When your forgiveness is unconditional, your joy will be full

TOPICS:  The basic dynamic of life - Why you encounter the same problems again and again - Life does not punish you - Change the way you look at the past - The past becomes prologue to your future - There is an alternative to suffering - The master key to letting go - Non-forgiveness hurts yourself - Take back your power to choose how you respond - Perpetual forgiveness - Helping others see their illusions - Breaking the cycle of revenge - Mother Mary’s tool for overcoming the past -

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, November 26, 2006 through Kim Michaels.


The basic dynamic of life
My Beloved hearts, if your telephone rings, would you not pick it up? And when you pick up the phone, do you not listen long enough to at least find out whether the person on the other end has an important message for you or is simply trying to sell you something. And thus, if you do realize that the person at the other end has a message for you, would you not do your utmost to listen to that message and understand what it says? Surely, you will treat your telephone and the person calling with a certain measure of respect. Thus, my question to you is, “Why would you not treat life itself with the same measure of respect?” 

Ah my beloved, you will say that you surely have respect for life. But I would beg to question whether that is really so. For you see, life itself can be compared to a telephone. Every situation you encounter can be seen as a telephone call from life itself. And yet, there are so many situations in life where you do not pick up the phone and listen to see if that situation has an important message for you, a message that can help you transcend yourself – or some limitation – so that you can be free and be more in the River of Life.

Why you encounter the same problems again and again
Most people go through life with blinders on. They are only half awake, only half aware of what is happening. And thus, they do not realize that life is a continuous string of situations—with each situation having a message that can help them rise higher and overcome some erroneous belief, some misconception that limits them and the expression of life itself through them. So many of you have these situations happen over and over again in your life. And you often cry out, “Why does this keep happening to me? Why is God doing this to me? Why are other people doing this to me? Why is destiny or fate or luck doing this to me?” But you do not take time to stand back and say, “Why am I doing this to myself?”

Every situation in life can be viewed as a telephone call, and there is a message in that call. But so often you do not bother to pick up the phone and listen to the message. And even those people who pick up the phone – who do consider that they might need to learn something from certain situations – well, they so often do not truly listen for the message behind the phone call. They do not truly listen with the inner ear, trying to understand the message, trying to understand that which they cannot see with the outer mind.

They listen to the message, they evaluate, with the outer mind. And therefore, they do not see the message, they do not hear the message, for the outer mind cannot fathom that message. If your outer mind had already understood the message that life is trying to give you, then why would life bother to call you on the telephone by having you experience the same situation over and over again?

Life does not punish you
It is a complete misconception of the human consciousness and the human ego that life is trying to punish you. And I can assure you that life itself – and life is created by God, so even God itself – has no desire to punish you whatsoever. Thus, it is an absolute law that once you have learned the lesson you need to learn from a specific situation, then you will not encounter that situation again.

And therefore, when you encounter the same situation over and over again, it is because you have not learned the lesson. And that is why life keeps calling you and presenting you with the same situation over and over again, so that you have another opportunity – and another and another – to learn the lesson.

So my beloved, instead of grumbling, instead of complaining that the same thing keeps happening to you over and over again, I have a very simple suggestion to you. Simply pick up the phone and listen for the message that life is trying to give. Then learn that lesson. Resolve the belief that you need to resolve in order to move up higher. And I can guarantee you that – as if by magic – you will not encounter that same situation again.

Life is not very complicated. Life is really very, very simple. And the underlying message behind every situation you encounter in life is simply this: "The material universe is a mirror!" The Ma-ter light will take on the forms that correspond to the contents of your consciousness. It is your state of consciousness that projects an image onto the Ma-ter light. And the Ma-ter light can do nothing else but to reflect that image back to you—both the image in your conscious mind and the image in the subconscious layers of your mind, your emotional, mental and identity bodies.

Life is very simple. Life itself is the principle of growth—of becoming more, of self-transcendence. So the message that life is always trying to give you is that you can become more. And by seeing your limitation, by seeing the limiting belief that you have – about yourself, about the world and about God – you can transcend that limitation and come up higher and be more in God’s ever-flowing River of Life.

