Total forgiveness leads to total freedom

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 29, 2004 through Kim Michaels.


My Beloved hearts, I come to you again on this joyous day, and I come to you in the flame of miracle forgiveness, because I truly am the Mother of Forgiveness. Well, the flame of forgiveness is indeed the flame of spiritual freedom. It is only forgiveness that can set you free from the imperfections found in this world.

I come to you with great gratitude for the rosaries you have given so faithfully over this past month. My last gift to you was the rosary of Miracle Gratitude. You might remember that the purpose of this rosary is to consume the world movement of terrorism. In this past month you have indeed seen several major terrorist plots be averted by the authorities in various countries.

I must tell you that there are presently not enough people giving these rosaries to totally consume the very cause of terrorism. Yet even a relatively limited number of people can have a major impact on terrorism. As you begin to consume the negative energies, the vortexes of negative energies, that feed the terrorists, you will make it easier for the authorities to expose and stop the terrorists from carrying out their plots. This is because it is partly the intensity of the energies that blinds people and therefore blinds the authorities, or even the people who live near the terrorists, to what is really happening. So you see my beloved, even a small number of people can diminish the energy and thereby expose that which is hidden behind a veil of negative energy.



When will revenge end in the Middle East?

Over this past month you have seen several examples of another force, namely the force of non-forgiveness. While this force is not the cause of terrorism and war, it is indeed the force that keeps terrorism and war going strong on this planet. You have especially seen this in the Middle East, where even the state of Israel has engaged in state-sponsored assassinations, which truly are acts of non-forgiveness that only breed more non-forgiveness from the other side. Thereby, these acts contribute to the downward spiral of violence in revenge for violence that has engulfed the Middle East for thousands upon thousands of years.


I tell you that even the ascended masters wonder if the people living in that region will ever have enough of this punch-counterpunch of revenge and revenge for revenge, until it truly becomes revenge for the sake of revenge itself. Truly, there can no longer be any real meaning to these acts of revenge because the spiral of violence started so long ago that no one can remember why it started. They only remember that they must perpetuate it by getting even, by getting revenge.

I come to you today to release a gift from my heart, a gift that can help those of you who are my awakened ones break this downward spiral of revenge and non-forgiveness, found not only in the Middle East but in many places throughout this planet. That gift is my rosary of Miracle Forgiveness.



Understanding the importance of forgiveness

I desire to give you a teaching, so that you may understand why forgiveness is so important. To truly understand the importance of forgiveness, you need to realize the profound truth that my son Jesus has explained so many times, namely that the basic law of this universe is the Law of Free Will. You also need to understand, as I explained in my previous discourses [Link 1, Link 2], that the very purpose of life, the very essence of life, is to grow, to move on, to self-transcend.

So what is it that prevents you from growing, from moving on, from transcending your current state of consciousness, your current sense of identity? Well, it is the point of non-forgiveness. You see, when there is something you have not forgiven, there is something you are holding on to, there is something you cannot let go of, and in that point of emotional attachment to the things of this world, you are holding yourself back. You are holding yourself tied to a limited and imperfect sense of identity, and you are essentially worshipping an idol of your own making, or at least the making of your culture.

By not forgiving, you are taking away your own freedom to move on. And as I tried to explain in my previous discourses, when you do not move on, you will stagnate. And if you stay too long in one place, you will become subject to the second law of thermodynamics, which means that a downward spiral, a negative vortex, of energy will begin forming around you. When that vortex becomes too strong, it will begin to overpower your feelings and your thoughts, until you begin to believe either that there is nothing outside the vortex or that you cannot escape the downward pull of the vortex.



No ultimate revenge

This is what causes so many people, especially in the Middle East, to believe that there is no other way to live than to be in opposition to the Jews or in opposition to the Arabs. It causes them to believe that there is no way to escape the cycle of violence, the cycle of revenge. They feel they simply must continue the cycle because they must have revenge, they must set things right by committing another act of violence to supposedly neutralize or make up for previous acts of violence.

Unfortunately, the intense energies of this negative vortex prevent people from asking the very logical question of when and how this could possibly end. Think about this, my beloved. Can there ever be an ultimate act of revenge? Can there ever be an ultimate act of revenge that will settle the score permanently and thereby bring about an end to violence?

Those of you who are not trapped by the relativity of the separate mind and by a downward vortex of non-forgiveness will be able to see the pure and simple logic behind these remarks. There can be no peace through revenge. It simply is not possible. There can be no act of revenge which stops the cycle of violence because if you avenge what has been done to you by doing something to another, you will inevitably create the desire for revenge in your opponent.

