So again, you have the eternal question: "To Be or not to Be." And I am asking you to Be here below all that you already are Above by locking in to that divine plan, by letting go of any expectations you have – any attachments you have – to what your divine plan should or should not be. There are no shoulds in Being. There are no do's or don'ts in Christhood. There is only the spontaneous act of Being the Christ in action in this particular situation. There is not the evaluation, "Oh I should do this, I should not do that." Everything becomes spontaneous.

Look at the life of Jesus. You can look back and say: Was it wise for Jesus to overturn the tables of the money changers in the temple? Was it not the very incident that alerted the power elite of the Jewish religion to how dangerous Jesus was and made them decide to kill him? So if Jesus had sat there and considered before he went to the temple what he should do and what he should not do, he might indeed with his outer mind have reasoned himself out of doing anything drastic. But you see, it was not a mistake for him to overturn those tables – no matter the fact that he could have done it with a little less fervor and a little less anger – but I tell you, this was something that needed to happen for his plan to be fulfilled.

Do not look at your life with the analytical mind and say, "Oh back then I made this or that mistake. I should never have done it." My Beloved, it is wise to look back at your life and say, "If I did something, I did it because I had to do it, if nothing else because I needed to learn a certain lesson. And by doing that particular thing, I had the opportunity to learn that lesson faster. And even if I did not take that opportunity back then, I can take the opportunity today." It may be too late to undo the past, but it is never too late to learn the lesson from the past. And if you learn that lesson, nothing is wasted. For you have indeed used even a mistake to come up higher on the path.

Tune in to the etheric blueprint for the Golden Age
I realize that I have given you as much as you can handle in one installment, for your cups are beginning to overflow and there is no longer room for my words and my light. And you need time to digest. But I will give you one last thought that I desire you to ponder. Consider how we of the ascended masters look at planet earth and what is happening on earth. And be willing to consider that we look at it in a very different way than the way you look at it and the way most people look at it. We have a broader perspective, a broader view. We have a more long-term view. We are non-attached. And I am not fault-finding you, for you are in embodiment and you naturally look at the earth from the inside. But I am telling you that there is value in once in a while stepping outside by considering how we in the ascended realm look at earth.

There may be many prophecies, there may be many portents about what could happen on the earth. But I tell you that we of the ascended masters do not look at the earth and look at history as some period of growth, then a calamity, then a backward step, then a little climb, then another calamity. We do not look at life on earth as a stop-and-go as a backwards-and-forwards process. We see that behind everything that has happened on earth, there has been a progression in consciousness. Even some of the big calamities that you are aware of – the sinking of Atlantis, the sinking of Lemuria, the sinking of past civilizations that Maitreya mentions in his book – even though there have been great calamities on this planet, behind all of them has been an upward movement.

Because I tell you, that everything that happens on this planet, good or bad, serves as a lesson that at some level in the etheric realm is anchored in the collective consciousness. And that means that even though there has been great turbulence in the physical octave, great turbulence in the emotional octave, great turbulence in the mental realm, even in some of the lower levels of the etheric, there are higher levels of the etheric realm where there has been a steady progression in awareness.

And that awareness is anchored in the etheric realm right now. It is literally humankind's treasure laid up in heaven. And it is there for people to draw upon and you who are the more spiritually aware, I encourage you to consider that you can tune in to your own etheric body and to the collective etheric body, and you can then draw down those lessons that have been learned over eons of time on this planet. And thereby – again – you can tune in to the new age of Aquarius, you can tune into the Golden Age. For you do not think that I sat down and created the matrix for the Golden Age without looking back, learning and drawing upon the lessons of history? I did not design a Golden Age without considering what has gone before on this planet. For naturally I want the Golden Age of Aquarius to build upon everything that has been learned on this planet.

In the etheric realm of planet earth is what you might call a vast database or library, where all the positive lessons that have been learned – individually and collectively – on this planet are stored and cannot be destroyed by anything that takes place in the lower realms. And that means that at any point in time, no matter how dark it might seem for those in embodiment, there is a potential that a critical mass of people can raise their consciousness, tune in to the matrix for a Golden Age in the etheric realm and bring that to their outer awareness. And then gradually they can awaken other people, so that a momentum builds and a shift occurs that will bring that Golden Age matrix from the etheric into the mental, where even more people can grasp it and another shift occurs. Where it is brought into the emotional to the point, where more and more people overcome the sense of doom and gloom, the sense of limitation, the sense of what is impossible. And they begin to truly accept in the feeling world that there can be a Golden Age, that there can be a better future no matter how gloomy it might look.