So many people have wondered about the meaning of life, the purpose of life, the secret of life. So many people have searched for the philosopher’s stone, the magic wand, some kind of shortcut that will allow them to suddenly be in a state of bliss, or a state of having what they think they need in order to be happy. Yet my beloved, the secret of life is very simple—it is self-transcendence. This does not mean that you need to attain some remote state of perfection that might seem beyond your reach. It simply means that every time you transcend yourself, you are in the flow of the River of Life. And thus you have the potential to experience the joy, the bliss, that truly is that River of Life.

The message that life is trying to give you in every situation is that when you encounter a limitation, if you are willing to look inside yourself and acknowledge the belief that causes you to experience that situation as a limitation and then let go of that belief, well then you will rise above the sense of limitation and instead be in the bliss of the River of Life.


Change the way you look at the past
I hope that by giving you this discourse, I can change the way you look at your past. For your past is not out to punish you. Your past is not truly out to hold you back, although I know that it often seems like your past is holding you back or pulling you down into repeating the same old patterns over and over again in a seemingly endless cycle. Yet the reality is that your past, and the memory of your past, is simply another expression of life’s desire to see you come up higher.

So whenever you are reminded of your past, consider that this is – once again – life who is calling you on the telephone. And as always, life is calling you for one purpose only, namely to show you that you can overcome yet another limitation, that you can rise above it, that you can simply let it go and join the River of Life—and then become more by transcending your old sense of self.

The situations from your past that keep hounding you are situations in which you responded to outer circumstances in such a way that you accepted a limiting belief about yourself. And that belief is still in your subconscious mind, and that is why – when you are reminded of that situation in your past – you experience an uneasiness, a sense of shame or guilt or other negative feelings that cause you emotional pain. And yet, even this pain can be seen as a reminder. It is a reminder of the fact that you have not learned your lesson, that you have not overcome the limiting belief.

Even the pain can be seen as a grace. For if someone is trying to call you on the phone and give you a message that can save your life, would you not want them to turn up the volume on the phone if they could do so? Imagine that you could not hear the phone. And yet someone could push a button on their own phone and turn up the volume so you could now hear it, get the call and save your life.

That is essentially what your past is doing when it is reminding you – over and over again – of the situations where you have accepted some limitation. And if you will not pick up the phone the first time, then what is life going to do but call you again and increase the volume—thereby increasing the emotional pain in an attempt to finally make you pay attention. And instead of denying and refusing the pain, you say, “Okay, I have had enough of this. I am going to look at this problem and overcome the limitation so that I can once and for all overcome that pain instead of being burdened by it over and over again for the rest of my life or even for many lifetimes.”

Will you not please consider that instead of ignoring your past, or denying your past or seeking to make yourself so busy with the present or the future that you do to pay attention to your past, it would indeed be much wiser for you to simply pick up the phone and listen to the message from your past. If you would but listen to that message, you could quickly come to the realization that the situation from your past that keeps coming back over and over is a situation where you have not seen through a limiting belief and thus you have not let that belief go.

The past becomes prologue to your future
And because you have not let go of that belief, you are constantly holding on to an imperfect belief about yourself, or about life, or about God or about other people. And thus, through the power of your mind, you are projecting that limiting belief onto the Ma-ter light. And my beloved, what can the mirror of the Ma-ter light do, except reflect back to you outer conditions that reflect your state of consciousness?

So, you now see that your past becomes prologue to your present and your future. Because the imperfect beliefs you accepted in your past are constantly being projected upon the Ma-ter light by your subconscious mind. And thus, the Ma-ter light must take on the forms of those beliefs and send to you physical situations and circumstances that reflect those beliefs.

It is not the desire of the Ma-ter light to force you to encounter situations that cause you suffering. And yet the Ma-ter light is the mirror, so what can it do but reflect back what you send into it? Yet the force of life itself does not want you to keep projecting the same imperfect images onto the Ma-ter light. So that is why the force of life is trying to help you awaken yourself, so that you can change the images you hold in your mind—and thereby change what you are projecting onto the Ma-ter light.