This should be obvious to anyone who knows elementary school physics and have learned about the law of action and reaction. For every action, there is an opposite reaction of equal strength. That is simply a law of the material universe. So when you take revenge, you are reacting to what was done to you but your reaction becomes a new action, and it inevitably creates a reaction from your opponent, even from the universe itself. And this cycle can literally go on forever—or at least it seems like forever.

There is indeed a very small minority of the people on this planet who do not want peace, who do not want resolution, who do not want an end to violence or an end to this spiral of revenge. These are the people who are completely trapped in the Luciferian state of consciousness that I described in my previous discourses. Yet those people are few, and the vast majority of the people who are caught in the spiral of revenge actually do want peace. And this then gives rise to the paradox that they say they want peace, but that they are not willing to stop the cycle of revenge.

While this can be almost impossible to understand for a person who is not caught in a negative spiral, your new understanding of energy and energy vortexes allows you to see the explanation. When people are caught in such a vortex of anger and revenge, they simply cannot see the fallacy of their thinking. They cannot think logically and rationally because they are so overpowered by the emotional energies that they do not even stop to think. This then is why there is a need for something to break the spiral, to break the downward pull. And that something is that someone must consume the energies created through revenge and non-forgiveness, the very energies that form a magnetic pull on people's emotions and overpowers them, so that they lose all logic and rationality. Those someone must be the balanced people who are not caught up in these negative momentums and vortexes. My Beloved hearths, those someone are you.



The catch-22 of non-forgiveness

Before you can truly become an effective force in consuming the vortexes of non-forgiveness on this planet, you must free yourself from the point of non-forgiveness. You might say, "But Mother Mary, you just told us that we are not caught up in a vortex of non-forgiveness.” And that is perfectly true. You are not caught in a vortex that is so intense that it overpowers your feelings and prevents you from thinking.

Yet many of you do not realize what is the true cause of non-forgiveness. And you do not realize this because you were not brought up with a proper understanding. And you were not brought up with a proper understanding because the beautiful teachings on forgiveness that my son gave 2,000 years ago, have been obscured and distorted by the orthodox Christian churches.

The problem we have is that most people on earth simply do not see that non-forgiveness is based on a set of lies. They do not understand these lies, and therefore they cannot see the mindset behind those lies. And if you cannot see through the lies of the devil, if you are not wise as a serpent, then you cannot completely free yourself from those lies that permeate every aspect of life on this planet. If you do not become wise as a serpent, how can you be harmless as a dove?


So let me now give you a teaching in an attempt to help you free yourself from the lies about non-forgiveness. As I said earlier, the basic law of this universe is the Law of Free Will. You have the right to experiment with your creative abilities. In fact, your lifestream and your soul were created with a drive, a desire to experiment with God's laws and God's energies. Unfortunately, what has happened to most people on this planet is that they have lost their contact with their spiritual selves, and thereby they have become enveloped in a lower state of consciousness that causes them to see themselves as being separated from their spiritual selves, even separated from God. Because of this sense of separation, you no longer realize the basic reality that God has never hurt you whatsoever.

God has not created the conditions on this planet that have caused your soul to be hurt and wounded. Those conditions were created by human beings trapped in the lower state of consciousness, in which they are easily controlled by dark forces, as I explained in my previous discourses. So you see my beloved, God has not created the conditions that caused you to be hurt, and God never wanted you to be wounded. Yet most people on this planet cannot fully understand and accept that the misery on earth was created by human beings and not created by God. Somewhere deep within their beings they have a sense that either God must have created their misery or God must have allowed it to be created. And therefore, most people blame God for certain conditions in their lives.

Many people blame God for various negative experiences they have had in this lifetime. But when you go deep within the subconscious mind, you see that many people actually blame God for what happened to them
in the Garden of Eden. They blame God for the fact that they fell into a lower state of consciousness. After all, where did the serpent come from if it was not created by God? And where did the tree of the knowledge of good and evil come from if God did not put it in the Garden of Eden. So if God had not put the tree in the garden and allowed the serpent to be in the garden, then their souls would not have fallen, and therefore it must be God's fault.


Stop blaming God!

My Beloved, these beliefs are not your own. They have been carefully manufactured by Lucifer and his followers to trap you in a state of consciousness, that makes it almost impossible for you to come back to God, to come back to a full realization and acceptance of who you are as a son or daughter of God. The dark forces have created such a web of interwoven lies that it is almost impossible for me to help you see through them, and it is certainly impossible for me to do it in one single discourse.