And that will bring forth the point, where more and more people start acting on the highest potential instead of acting on the lowest potential. We need a critical mass of people, who will begin to live their lives as if the Golden Age is already inevitable and is already beginning to manifest in the material realm. Do you see that this is the highest state of consciousness you can reach?

It is not a matter of believing that perhaps, maybe, sometime in the future there can be a Golden Age. No, my beloved, we need those here in embodiment who will accept that the Golden Age is not a matter of if, and it is not a matter of when—it is a matter of NOW. Now and here! Because you accept that only the Golden Age consciousness is ultimately real. And thus, reality will inevitably be projected onto the Mother Light and the Mother Light will outpicture that reality. And thus, you live your life as if the Golden Age is already manifest. And if you will live your life as if the Golden Age is manifest, then it WILL be manifest in your life—when you have no doubt and fear, no room for any lower emotions or any lower beliefs or doubts.

Dare to tune in to your divine plan individually. Dare to tune in to the fact that in the etheric realm, the Golden Age is already a manifest reality. And it is simply a matter of you accepting it with all levels of your consciousness, and it will manifest in your individual life. And as a critical mass of people do the same – because perhaps they see your example, or they are simply pulled up by your consciousness even though they have never met you – then, when that critical mass is reached, you will see a widespread manifestation of the Golden Age.


No limits to growth
You already see aspects of this here in the state of California. For do you not see how this state has been the seat of much innovation? Take a look at the computer industry, of how that industry has brought incredible wealth that was simply not there 30 years ago. And do you see why there is no limit to growth, as they said back in the 70's and 80's, when they had an entire movement funded by the power elite to make people believe that there were limits to economic growth, limits to the growth of the size of the human population.

Surely there are limits—if you accept that there are limits. But if you do not accept that there are limits, there are no limits. For as I started out saying, everything on this planet is affected by the consciousness of humankind. So the limitations that are here in the physical are the outpicturings of the limitations in the mind, the collective mind. So change your mind, get rid of the limitations in the mind and you will change the physical. This is an inevitable reality, and it is the most important thing that needs to happen right now—that people awaken to this reality and this potential.

Once again, your cups are full and more than full. But I thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing a platform, whereby you can hold the balance for my releasing this teaching. For I hope you recognize that as you individually raise your consciousness, and as you raise your collective consciousness and come into greater oneness, well then you make it possible for us to release more advanced teachings.

Do you not see, that more advanced teachings are being brought forth now than two or three years ago? Do you not see that when Jesus brought out the book The Christ is Born in You, he could only bring it out for a certain level of consciousness? But now it has been possible to expand that book and so to take it to a much higher level where the teachings, the true teachings of Christ, are given in a more direct form. You are all part of this. For truly, as we have said many times, we of the ascended masters can give a certain teaching, but unless there are people who are willing to internalize that teaching and multiply the talents, well then we cannot give any more. 

So I want you to credit yourselves for the fact that the very reality that you have accepted this teaching has allowed me to bring forth the teaching I have brought forth today, has allowed Maitreya to bring forth his book, which could not have been brought forth even two years ago. I trust that you will return on the morrow with a willingness to once again step to a higher level of consciousness, so that I might speak again tomorrow and bring forth an even higher teaching, that will be even more direct in addressing what needs to happen for the shift in consciousness and what the Golden Age might actually look like when it is physically manifest. Thus I seal you in the love of my heart, in the Freedom flame. And I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.

Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels

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There is now another invocation for the liberation of women.   Please use this alternately with the first one, or if you have time, give both of them once a day before...


There is now a new invocation for stopping the exploitation of women.   The masters request that as many people as possible give this invocation daily before the webinar. Please consider giving...


You can now find information about the webinar that replaces the Holland conference. We hope as many people as possible will participate so we can get a good start on...


Due to the uncertaintly following the Corona crisis, we have decided to postpone the September conference in Washington, D.C. until next year.   We will instead do a webinar some time during...

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