Yes, my beloved, life really is this simple. If only you will pay attention, if only you will pick up the phone and listen to the message. Unfortunately, I know that some of you do actually pick up the phone, but you respond the same way as when you hear a recording that is trying to sell you some product or service or political candidate. You immediately numb your mind to the message or you put down the phone and do not listen anymore.

It is not that your past is trying to be annoying by repeating the same message. It is simply that the mirror, the cosmic mirror, can only keep reflecting back to you the same image that you are sending out. So do you see, that it is not life that is the cause of your annoyance? It is the rigidity of your own mind and its unwillingness to look at its own beliefs, to evaluate whether those beliefs make sense and then to replace the beliefs that do not make sense with a higher understanding that springs from the Christ mind.

I am trying to awaken you to the absolute necessity to be willing to look beyond the outer situations from your past and look for the inner message, the inner lesson you need to learn from those situations. And if you will do this honestly and openly, you will see that whenever you have a situation that causes you to suffer, it is because you are holding an imperfect belief about yourself and about life. And if you will only see the imperfection of that belief and reach for the higher understanding of the Christ mind, then you can replace the limiting belief with the true realization of who you are. And that will change the image you are projecting onto the Ma-ter light. And with absolute certainty, this will change what the cosmic mirror reflects back to you in the form of outer circumstances.

What I am telling you here, is not some kind of daydream, some kind of unrealistic promise. What I am explaining to you here is the most fundamental law of the material universe. The law that was expressed in the Bible by saying, that as a man sows, so will he surely reap. And of course, this applies to a woman as well.


There is an alternative to suffering
The law of God is simple. You have free will to do whatever you want. You are a co-creator with God. And you are here to learn how to use your co-creative abilities to create situations for yourself that you can live with, that you can grow with. And thus you learn in two ways. One is by listening to direction from within, from your Higher Self, from your I AM Presence, from your spiritual teachers. But if you will not listen for that direction, or if you will not use even your reasoning mind to find direction on your own, well then you must learn in the other way, which is the school of hard knocks—by seeing the Ma-ter light reflect back to you physical circumstances that outpicture the circumstances in your mind.

The law of God is this. You have a right to create any mental image you want. You have a right to project that mental image outside your own mind. But when you do so, you will inevitably experience the physical situations that outpicture your mental image. You will experience what you project upon life. You will experience what you co-create through the power of your mind by projecting a mental image onto the Ma-ter light.

God and myself and all spiritual teachers, firmly uphold your right to co-create any circumstance you want. Yet, we would like you to understand that if you co-create circumstances that cause you suffering, then you have an alternative to continuing to create the same circumstances. Yet the only way to stop the repetitive cycle that leads to suffering is to change the cause of the outer circumstances. I know full well that throughout history people have come up with all kinds of excuses that make it seem like they are not in control of the outer circumstances, that they did not create them, that somehow God, fate, luck or other people created those circumstances. But my beloved, the stark reality is that you have co-created your own circumstances because you have formed mental images and you have projected those images onto the Ma-ter light.

The only way – the absolutely only way – that those outer circumstances can be changed is that you change the cause of the outer circumstances. For would you not agree that if you want to change an effect, you have to change the cause that creates that effect? And what I am telling you is that the effect is your outer circumstances. And the cause of that effect is the mental images you hold in your mind. And thus, the only way to change your outer circumstances is to change those mental images.

How can you change the mental images in your mind? Well, there is no other way but to do so consciously by seeing the mental images – seeing that they are based on the duality consciousness, on the illusions of the mind of anti-christ – and then consciously letting them go, replacing the illusions with the truth of Christ. Please take note of what I am saying. It is not a matter of somehow justifying the beliefs you have accepted in the past. 

Oh my beloved, if you will look at this honestly, you will see that when so many people are confronted with a possibility that they might have an imperfect belief, they go into a defensive reaction. This defensive reaction is the reaction of the ego – the default reaction of the ego – which simply will not acknowledge that it could be wrong. And thus it goes into a reaction of trying to defend or justify its beliefs.