As I said in my last discourse, Lucifer fell because he truly believed that God made a mistake by giving people free will. So he has created a lie, namely the lie that free will was a mistake because after all if people had not had free will, how could they have been tempted by the serpent and eaten of the forbidden fruit? So this causes many people to blame God, not only for the fact that he gave them free will but even for the fact that he created them.


In reality, the serpent is a symbol for a state of consciousness, namely that of rebelling against God's laws. It is an inevitable result of giving you free will, because if you could not rebel, you would not have free will. Nevertheless, you do not need to rebel to exercise your freedom of choice—that is simply a subtle lie promoted by those who chose to embody the serpentine consciousness. Do you see that the serpentine consciousness simply follows free will, as the shadow follows your body? Nevertheless, God never wanted you to identify with your shadow or to be afraid of your own shadow. He wanted you to always face the light of your I AM Presence and keep the shadow behind you.

What is the result of blaming God? Well, the result is that you paralyze yourself, and you do this because deep within you, you have accepted the belief that you are not responsible for your situation. You have accepted the belief that you did not create your current situation, and because you did not create it, there is nothing you can do to uncreate it.

I hope you can see the very simple logic here. If you go outside without an umbrella, and it suddenly starts raining, then obviously you did not create that rain, and so there is nothing you can do to make the rain stop. This then is the experience that causes many people to say that they have not created their current situation and they have not created the current misery on planet earth. They have not created the conditions that caused them to fall into a lower state of consciousness because they did not give themselves free will, they did not choose to be created, they did not choose to be born, they did not choose to come to this planet, they did not even choose to exist.


No mistake is permanent

And therefore, they can push aside all personal responsibility and accountability and feel that there is nothing they could do to change the situation for the better. Oh my beloved, I must tell you that this is the most insidious of all lies. The most insidiously of all lies is the idea that you could possibly be in a situation in which there is nothing you could do to transcend that situation and come up higher. The most insidious of all lies is the idea that there could possibly be a prison, a prison in the matter universe, from which there is no escape. It is the idea that you could possibly make one mistake that would make you doomed forever.

I wish you could see through my eyes as an ascended being and see how ridiculous this lie truly is. I chuckle as I say this because once you have ascended, you realize that everything in the matter universe is created from God's energy. God's energy is simply vibration, and no matter how low that vibration is, no matter how dense the energy or the physical matter might seem, it is always possible to raise the vibration and bring it back into alignment with the purity and the perfection of God. My Beloved hearts, please make an effort to understand this truth, this fundamental truth about the universe in which you live. There is nothing that you could do, or that any force could possibly do to you, which cannot be undone and purified by the light and the love of God.


The very idea that you could possibly do something that could not be undone is the most insidious lie created by the serpent and his seed. It is the most insidious misuse of the contracting force of the Mother, the very Mother of God. It is such a misuse because it is the contracting force of the Mother which gives you life, which gives you form, whether it be a physical body or a soul. Were it not for the contracting force of the Mother, you would have no individual consciousness, no individual sense of identity.

Yet as I have tried to explain with great care in my latest discourses, it has never been the intention of the Mother of God to trap you in a particular form. So the very idea that the form created by the energies of the Mother of God could become a prison from which there is no escape is such an abomination, such an injustice against the Mother of God whose unconditional love is what gives you life and form.

How can you overcome this lie? Well, there is only one way to overcome the lie of the serpent. And that is to take full and complete responsibility for your current situation.

I am well aware that this will be a very provocative statement to many people, and they will find it extremely difficult to take responsibility for their situation. However, the reason for this difficulty is that many people have lost the true recognition of who they are. They have lost their true sense of identity, and they have been trapped, not only by the lie of a false identity, they have also been trapped in a negative vortex of energy that overpowers their feelings and their ability to think rationally. This vortex is not a vortex of revenge, but it is a vortex of energy that reinforces the false sense of identity, the idea that you are separated from God. Therefore, you think you are a victim of what God has created, and you have no responsibility for your situation because God set you up to fail.

My Beloved son has given many teachings in an attempt to help you overcome your false sense of identity and realize that you were created as a spiritual being. While I do not in any way claim that I can do this better than Jesus, I would like to add the perspective of the Mother of God.


Nothing can hurt the real you
The problem we see on earth is that people think that because they have fallen into a lower state of consciousness, because they have made mistakes and because they have sinned, they have somehow been permanently stained. You need to see through this illusion and this lie, and you need to do so by realizing the reality of energy.

What I would like you to do to overcome this illusion is very simple. You can do this physically if you like, but I am sure that for most of you it will be enough just to imagine this exercise. Imagine that you go outside at night with a flashlight. You hang the flashlight in a tree so that the light beam is shining on the ground. Now imagine that you have a bucket of mud and you start throwing the mud at the light beam. Can you make that mud cling to the beam of light?


I am sure you can see that this is impossible but why is it impossible? Well, as your scientists have told you, everything is created from energy. So the mud is simply another form of energy than the energy of the light beam. Both are forms of energy but the difference is that the mud has a much lower vibration than the light. And because it has a lower vibration, it cannot cling to and pollute the light beam.

As Jesus has explained on this website, your true identity is not your soul, the soul that abides in a physical body in the material universe. Your true identity is the spiritual self, and that spiritual self resides in a higher realm, in a higher world that is made entirely of higher vibrations. So the very idea that the soul that descends into the material world could commit a sin that could permanently stain the spiritual self, residing in the spiritual world, is as ridiculous as the idea that mud can cling to a beam of light. Do you see my point?

Your true identity is a spiritual being, your I AM Presence. That spiritual self is, at this very moment, residing in the spiritual realm, and it is as perfect and as beautiful as when it was first created by God. Nothing you have ever done, and nothing you could possibly do, could pollute or destroy your spiritual self. Therefore, you are as pure and you are as worthy of God's love as the day you were first created. Nothing you have done in this world has made you unworthy of God's love. 


Yet the forces of darkness want to make you think that because you have done this or that terrible thing, you are no longer worthy of God's love. And when you subscribe to this lie, you begin to believe that you need to hide from God and that there is no point in trying to come home to God or even ask for his forgiveness. You accept the lie that God is such an angry and judgmental God that he would not forgive you after all you have done. So you do not even try to come back to God, you keep seeking to hide from God.

My point here is that what keeps you trapped in your current state of consciousness, in your current set of limitations and even in your outer circumstances, is that you cannot accept God's forgiveness. And why can you not accept God's forgiveness? Well my beloved, the answer to that question lies in the Law of Free Will.


Taking responsibility for what you have created

According to the Law of Free Will, you have a right to create anything you want. Yet if you create a false image of yourself, you can become trapped in that image, in that sense of identity. And the only way you can overcome that limitation, the only way you can escape that prison, which is truly created by your mind and exists only in your mind, is that you must decide that you no longer want to be that way. You do not want to be the limited person that you see yourself as being. You want to let go of those limitations and move on.


How can you let go of limitations? You can do so only by forgiving yourself for creating those limitations in the first place. And how can you forgive yourself? Well my beloved, you can do so only when you fully recognize and accept that it was you who created the limitations and not God, and not even Lucifer or all of his henchmen.

This is what has put so many people in a catch-22 from which there seems to be no escape. They cannot improve their lives because they do not take responsibility for their situation and realize that they have created it. Yet the reason they cannot take responsibility for the situation is because they believe that there is no forgiveness. There is no escape from the limitations, so if they were to admit that they have created the limitations, they would condemn themselves for doing so. They would be permanently locked in experiencing suffering and limitation, and on top of that they would be blaming themselves for the situation. To the soul, this feels like adding insult to injury, so to avoid condemning themselves, they avoid taking responsibility. What could possibly break this stalemate?

The only way out is to recognize that you have created the situation but that God does not condemn you for doing so. Therefore, there is no reason for condemning yourself. What you have done is simply to experiment with your free will and with the energy of God.

I am not trying to say here that everything you have created is what God wanted to see for you or that it is in alignment with God's laws. God never wanted you to create limitations that cause you suffering and pain. What I am saying is that when God made the decision to give you free will, he gave you the right to experiment. And in so doing, he also set you free from all blame.

What God has done in creating you and giving you free will is that he has given you the opportunity to grow in awareness and identity, until you can fully accept yourself as a son or daughter of God. Thereby, you become a co-creator with God who eventually becomes so powerful that you can create your own world. God has literally given you the opportunity to become all that God is and more. And in creating you and giving you free will, God has no desire to blame you for doing what you were created to do in experimenting with your free will, or even for creating circumstances that cause you suffering.


God does not blame you
Do you see my point here? God does not want you to blame yourself and God does not want to blame you. God wants you to approach life as a scientist conducting experiments. Imagine that you were Thomas Edison trying to find the material that would make it possible to create the electric light bulb. As you might know, Edison tried dozens and dozens of different materials before he found one that worked. Yet imagine that Edison had blamed himself for being a failure or a sinner every time he tried a material that didn't work. He would soon have become so burdened and traumatized that he would have given up before he found the material that gave birth to the electric age. Instead, Thomas Edison simply discarded the material that didn't work and immediately went on to try another one. This is how God wants you to participate in the experiment of life.