What I hope you can see is that if you keep trying to justify a past belief, you will simply build on to that belief. And thus, you will keep sending mental images into the cosmic mirror that are based on that original belief. And so, of course, what can the cosmic mirror do, but send back to you the same kind of circumstances that you have created all along?

So my beloved, will you please realize that if you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, then you are trapped in the basic insanity of the human ego. And therefore, you must step away from the old patterns and simply be willing to openly acknowledge that certain beliefs from your past are limiting yourself. And thus, it is not in your own best interest to uphold those beliefs. On the contrary, it is in your own best interest to simply let them go.


You are more than your past
The key realization here is the teaching I have given in my book, and that we have given over and over again on our websites, including in Jesus’ discourses on the ego. That teaching simply says that the core of your identity is the conscious self, the Conscious You. The Conscious You is a spark of God’s own Being. And thus, it is infinitely more than your past, than any circumstance or any belief from your past. Your conscious self has the God-given right and the God-given ability to step outside of its identification with your past. And you can do so at any moment, including right now.

Thus, I ask you to acknowledge that there is a force in this world that is very determined to keep you trapped in your identification with the past, so that you do not think you can let go of the past. And so that you might even fear that if you let go of the past, you lose your very identity. This force is comprised of your personal ego, the egos of other people and the entire dark force, the force of anti-christ, what Jesus called the prince of this world. And thus, the prince of this world will constantly come to you, and he will come to see if he can make you attached to the past, so that you are not willing to simply let it go, to let the imperfect beliefs go by acknowledging that you are more than any imperfect beliefs.

Do you truly hear what I am saying here? You have the God-given right and the ability to let go of any imperfect belief from the past. How can you do this? By being willing to look at the belief, acknowledge that it is unreal, that it springs from the mind of anti-christ. And then you can acknowledge that you are more than the belief. And thus, the belief is simply like an old worn-out coat that you took on sometime in the past. But you can take that coat off at any time and throw it onto the fire and let it be burned so that it is consumed and is no more.

You can take off the old sense of identity, based on that belief, and throw it into the spiritual fires of the violet flame and the flame of forgiveness, and you can simply let it go. For the flame of forgiveness, what we have called the violet flame or the flame of mercy, is simply the cosmic eraser that allows you to take the old worn-out sense of identity that you have built and throw it into the fire. For your God is truly a consuming fire, that can consume all imperfect sense of self that you might have built in any past lifetime. You have an alternative to repeating these old patterns. And that alternative is to take off the overcoat of your imperfect sense of identity and throw it onto the bonfire of God, where it will be consumed and you will then be free as if that identity had never existed.

The master key to letting go
But my beloved, what is the master key to doing this? What is the master key to letting go of an imperfect sense of identity? Well, it is the willingness to forgive. In order to be free of your past, you must forgive and you must forgive unconditionally. Do you see, that your ego has tricked you into thinking, that in order for you to forgive, certain conditions must be fulfilled? For example, many people believe that in order to forgive someone who has hurt them, then that person must somehow be punished first. And only when the person has been sufficiently punished, can you forgive that person. Or some people might believe that only if the other person has truly changed, can you forgive that person.

This, of course, is a belief that will be like a double-edged sword, where one edge of the sword is pointing to yourself and therefore able to give yourself a nasty wound. For beloved, what you do unto others is what you have already done to yourself. This is the reason why Jesus told you to do unto others as you want them to do to yourself. But the deeper meaning is that you can only do unto others what you have already done to yourself, both good and bad.

So if you think that other people must live up to certain conditions before they can be forgiven, then you also think that you must live up to certain conditions before you can be forgiven. And your ego is very clever at defining such conditions and defining them in such a way that no one can live up to them, including yourself. And that is how your ego keeps you trapped in the cycle of never wanting to forgive others and never wanting to forgive yourself. Your ego essentially makes you believe that because you have made certain mistakes in the past, you are unforgivable, you are unredeemable, you can never rise above that past and be free of it.