When you become a spiritually aware person, you can begin to think rationally and logically about life. When you experience conditions that cause you suffering, the rational way of thinking is to say, "I do not want to experience these conditions any more. I have had enough of that experience, so what can I do to change my experience? The first step I must take is to overcome the belief that I am the victim of circumstances beyond my control. Because as long as I feel like a victim, there is nothing I can do to change the circumstances that cause me suffering. So I must take responsibility for my situation and recognize that I have either created these circumstances or I have attracted these circumstances to me because I have allowed myself to be in a lower state of consciousness than what is by highest potential. The very key to changing my circumstances is to change my state of consciousness. When I do change my state of consciousness, the first thing that will happen is that my experience of my circumstances will change, and I will begin to suffer less, even if the outer circumstances do not change instantly. Yet if I keep raising my state of consciousness, I will eventually experience a change in the outer circumstances."


You see, the material universe is created from energies that are quite dense. As Jesus and I have attempted to explain, there are levels in the material world. So everything that is created in the matter universe started as an idea in the etheric realm. It was then solidified as a thought in the mental realm. It received energy and motion in the emotional realm, before it finally broke through in the material realm. That is why a spiritually aware person cannot expect that outer circumstances, material circumstances, will change overnight.

It will take some time to change the circumstances, and the reason for that is simple. To change the circumstances in the material universe, you need to go to the source. So you need to begin by changing the images in the etheric realm, which will then change the thought and change the feelings, and finally cycle through to the material realm. However, because the energies in the material realm are the densest, it will take some time before you will see a change in the visible world. That is one reason Jesus told you that in your patience you will posses your souls.

Jesus has used the image that the material world is like a movie projected upon a screen. The driving force behind the movie is the white light coming from the light bulb in the film projector, and that light receives form as it passes through the filmstrip. Yet what I am telling you here is that there are three film strips in your subconscious mind. One is your sense of identity, which abides in the etheric realm. The other is your mental image of yourself and the world, which abides in the mental realm. And the third is your feelings about yourself and the world, which abides in the emotional realm. Your outer circumstances are simply projections upon the screen of life, as the light of God passes through your consciousness and is colored and given shape by the images you hold in your etheric, mental and emotional bodies.


God did not create your soul
That is why, in order to change your outer circumstances you must begin by changing your inner circumstances, your state of consciousness. And that is why you need to realize that your outer circumstances are created by your consciousness, they are a reflection of the images in your consciousness. And those images were created by you.

I am aware that these images are the products of a complicated process that has been going on for many lifetimes. This process has been affected by your culture and by the lies promoted by dark forces. Nevertheless, the images were created by you, and this then brings me to the central truth that all spiritual people need to understand.

To explain that truth, let us begin with the spiritual self. Your lifestream was created by your spiritual parents and it is a spiritual being. It is as pure and perfect as when it was first created. I can assure you that your lifestream, your I AM Presence, is in constant, conscious contact with God. It constantly feels the infinite and unconditional love of God, and therefore there is absolutely no point in your I AM Presence that has any negative feelings about being created or about having free will. Your I AM Presence feels only infinite joy and gratitude for the opportunity to exist and to be part of God's magnificent and wonderful creation. In other words, none of the negative feelings that affect so many souls on earth exist at the level of your I AM Presence.


My point for telling you this is to help you realize that the very idea that you are created by God is a truth with modifications. Your I AM Presence was created by God but your soul was not created by God. Your soul was created by the Conscious You as a vehicle for experiencing the material universe and for expressing its creativity in the material universe. [NOTE: The teaching about the Conscious You  was given after this dictation, but it has been incorporated here. The important point is that the Conscious You is not made from the energies of this world and thus cannot be harmed by anything in this world. The soul is made from the energies of this world because it is a vehicle for expressing yourself in this world. Thus, the soul can be affected by the energies of this world.] 


My point here is that it simply is not logical and rational, nor is it true, to blame God for the fact that your soul exists. God did not create the soul that descended into the material universe and fell into a lower state of consciousness. Your I AM Presence created the Conscious You and the Conscious You created the soul, but the Conscious You is you. You created your soul because you made the choice to create that soul, and you made that choice because you wanted to experience the material universe and you wanted to help co-create this universe as the kingdom of God.

So you now see that even though you presently might experience yourself as a victim of circumstances beyond your control, the Conscious You is not a victim. Your soul is the result of a choice that you, meaning your true identity as a spiritual being, made. You made that choice because you wanted to descend into the material realm and have a positive experience that would lead to your growth, to a growth in your sense of identity as a co-creator with God. When you realize this truth, you can see that there is no point in blaming God and there is no point in blaming yourself.


Stop the blaming game!
If you are currently experiencing circumstances that cause you suffering, then instead of blaming God, blaming other people, blaming dark forces or even blaming yourself, you simply need to stop the blaming game. You need to forgive yourself and say, "I conducted an experiment that did not work out as I intended. So I am going to leave that experiment behind and come up higher in consciousness." You need to decide that if your current situation does not give you the positive experience that you desire, then you will take the necessary steps to change your experience and use your present circumstances as a springboard for creating a positive experience for yourself.

To fully make the decision to simply leave behind that which is imperfect, you need to recognize the profound truth that no matter what the outer appearances might be in this world, nobody ever did anything to you. Let me say that again, "Nobody ever did anything to you. No human being ever did anything to you and God never did anything to you."

The only force that ever did anything to you was yourself. The meaning behind that statement is that even though the Conscious You is in the material universe, it is not made from the energies of the material universe. Therefore, the Conscious You is truly a light beam that is shining from your I AM Presence. And therefore, the energies of the material universe cannot cling to the Conscious You, they cannot damage the Conscious You. However, what is the Conscious You?


The Conscious You is a state of consciousness, a sense of being, a sense of identity. It is a being that has imagination and free will. And therefore the Conscious You creates its own sense of identity, and it recreates that sense of identity every moment. The point here is this. If someone comes to you and slaps you on one cheek, that person has done something to your body but that person has done nothing to the Conscious You. Yet you have the ability, through your imagination and free will, to let the action performed by the other person affect your sense of identity. And in so doing, you are doing something to yourself, to your soul.

Do you see my point here? Another person cannot change your sense of identity—only you can do that. And in order to change your sense of identity, you must make a choice.

I clearly realize that there are forces in this world who use very aggressive means in order to manipulate people into accepting an imperfect and false sense of identity. Those forces are very insidious, and they are very persuasive in the lies they use to make you believe that you are a sinner and a mortal human being who has done something so bad that you can never be free of it. I am not saying that it is easy for you to escape the clutches of these liars and their lies. What I am saying is that it is possible for you to escape all the lies in this world. To do so, you must come to a full acceptance of the fact that they cannot harm you, that none of the forces of this world can harm the Conscious You; they can only harm your soul.

What can harm your soul is that you allow the forces of this world to cause you to change your sense of identity. That is what will harm you, but that harm can come about only through the decisions you make. And the wonderful thing about this realization is that anything that has been done to your soul through a choice that you made can be undone by you making a better choice. So the key to being free of all imperfections of the past is that you must make a choice to let those imperfections go, to leave them behind, and you do so by forgiving yourself for making those choices.

Once again, we are back to the paradox that if you recognize that anything that ever happened to you was the result of decisions you made, you have been programmed by the forces of this world, and you have accepted their lies, that you need to blame yourself for making wrong choices. Well my beloved, as I have tried to explain to you, there is no need to blame yourself for making wrong choices. If you blame yourself for making the wrong choice, you will bind yourself to that choice because in blaming yourself, you are reinforcing that choice. You are reinforcing it by the energy that streams through your mind and attention. You are feeding the wrong choice, and as you keep feeding energy into it, you will build a vortex that will overpower your thoughts and feelings, until you can no longer see beyond it.


Think back to my thought experiment about the light beam from your flashlight. You cannot throw mud at the light beam and make it stick to the light. However, you can make bricks out of mud and build a wall around the light until it is no longer visible. That is what most people have done to their souls. They have made wrong choices, and instead of simply forgiving themselves and moving on, they have reinforced those wrong choices. By feeding energy into these imperfect images, they have built a wall around their souls so that they no longer realize that they are beings of light. They think they are sinners and imperfect human beings who have all kinds of problems and errors that make them unworthy of God's forgiveness, unworthy to forgive themselves.

Ultimately, those walls are not real because the imperfect energies have no permanent reality in God. Yet as long as the Conscious You is in this world, the wall will affect your sense of identity, and that is why you need to break it down systematically. You need to break down one brick at a time and throw them into the spiritual fire to be consumed. Thereby, you gradually uncover the original beauty and perfection of the Conscious You.

The only thing that can break the negative spiral is that you make the decision that you will no longer feed the vortex, that you will no longer feed the wrong decision and that you will no longer blame yourself for making the wrong choice. You will accept the fact that God gave you the right to experiment, and that in so doing God gave you the right to learn from a failed experiment and decide to simply leave it behind.

When Thomas Edison tried copper as the filament of a light bulb and it didn't work, he simply threw the copper away never to use it again. He left behind the idea that copper would ever produce light. He did not insist on keeping the materials from his failed experiments cluttering up his laboratory until he could barely move around. He simply threw away what didn't work and moved on, trying something new until he found something that worked.