The last thing your ego wants you to realize is that you have the God-given right and the power to simply walk away from the imperfections of your past. Your ego does not want you to realize that you can do this. And it does not want you to realize that you can do this by openly acknowledging the imperfect beliefs that caused you to encounter those physical situations that gave you so much pain. Thus, will you not please realize that the master key to rising above your past is to forgive—but not to forgive in a human way that is based on outer conditions. No, the master key to rising above your past is to forgive unconditionally.

When you have not forgiven another person, you are in reality holding on to the old situation. And that means you are holding on – whether you are aware of this or not – to the pain created in that situation when the other person hurt you. And that pain pulls on your conscious attention and pulls you into remembering that situation. And whenever you think about that situation, you reinforce the original hurt, the original pain and the original anger against the other person. And thereby, you tie yourself to your past and you actually reinforce the past.

And thus, you see, by not forgiving the other person, you are harming yourself because you are holding on to the imperfect images and feelings, and you are projecting them onto the Ma-ter light. And thus the Ma-ter light must reason that you want to experience situations where other people hurt you. And thus, what is the Ma-ter light going to give you? Well, it has no other option than to give you future situations where other people hurt you. Because it truly believes that that is what you want to experience, based on the fact that you are projecting a mental and emotional image into the cosmic mirror of other people hurting you.

Non-forgiveness hurts yourself
Can you finally see here, that when you do not forgive other people, you are in reality hurting yourself? And what is the excuse you use for not forgiving others? Well, it is that they do not live up to the outer conditions that your ego has defined. And therefore, it seems as if – as long as other people do not live up to those outer conditions – you cannot let go of the situation, you cannot forgive and rise above it.

But do you not see that this is the very same psychology that caused you to be hurt in the original situation? Because what happened in the original situation was that somebody else did something to you. But it was not what they did to you that caused you to be hurt. It was the imperfect beliefs that you hold about yourself and life that caused you to respond to that situation in a way that hurt yourself.

Do you see that what really caused the hurt in that original situation was that you had a belief that turned you into a passive victim? You thought that when other people did certain things to you, you could only respond with negative feelings that cause you to be hurt. And thus, it was this belief that turned you into a victim in the original situation.

Can you not please see here that even today you are holding on to the belief that you are a victim, by thinking that only when the other person lives up to certain conditions, can you forgive that person and let go of the situation. So can you not see that by not forgiving, you are actually perpetuating the original situation—projecting the beliefs and the feelings from that situation into the cosmic mirror, thereby inevitably setting yourself up to reap what you have sown. Which is that you have projected an imperfect mental image into the mirror, and thereby inevitably set in motion a chain reaction that will eventually return to you physical situations that reflect your mental image.

What can break this situation? Well, there is only one thing that can break it. And that is that you pick up the telephone and listen long enough to realize that what life is trying to teach you is that it is your own beliefs that cause you to be hurt. And only by changing your own beliefs, can you break the cycle of experiencing physical situations that put you in a situation – in your own mind – where you think that your only potential response is to respond as a victim and feel hurt.


Take back your power to choose how you respond
Can you not please realize here, that the only thing that can change the equation is that you change the way you look at the equation, the way you look at life, the way you look at yourself? You must take back your power to respond to situations based on a choice you make today – now – instead of a choice you made in the past. For in the past you chose to accept an imperfect belief about yourself. And as long as you allow that belief to remain in your subconscious mind, well you cannot make a choice as to how you will respond to the situations you will experience in the present. For that choice was already made in the past, and you can only repeat the same old pattern over and over again.

So what can break the situation is that you become aware of what is happening, and therefore you decide to go back and look at the original belief and dismiss it as being unreal. And when you have dismissed the belief, then the next time you experience a similar situation, you will not have that baggage weighing you down. And thus, your mind will be able to say, “But you know, I don’t have to respond to this situation by feeling hurt, by feeling afraid, by feeling ashamed, by coming down on myself and thinking I am a bad person because someone else treats me as if I was a bad person.”

Instead, you can realize that what the other person does to you is a reflection of that person’s state of consciousness. It is not because the other person has an imperfect image of you, although this might seem to be so based on the person’s outer mind and actions. In reality, the person has an imperfect image of him or herself, and the person is projecting that image upon you. But you do not have to accept the other person’s image of you. For you have a God-given right to live your life based on the images in your own mind. And thus, you can choose to respond to the other person freely—when you do not accept the other person’s images or any other limiting beliefs from your own past.