Unmasking the serpentine lie that God caused you to fall

My Beloved hearts, we now come to one of the most insidious lies promoted by dark forces. As I have explained in a previous discourse, the very essence of life is that the world of form is created by the expanding force of the Father acting upon the contracting force of the Mother. The very nature of the expanding force of the Father is to experiment. It is the force of the Father that causes your I AM Presence and Conscious You to have the desire to experiment, the curiosity to experience something new.

Here comes the subtle point. It is very true that it was the desire to experiment that made it possible for you to fall into a lower state of consciousness. You conducted certain experiments that gradually caused your consciousness to fall in vibration, until you forgot your spiritual origin. I have tried to explain to you that many people on this earth were misled and manipulated by dark forces into falling, into making the wrong decisions that caused them to fall. This should not be difficult to understand. Obviously, you made the choice to accept the lies of the serpent but nevertheless those lies were there and they were directed at you.


Here comes the important point. After you had fallen into a lower state of consciousness, the serpents now kicked in phase two of their plot. They now told you that it was precisely your desire to experiment, it was precisely the fact that you have free will, that caused you to fall. And therefore, the only way to salvation is that you stop experimenting, that you stop exercising your free will and that you allow Lucifer, or some of the other serpents, to control you so that they can save you. They want to make you believe that God's way of doing things, meaning the gift of free will and imagination, has put your soul in danger because there is no guarantee that you will be saved. They also want you to believe that if you follow them and allow them to control you, your salvation will be guaranteed.

My Beloved hearts, this is precisely the lie that permeates this world and has given rise to numerous claims that an outer organization or institution, be it a church, a dictator or a political ideology can save people or can save the world. You should not try to experiment, you should not think that you can know truth on your own. You should simply follow the leaders who know best. This is the lie that has trapped more people than any other lie. Yes, it was your drive to experiment that made it possible for you to fall, but at the same time it is only your drive to experiment that can help you rise back to the Christ consciousness. 


Do you see what is actually happening here? It is true that you could fall only because you have free will and a desire to experiment. Yet it was not the desire to experiment that caused you to fall; it was the serpentine lies that caused you to fall. It was perfectly possible to experiment with your free will without falling. The fall was caused by the fact that you made the choice to accept some of the lies produced by the serpents. So in reality, it was not God but the serpents who caused you to fall.

Here is the essential truth. The serpents used their lies to manipulate people into creating the current misery on this planet, and they have also attempted to set themselves up as the true saviors, as the only saviors, who can save you from the problem that they created. Their plot is to create so much suffering that you are willing to follow them blindly in order to escape the suffering. They create a problem and then try to sell you the "only" solution to the problem.

In reality, the serpents will never save you and the reason is simple. Salvation means that you reestablish your true identity as a son or daughter of God, as being one with God. The serpents have chosen to leave that sense of identity behind, and they identify themselves as being in opposition to God. As long as you see yourself in opposition to God, you cannot possibly obtain union with God, and therefore you cannot possibly be saved. Please take note that the true Savior, my beloved son Jesus, always affirmed his oneness with God. He came to show all people that they have the potential to attain oneness with God, yet the serpents have perverted the original teachings of Jesus so that no one dare follow in his footsteps, lest they be accused of blasphemy by those who embody the serpentine consciousness.

So what is it that gives you the opportunity to reestablish your union with God? It is your free will and your desire to experiment. Do you see the essential point? It was your ability to experiment that led to your fall but it is this very ability that can lead you back to the Christ consciousness. And it is precisely the plot of the serpents to use every subtle lie they can think of to prevent you from using your drive to experiment to come back to union with God. They want to stop you from experimenting, so that you don't even dare to attempt reestablishing your union with God.

Do you see the very simple truth I am trying to explain? Your soul is a vehicle created by the Conscious You for experiencing the world. The Conscious You experiences the world through imagination and free will. And through those faculties it can add on to its sense of identity. What causes the Conscious You to become trapped in the material world is a limited sense of identity. And that limited sense of identity is the result of an experiment with undesirable consequences. Yet the only thing that can help the Conscious You escape the prison of the material world, the only thing that can “save the soul,” is to continue experimenting until you find the higher identity of the Christ mind. The Conscious You must come back to a state of grace in which it accepts that it is worthy in the eyes of God, because it identifies itself as a son or daughter of God.

The only way to get back to that true sense of identity is that the Conscious You must recreate its sense of identity as a Christed being; it must experiment with a higher state of consciousness. The Conscious You must dare to look for a higher understanding of truth than what it has found in the serpentine lies that permeate the world.

Jesus gave a very profound discourse on the fact that human beings can create their own god. I must tell you that there is indeed an angry and judgmental god, as envisioned by many people on this planet. Yet it is an absolute truth that the angry god is a false god created by human beings and dark forces. The true God is a God of unconditional love. In fact, God’s love is so unconditional that you have no need to even ask for his forgiveness. The moment you forsake the state of consciousness that caused you to accept an imperfect sense of identity, at that very moment you are forgiven by God.


The key to your freedom is to turn the other cheek

I have given you many thoughts to ponder, and I know these are difficult concepts. I know that when you have been programmed for many lifetimes to accept the very subtle lies of the serpents, then you cannot in an instance, cannot as the result of reading one discourse, overcome those lies and leave them behind. There are those who claim to be spiritual teachers who tell people that they could change their minds in an instant, but it is not true.

A Conscious You is a being of energy, of spiritual energy. Over many lifetimes, the Conscious You can clothe itself in many layers of lower vibrations that form the soul. And it is those layers that give the Conscious You a mortal sense of identity. So the Conscious You cannot simply in an instant throw off the false sense of identity because it would be left with no sense of identity. The Conscious You must gradually replace the false sense of identity with a true sense of identity. It must, as Paul said, die daily. It must put off the old man and put on the new man. And this will take time.


However, you can greatly reduce the time it takes to build a new sense of identity by contemplating the fact that the key to true spiritual freedom is to forgive yourself, to forgive every part of life and to forgive God for anything that you think has ever been done to you, both in this lifetime and in other lifetimes, going all the way back to when the Conscious You first descended into the material universe, and even beyond to the Garden of Eden.

The key to freedom from your current limitations is to forgive all who played a role in creating those limitations. My Beloved hearts, those who seek revenge against other people, even those who engage in a battle against dark forces, are simply reinforcing the prison walls around their souls. You might recall that the Bible says, "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." The truth behind that statement is that God has created an impersonal law, the law of karma, which makes sure that no being will ever escape the consequences of its uses and misuses of God's energy. Therefore, you do not need to become angry at those who harm you. You do not need to seek revenge because in so doing you misqualify God's energy and thereby you reinforce the prison around your own soul, your own mind.

That is why my son Jesus gave the wonderful teachings to forgive your enemies, to forgive those who harm you and to always turn the other cheek. When someone harms you and you turn the other cheek, you set yourself free from any negative influence of their actions. You avoid creating or reinforcing a negative sense of identity. You reaffirm that you are a spiritual being who is above and beyond any influence from the lower vibrations in the material world. Therefore, you will not let anything done to you in this world limit your sense of identity.


This is choosing God over mammon, and it is precisely what Jesus came to show all human beings. He came to show them that when you reunite with your Christ self and become a Christed being, the forces of this world might harm your body and do all kinds of things to you, including nailing you to a cross. But no matter what they do to you, they cannot harm the Conscious You; they can only harm your soul. They cannot harm your true identity because you will rise above it all. You will rise above all of the limitations, all of the chains, that they use to bind you. You rise above it because you realize that they are simply throwing mud at the light beam of the Conscious You. And that mud has no power to cling to the true light that you are.

I give to you the tool of my Miracle Forgiveness Rosaryas a way, an extremely efficient and powerful way, for you to consume the layers of negative energy and the imperfect sense of identity that make up your soul and keep you believing in the image that you are a mortal human being trapped in a prison from which there is no escape. There is indeed an escape, and it is to simply leave the imperfections behind and come up higher in consciousness.


My Beloved hearts, this has been a very long discourse, and I commend those of you who have endured to the end. There is so much more to say, but your cup is full and runneth over. Therefore, I seal you now in the infinite and unconditional love of God, and I charge those who are willing with the infinite power of Forgiveness’ Flame, the spiritual flame of forgiveness that conquers and consumes all sin, all mistakes, all imperfections and all limitations. And therefore I say, “Be free in the infinite forgiveness of God. Follow your highest love and come up higher. Be free of the shackles of mortality and sin and accept God's forgiveness of all imperfections that you have encountered during your journey in the lower vibrations of the material world.”

You will be free of these imperfections only when you fully accept that you are free, only when you fully forgive yourself and accept your true identity as a spiritual being who has never been touched by anything in this world. In reality, you are who you are, namely a spiritual being. However, at the level of your soul, you are who you think you are. So stop thinking that you are an imperfect being and accept your true identity as a spiritual being. Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.

In the name of the Mother of Miracle Forgiveness, it is finished, and it is sealed in spirit and in matter, as above so below, now and forever. Amen.



Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels


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