What is the key to letting go of these imperfect images, that you accepted in the past or that other people have accepted? What is the key to not being affected by the imperfect beliefs of other people or the imperfect beliefs of your own past self? Well, it is to forgive—to forgive by being completely non-attached to what is projected at you from other people or from your own mind. It is to accept the absolute power to unconditionally forgive yourself or other people and to simply let go of all sense of hurt, all sense of pain.


Perpetual forgiveness
I know that once you have become caught in this downward spiral of hurt and pain, it can seem as if there is no way out. But I have indeed risen over the human condition and so have many other ascended Beings. And thus, I must tell you that most people on earth are caught in an illusion. But the reality proven by so many ascended beings is that you can indeed rise above the downward spirals from the past. But you can do so not by transforming the past, not by controlling the past or controlling other people. You can do so only by transforming the way you look at the past, so you are willing to let go of the belief that you have been holding on to up until now.

It is not a matter of finding some magic wand that can set you free from the past. The magic wand is your conscious awareness and your willingness to simply let go, to let go of the pain, to let go of the hurt, to let go of the belief that you need to respond to certain situations in a negative way, to let go of the entire tendency to think that in certain situations you can only respond with negative feelings. Once you truly enter into the spirit of forgiveness – and allow the spirit of forgiveness to enter into your lower being – well then you will be in a state of perpetual forgiveness, so that you have already forgiven yourself and other people before they have done anything to you.

And thus, when they do something to you – for truly you cannot control the actions of others – well then they are already forgiven. And when you know that they are already forgiven, you also know that you can then stay free of any negative reaction, no matter what other people do to you. And thereby, you can follow the most profound advice given by Jesus, namely that you resist not evil, but when a person smites you on one cheek, you will turn to him the other also.

Turning the other cheek can be done only when you are in a state of perpetual and unconditional forgiveness. When some person does something to you, you do not go into a negative reaction. You stay in peace. You stay in love. You stay in forgiveness. And thus, you simply turn the other cheek, so that you can give the other person another opportunity to see his or her own evil, his or her own imperfections.

Helping others see their illusions
What happens, when a person hurts you and you respond negatively and seek to hurt the other person? Well, do you not validate the other person’s belief that you are a bad person? And was it not such a belief that in most cases caused other people to hurt you in the first place, namely that they believe you have done something wrong and you deserve to be punished or hurt?

When you allow yourself to be hurt and respond back by trying to hurt them or defend yourself, then you only reinforce the other person’s belief. And you not only reinforce the belief in the mind of the other person, but you reinforce it in your own mind. For after all, it was only because you have an imperfect belief about yourself that you allowed the other person’s actions to hurt you.

When you turn the other cheek, you break the spiral. When you respond with love when someone else hurts you, you are challenging the other person’s belief that you are a bad person or that you deserve to be punished. You are showing the other person that you are a person who can respond with love. And thereby, the other person is forced to reconsider his or her own actions and his or her own image of you. And this can often help people step out of their own illusions, so that they see that they are trapped in imperfect beliefs about themselves and about life. And thus, they receive an opportunity to overcome those beliefs.

Yes, my beloved, I know full well that there are persons with whom you can turn the other cheek and they will hurt you again. But you see, when you turn the other cheek in perfect love and forgiveness – in unconditional forgiveness – and another person still hurts you, then that second act of hurting you becomes the person’s judgment. And that judgment will release a reaction from life itself that will cause that person to experience such an accelerated return of what it is sending into the cosmic mirror. And that accelerated return will either cause the person to wake up or will ultimately cause the person to be judged to the point, where the person will not be allowed to reincarnate on earth until it has changed its consciousness.

What Jesus was really saying was that if people would adopt his advice of turning the other cheek and not resisting evil, then they would allow the law of God to work in full measure. And by doing this, the law of God will actually be able to remove evil from the earth at an accelerated rate. When you allow other people to hurt you while you are turning the other cheek, well then God can step in and remove those people from the earth. And thereby, you will quickly have a situation where the most evil people – the most selfish self-centered, egotistical people – will be removed from the earth. And therefore, humankind as a whole will simply rise up to a higher level and overcome certain states of consciousness, that you today see outplayed over and over again in a seemingly endless spiral of people hurting each other and seeking revenge for hurt—thereby creating a new hurt that gives the other people an excuse for seeking revenge.

Breaking the cycle of revenge
Can you not see, that this has been going on over and over again on this planet, especially in the Middle East, where the cycle of revenge and revenge for revenge goes on and on? And thus, can you not see that this downward spiral will not be broken until someone decides that they have had enough? They will not perpetuate the cycle, and therefore they will do something completely different instead of responding to hurt with pain and revenge and a desire to punish. They will respond with love and unconditional forgiveness.

Ah my beloved, can you also see that by doing this, you will set yourself free from any ties to the people who have hurt you? And when you think about it, does it make any sense whatsoever that when a person has hurt you, you will want to keep yourself tied to that person? Unless you are a masochist – which I trust most of you are not – why would you want to come back and invite another person to hurt you again? You see, if someone hurts you, your logical response should be that you simply want to be free of that person and never encounter them again. But you see, if you go into the cycle of being hurt and wanting the other person to be punished, you tie yourself to that person.

The very desire to punish another person means that you are not willing to turn away from that person until you have seen the other person be punished. Therefore, you will automatically keep yourself tied to that person, until you feel that the person has been punished sufficiently. And that might not happen in this lifetime or even in many lifetimes. And this is indeed how people in the Middle East have created these ties with each other, so that the same souls keep reincarnating over and over again. I have told you before that it is not a matter of the outer race or religion, for people will switch places, so that many of the people who are now incarnated as Jews were in their past lives incarnated as Germans who perpetrated the Holocaust or as Arabs who persecuted the Jews. And many of the people who are now Arabs were in past lives Jews.

It is these people’s unwillingness to forgive unconditionally that keeps them repeating these cycles. For there is indeed an entire consciousness in the Arab world that believes that Jews cannot be forgiven. And there is a consciousness in the Jewish community that believes that Arabs or Germans or Christians cannot be forgiven. When a person is born into a certain culture, the challenge for that person is to rise above the cultural belief and to forgive unconditionally, to forgive regardless of the cultural belief.

For the person must realize that he or she is more than the cultural belief, more than race, more than religion, more than political affiliation, more than national affiliation or any other outer label. And thus, when you forgive regardless of outer labels, you also set yourself free from these labels. And that is how you can rise and transcend yourself and rejoin the River of Life, whereby you experience that bliss of constant self-transcendence.

Mother Mary’s tool for overcoming the past
My Beloved, I could go on with this discourse forever by citing examples of how people hurt themselves by not forgiving. But if what I have said so far is not enough to make you think and look at your past in a different way, then what is the point of going on? So I will return to my opening theme, and I will say, “This dictation is a telephone call from your cosmic Mother. Please pick up the phone and listen to my message!” And if you feel that you have not understood the fullness of my message by reading or listening once, then I ask you to listen again. For I am willing to repeat my message as many times as it takes for you to understand my point.

So try me. Ask me for my inner direction. Ask me to show you the message behind the outer situations you encounter. Ask me, and I will show you—if you will but pick up the phone and listen. As an outer instrument for helping you listen to the message from your past, I am releasing now this Invocation new invocation for rising above your past, which truly is a very powerful ritual that can help you learn the message from the past. But more than being a powerful ritual for you personally, it is a ritual that can have profound planetary implications.

Thus, I bid you peace, and I bid you a joyful Christmas season. For my beloved, is not the Christmas spirit itself the very Spirit of Forgiveness, the very spirit that awakens people to the possibility of being reborn, of starting life afresh, of starting a new day? Is not the life of Christ, the birth of Christ, another telephone call from life, seeking to awaken humankind to the possibility of rising above the past and rising into the new day of the kingdom of God. Thus, I seal you in the Flame of Unconditional Forgiveness. For when your forgiveness is unconditional, your joy will be full.


Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels


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